February 2, 2010

FINALLY HAPPY AGAIN! :D Maserati's & Ferrari's are on my Wishlist.

Things are finally looking up for me : )
I think having a conversation with my dad really lifted my spirit. The funny thing is...he's going to California right when I'm going back to Michigan to visit him! Oh, the irony. I think I'll just extend my stay in Michigan a bit longer ^_^ Hopefully by the time I move back, my new apartment will be ready!!!

Another reason why I'm so happy is because I found the perfect place to live.

Finding the perfect place to live is such an adventure!

I toured a luxury high rise apartment in the heart of Seattle yesterday. The place is BOMB. It has everything, it's like living in hotel. You have a conciege team!, they do your dry cleaning, licensed professional dog-sitters!, they take care of your mail/packages (I definitely need that!) They even can make your restaurant reservations for you as well! The complex includes 24/hr indoor pool, hot tub, LIBRARY, business center, conference room on the 8th floor. Lounges, terrace, dog terrace. Seriously, could life get better? You don't even need to leave! The terrace is like THE BEST. Green grass, beautiful trees. BBQ Grills, fancy ass lawn furniture. A VIEW OF THE SPACE NEEDLE AND PUDGET SOUND. THE OCEAN.

Who wouldn't want to go home to this everyday? This is the entrance to the apartments. To the right is the desk where they have a plasma of when your dry cleaning will be done. lol They also announce the exact time UPS & USPS stop to pick up & drop off mail.

They have a unit ready to move into right now, but it's an East facing apartment. I need a West facing room to enjoy as much sunlight as possible : ) Since I make jewelry for a living, I need natural light for my health. Vitamin D!

I haven't been in this good of a mood for a while for say the past 3 months lol. Living with other people, and classless people at that is NOT for me. Obviously. Home hunting is seriously so much fun. I just love be able to tour & glimpse into other people's lives & living spaces. : ) They're all so much better than mine right now! Thank goodness my boyfriend shares my mentality on life. I have always had the paradigm to live differently than those around me. I don't believe in watching 12 hrs of TV religiously lol. I may spend time watching Ellen at 11am every morning, but it's to get a few good laughs to start my day off on the right foot.

I look forward to the future, always. I know at the end of the rainbow there is a pot of gold! I'm glad that Minh understands me more and more each day. He's not the best business person, which does bother me, but if he was, we'd probably be at each others throats. He's finally realizing that he too wants what I want. A grand life & lifestyle. Maybe I do lecture him when he watches TV, or answers legal questions for FREE. lol. Time is money, honey! Never settle for a boring life when you know in your heart you have the potential for greater.

Some people I know in RL may mistakenly think that I set goals to gain material wealth, but that just shows they don't know me. : ) What I strive for is an affluence of intellect. The material goods are just the perks. I don't really value material things...they just sit there.

But what I do value is a BRAIN.
No one will take you seriously if you can't hold an educated conversation. Bottom line, stay in school, go to college, go on to better yourself! Don't do mindless work. Challenge yourself if you're out of school. If there is anything you never understood, for example how the stock market works. Take the time to study and research it : ) Then move on to the next. The more you know the better off you are in life. I have never settled for less, and my goals just get higher and higher and it feels so good when I am able to attain them. I do everything with a reason too because I'm careful not to waste time. I never just flip through a magazine just for leisure. I take as much as I can out of each article. I love absorbing the editor's thoughts & creative ideas when I flip open a fashion magazine. My biggest problem is spending time in the car. It's such a waste of time! But I wouldn't mind spending in the following : )


The best part of the whole experience is seeing a Maserati parked right in front of the entrance to the apartment doors. HELLO, I think we all wouldn't mind a Maserati. I hope one of my friends get one soon cause I know it's on their goal list! =P Shout out to the Maserati! Did you know they're the luxury version of a Ferrari? Ferrari's are the sport version. It's the same engine. One day I will own one of these two. In the mean time, Yuan -- drive me around in your Maserati next year! =P haha take me and Danielle to the mall please!

I love seeing Maserati's and Ferrari's driving around here in Bellevue. It just so different from Michigan! Where everyone drives boring GM cars.


Back to the apartment : )
They seem to have a great staff there, AND they have fresh baked cookies everyday. Talk about awesome. AND CHANDELIERS. lol. The only thing is the most affordable until is a 2 bedroom, around 1147 square feet for $2300/month. It sounds like a lot..it's about a monthly mortgage if not more. The penthouses go for $4-5k / month (for the ballers).

BUT it's the building right next too Plaza 600 where Minh works! He can walk to work LITERALLY. Convenience is well worth it. Downstairs is a fancy Italian restaurant/bar. We ALWAYS see the finest cars valeted there (hence the Maserti we saw yesterday.)

Talk about a place to meet new friends! lol jk jk

Views from the high rise

It's just so convenient that it would be worth it. Minh & I are both young, and I think it's a great opportunity for us to live "THAT LIFESTYLE." It's a 5 minute walk from Barney's & Nordstrom..you cannot beat that! We're also looking at a few other luxury apartments including some in Bellevue. But we'll see if those can impress us more than the Metropolitan Towers.

