October 2, 2014

Before & After (Makeup and Hair by VanityPham)

I got my makeup & hair done today by the talented Van of Vanity Pham Makeup & Hairstyling for my real estate headshot.  I couldn't stop smiling the whole time I was in her chair! Haha, I've waited SO long for her to bless me with her beautiful makeup & hair skills!
Thank you for making me feel pretty Van Pham Choe! Your artistry is one in a million! I look forward to my wedding next year so I can get my makeup & hair done again by you and feel as special as I do today.  
I've always been a fan of looking at before & after photos so here's mine. I'm never ever washing my hair!! ::hair flip:: 
Book your appointment with Van at Vanity Pham Bridal Salon in Sola Salon (Bellevue, Washington) for makeup, hair, and volume lash extension today! Hehe, I absolutely love her work!! You can find her on Yelp! http://www.yelp.com/biz/vanity-pham-bellevue


  1. so pretty! :) wow i didn't know u were getting married. congrats! :)

  2. @Katrina Thank you! :) Yeah, we're still trying to figure out a venue and date for the wedding. :) :)

    @eri Thanks Eri!! <3

  3. Gorgeous! I would so not want to wash my hair either. LOL!

  4. You look really beautiful Steph!


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