December 11, 2008

Our 1 Year Anniversary (Dating) =P

Hey Ladies!
How is everyone's week going??

Mine has been one of the best!
I did kick ass on my last final (Monday).
The rest of the week, I spent kickin' it with my boyfriend who is officially graduating law school!!
I'm so proud of him. He now just has the bar to conquer.

We celebrated our 1 year together this week. There really isn't a particular date, but we know it was this month sometime =P I wish we had brought a camera with us..we only have blackberry pics!!!

We had reservations at Capital Grille Steakhouse, and they got us in right away. Free valet parking, complimentary champagne & dessert in honor of our occasion. That was such a lovely surprise!!

Haha, but I bet they thought it was our 1 year wedding anniversary ahahahahahaha ...b/c the head waiter said, "Mr. & Mrs. Nguyen" You should have seen the expression on my bf face! I kept making jokes throughout the night about it.

Complimentary Chapagne

They even wrote us a nice cardI had to take pictures of the little decorative confetti

Truffle Fries!
$8 cup of clam chowder..hmmm lol, it was good tho!

Told you I had to take a pic!

My tenderloin and poached lobster.. $45

Honey ordered Oscar ....something steak ...$43

They make good food :)

They even gave us towels to clean our hands before dessert

I love me some wine




hehe, we sampled a few before picking one

Espresso Cake (Complimentary!)

Yummy coffee

MGM Hotel & Casino

Lounging in the bar, U.Me.Drink

Midori Sweet & Sour
I wish everyday could be like this!!

We ended up losing again ~ $600
So much for trying to win another LV bag!!

Earlier that day we went shopping @ Somerset Collection

Minh loves gifts & gadgets..he bought me light up reindeer antlers
Mirrors, gotta love them
He always has to make stupid faces!!

We had lunch in Brighton on the way to Somerset at a new Asian Restaurant called Pi's,
it sucked so bad!! It's the Panera of Chinese-American food. Nothing looked like the picture either!

Pi's! Thanks for modeling hun.
Disappointing Tuna Roll, Padthai, Thai CurryKorean Crab Cakes

We did a ton of shopping! I spend my $15 from sample goodies!!
We shopped at Coach, LV, Sephora (twice), Express, Guess, Banana Republic, and just a bunch of other stores! We got a lot of Christmas shopping done for his family and mine.

I feel so blessed for having such a wonderful time of my life with my bf!!

I will post pictures of my "mini" haul soon!

Stay posted!!

Also, I sold a necklace to a really sweet Korean guy this morning. He's been a fan of my jewelry for quite some time, and he just sent me the sweetest thank you.
His girlfriend is so luck!! He spoils her with jewelry!!!


  1. happy anniversary you guys!
    food looks good! now i'm hungry :P

  2. Awww congrats to your bf! How great of an achievement~ Good luck to him on his bar exam. You two have a bright future together!! :DD

    Yay shopping!!

  3. That's so cool that the restaurnt gave u freebies lol. Congrats on your anniversary!

  4. omg ur anniversary is soo cute!! and congrats on ur bf for finishing law school. my anni is on the 19th && i hope its as nice as yours!!! <3 wow.. ur anni was in LV? Wayy cool...

  5. your food looks so yummy. what a nice way to spend an anniversary. :)

  6. as much as i want that laptop, i don't have moooolah! lol.. i'll prolly have my baby daddy buy it for me. :P

    the bag is multicolor btw. and wtf shopping at LV, coach and sephora.. u must be RICHHHH! lucky lucky!

  7. CONGRATS u two are so cute! Mmmmm the poached lobster looks delish!

  8. happy anniversary to you. i envy you. mike is all the way in the states. he's such a butt for not coming to visit me. gonna kick his arse when i see him. lolz.

    you should really get the shu uemura palette. the colours are really pigmented. the cream eyeliner is really good. doesn't smudge and lasts long :)


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