The "Millet" Floor Plan we toured

I love the fact that the kitchen has top of the line appliances, walk in pantry! 2 bedrooms, both with walk in closets. 2 Full baths, one has a bath and shower & two sinks. It's the definition of perfection. I just hope they can find us a great room. I cannot justify spending more than $2500 for one month's rent, but anything less is do-able. Since the roommates would include, Minh, me, and DSK Jewelry. I talked to my mom about it, and she's like..don't you want a nice home you can own? lol I think she's trying to talk me out of it. We just have to get this super annoying real estate lady off our asses, she's been bugging Minh 4 times a day! Thank goodness, I let him deal with her. She keeps wanting to show us million dollar homes (that are now marked for 700K) thinking we'll all super rich just because Minh's a lawyer. Not going to lie, looking at million dollar homes is HELLA fun, but..we aren't even married. It would be weird if we just went in a bought something so big together. I can understand the investment part..but buying the home that we're going to raise our future family in..within the next 6 months is moving a bit fast.

So, at earliest we can probably move into the future high rise of my dreams in March ( Minh & I still have this lease at our current house until June)...but we can just have two homes for a few months lol. I'm so thankful to be able to get myself out of sharing a space with people I don't fancy. Life is great when money is not an issue. Work hard, and live the life you always dreamed of --that is my motto! One of my closet friends in New York enjoys $400-$700 weekend meals with his co-workers in Manhattan just because he's worked hard to be able to have that privilege. I love that he tells me all about it. lol He said the food is no better than anything you can get for $10. But the fact that you can enjoy it is worth the money. :D (I was all asking him, weren't you tempted to take photos?) haha, cause I am all about food art!

Something I've learned over time is to surround yourself with good people. Educated, intelligent, and encouraging people. Cut out anyone who has ever dragged you down. You know you have a friend who drags you down when you get that "cold vibe" from them. You all know what I'm talking about! Friends do rub off on you for the worst. I definitely need to share with you a book on interpersonal relationships. I live by that book, and so far it has taken me in the right path. I can't believe how true 99% of that book has related to my everyday life. They say if you have lazy friends, more than likely you will see yourself being lazy. It's SO TRUE. Influence is such a powerful "thing."

Honestly, ditch the losers in your life! They will never build you up. If anything they will dumb you down. Avoid people who do not help you become a better person.

Why not spend your life surrounded with great people? They are the ones that build you up without an ounce of jealous or envy. They're the ones to smile with you on vacations, and laugh with you at dinner. Find yourself great friends & life will be rewarding. That's all I have to say. : )

What I made today, a Ballerina Pink Bracelet. I'm sending her off tomorrow to Canada ^_^

I'm so excited, and in such a great mood. I can't wait to share with you some great hauls & beautiful gifts I've received this new year : ) Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!



  1. congrats steph!!!! i'm so glad you're moving out and movin on up...to a delux apartment in the skyyyy.
    ok, that was lame.
    but yay for you! and what a place it is!!!

  2. Wooow! That apartment looks amazing! I can just imagine how much fun it is to tour homes like these! (>_<) I can't wait to do that someday. My boyfriend's going to law school in 2012 and I'm headed off to continue working for the government after college so hopefully we'll be able to afford a nice place like that! :D I definitely want that "money is not an issue" deal. haha ;)

    Anyways, glad to hear things are getting better for you, hun. With how hard you work, you need that sunny side of life ;)

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  4. the apartment and facilities look fabulous (hellloo walk-in closet)!!

    glad to hear that things are look up for you~

    can't wait to see your hauls and upcoming posts!

  5. OMG, the apartment looks really great! and both of the cars too.
    love your motto btw :)

  6. Congrats on looking for a new place!!

    BTW, used Maseratis are very good value! You just need a big garage....

  7. That place is AWESOME!!!! I'd *love* to live there! Of course I'd have to come from all the way on the other side of the country... but it's so awesome!!! hahaha I'm glad you found such a great place. It really is important to live happily, doing what you love and challenging yourself. Doing boring, non-challenging work is like wasting your talent and mind.

  8. Wow, great place! Congratulations on your success! =) Just found your blog from Kate Gene...love it! Just subscribed. Please feel free to come check out my blog as well and enter my contest!

  9. ah your potential place looks amazing! i hope you and minh can get a nice one facing the sunlight b/c having your own awesome place is the GREATEST feeling! (plus decorating your own too)

    thanks for writing the last part in your entry. it really touched base for me b/c i'm working full-time as an IT consultant in DC after getting my BS in business mgmt. My friends (most of them) don't even have college degrees & i can't talk to them about anything and we're not even as close! Maybe some are just jealous or lazy or just don't care but I can't be around people who rub off the wrong vibes or who don't feel secure in their life to be a positive aspect in mine. It's hard to find great friends but I guess i'd rather have a few GREAT ones than 5-10 'fairweather' friends. It's just hard when suddenly they get jealous!

  10. that apartment is so beautiful. i want to move in too! have a fun and safe trip to your home town. reading this post really made me miss Seattle. i love bellevue with all the nice cars. I can't wait till the end of march so i can be back in the west coast!

