January 4, 2014

VanityPham Lash Extensions: My Before & After Photos

Hi everyone! I went to see Van at the VanityPham Bridal Beauty (in Sola Salons) in Bellevue at the fabulous Elements Building to get these pretty lash extensions done. :) Van had the most gentle fingers!! I've had lashes done several times in the past from different salons, and this experience is the best one yet!

She made me feel really comfortable and I was incredibly happy with the results! My full set of lash extensions took 1 1/2 hours. Van is just so good! She's naturally detailed oriented so looked at my lashes, and knew the different lengths of lash hairs to use. Not all lashes are treated equal! She would use longer lashes towards the middle and blending them in subtly with shorter lashes towards the inner corner. It really gives my extensions a more natural and flirty look. 

If you're in the Seattle/Bellevue area, definitely look up Van at the VanityPham salon for lashes, hair, makeup! I even got my eyebrows and upper lip threaded as an add on! Van also sells a lot of amazing products in her salon, such as the popular Beauty Blender, high end makeup brushes, and makeup brush cleaner. Not to mention, DSK Jewelry is tastefully display as art in her salon's wall! She's so creative, and came up with the most beautiful idea for wall art. You need to see it in person!
Meet Van! How cute is she on her wedding day?
The beautiful & talented Van of Vanity Pham!
Van specializes in Bridal Beauty, check out more of her amazing (AMAZING) Before and After makeovers & bridal transformations on her Facebook, Vanity Pham Makeup & Hairstyling. I absolutely love and enjoying looking at Before & After photos, who doesn't?! Look at her Before & After Makeover photo albums on FB & her website. 
Here I'll link you to the VanityPham Before &After photo gallery. lol 
See more of her work at her website: www.vanitypham.com
I'm definitely going to be booking Van and the Vanity Pham team to do my hair and makeup for my future wedding! Yay!! ^_^
Hair & Makeup Styling by Vanity Pham

Van recently premiered her VanityPham Bridal Salon video on Youtube.
Take a look! Let me know if you spot some familiar DSK Jewelry baubles! ^_^
How cute is her commercial?

Another treat, her salon is upstairs from the popular The French Bakery in Bellevue! ;)
It makes visiting her extra sweet!

Fun story, I met Van online through Xanga about 9 years ago. We had been friends online for the longest time (from Xanga to Facebook)! She got married and moved from San Francisco to Seattle this past Summer, opened her salon, and we had the chance to met! Now she's my go to hair, nails, makeup, and lash girl. :) 

Seattle/Bellevue is lucky to have you Vannie! You're a true talent!!
 Thanks for making women look and feel beautiful. ;)


  1. The before and after pictures are amazing!! I've always wanted to try out lash extensions.. I'm a little scared though? LOL

    And Van's before & after bridal beauty pictures are so beautiful! I hope her channel & salon takes off!!


  2. Her salon seems so perfect! If only I was on the west coast!
    <3 Carolyn

  3. @heyxgrace You should try them! Find a good person with great reviews and you'll love your first lash extension experience! I love waking up feeling "pretty" lol. :)

    @Carolyn It's a super cute salon! I love visiting her. :D

  4. omgosh steph your lashes look GORGY!!! so natural and flirty i love it!!

    heheh i know i want to order those dauschaund flats too!! so freakin' adorbs!

  5. LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE!! She did a GREAT job..you're lashes look AMAZING!

  6. how is real estate going!! I die a little every day you don't blog LOL :( /codependent haha


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