  11. i totally agree! i am so much more concerned with having a fulfilled life, learning things, and having people i love and that inspire me around me! if i can drive a nice car, or carry a gorgeous handbag while doing those things, that just a bonus :)
    and that is what i pay for my mortgage and my house isn't half as nice as that, and i don't get a concierge service at home, so i would say thats a good deal!!

  12. The apartment looks beautiful!!

  13. what a gorgeous apt! and well said girlie! life is too short to have people bring us down.

  14. that place is amazing!! it's great that they can handle packages, hahahaha. you DEFINITELYYY need that :)


  16. ahaha I'm like dumb or something today but I scrolled up and down your page looking for the "post a comment" button and couldn't find it! durrrrrrrr ahaha But what apartment looks SO YOU!!! and I guess $2300 for an 1100 sq ft apartment may seem expensive but tahts what you get for a ... semi okay two bedroom apartment in freakin Irvine... DAMN COST OF LIVING HERE!!! so I THINK THATS A WONDERFUL APARTMENT FOR YOU GUYS!!! :) and I'm so glad you're happy again, I don't like it when you're gloomy and glum because then I wanna go kill someone for you... and that's just a no no for me ;P and that Ferrari F430 would look so hot in your garage. I say get a big garage to house ur fancy vehicles someday okay? :) :) okay gotta go, time for a test :( damn school! oh well it's fun while it lasts, hahaha!!! <333

  17. Steph I am so excited for you and your apartment/condo search! So fancy! My sisters apartment in Chicago is like that... the dog park/laundry service/ concierge service/ mail service etcetc and its SO WORTH IT! Do it! You know I'm all about "getting pampered"... you deserve it!

  18. So happy for you! Your entry just radiates so much positive energy here, Steph! I really love what you preach. It's true! Don't surround yourself with ppl who can't help "elevate" you in life. You sound so much like my mother, lol (in a good way, minus the nagging part haha).

    The place looks gorgeous too. Definitely a comfortable sanctuary for you and Minh to enjoy each other's presence without anybody else to bring drama into the house. :)

  19. i love this post you made it's so motivational.. it really is what you meant it to be. that place is fab! you're right about not settling for less than what you know you're capable of. i think out of all your post this is the one taht encourages me the most :)

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  22. Yeah.. that looks like a hotel to me! LOL! Dang girl! I hope you and Minh can get it! You both have worked hard for everything you've earned and you both deserve the best!

    LOL at the cars! Go get um Steph!!

    Aww too bad you dad'll be on a trip when you go home. Who knows maybe he'll surprise you and come home early?! :)

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  24. Ooooo, shiny! And I TOTALLY ditto what Kellie said. My bf and I just toured an apartment of almost the exact same size and cost but it is on the bottom floor, in the dark, with a view of a staircase, in a ghetto neighborhood. aslkdg;lh;blakjskaaaaaaaah, you're so lucky!

  25. so glad to know things are looking up for you steph!!! I'm pretty sure you should move into that building right now just cus of the fresh baked cookies everyday!!!!!! ahhhh! and yes, i agree... never settle! theres so much more out there that can be achieved :) and ferrari? yes please!

  26. Hey, a blogger from my neck of the woods! Woop woop! I'm from Tacoma! That apt looks FABULOUS! Congrats!


  27. damn steph i need to ditch more than a few losers! haha ;x but i love that apartment of yours! you truly deserve it! shove it in the "current" roommate's faces...and tell them they cannot visit. haha ;x i looove the pool...but i'm happy for your baller status! i loooove staying in fancy hotels...b/c they give you such a nice "i'm #1" feeling...LOLLL IF and that's a big IFF i ever move to Seattle, I will look you up! hahahaha I'll just borrow your baller status and take a dip in the golden pool...LOL

    Have you seen the Lexus LFA??? OMIGOSH that turns me on more than maseratis and ferraris....LOLL it's like a love making car...ok gotta go to class, love you and your life stories <3

  28. i found a sexy pic for you!

    i was reading the boyfriend's Maxim (Amanda Bynes is sooo hot) and i saw and fell in love with this car....and it's specs!!


    ANNNDDDD the spedometer is a projected LCD image on the windshield...which is pretty awesome! plus the wing lifting off is a pretty sweet treat since it creates more stability for the carbon fiber lightweight car...hahah sorry rambled a bit...but i looooove cars ;D

  29. WOW that appartment is sooo cool. What is the name of the appartment complex???? I'll be moving to Seattle next year, and if I get the job I'm hoping for maybe I can afford to live there *__*.

    P.S. I love your motto! =D

  30. I know this is a very old post, but i'm just now reading how fancy your apartment building really is. Wow! Very impressive! $2,500 for a 2 bedroom of 1100 sq. feet is not bad at all! There was this 2 bedroom in the San Fernando valley (CA) that i looked at about 2 years ago which was nothing compared to this, and it was going for $2200.

    I do agree on all of the things you wrote in this post. Very well said!!! Your life will never be better if you hang around low life people, and friends who are jealous of you.


Thank you for your comments!