September 5, 2014

Chanel, Hermes, I Do Adore!

Hello! I am so very happy it is Friday! This Sunday I'm helping my friend set up her son's first birthday party. It is going to be a grand event for such a little man. :D I will definitely share photos on the blog. I can't believe he's one! Remember my post about his full month birthday party? Time really does fly by, and I'm starting to feel old! lol 

All my friends seem to have been getting pregnant and popping out babies! My friend keeps telling me I need to have a baby so her son can have a friend close in age. I'm reminding her that I still need to get married! lol I haven't started wedding planning yet, we've narrowed down the date to September of 2015. It will be a Saturday in September, we just don't know which week yet! I guess it really depends on what weekend the to be determined wedding venue has available. :D 

I prefer to spend my time adoring my girl friend's Chanel & Hermes goodies. She has such an AMAZING growing collection of fabulous luxuries! 
Hermes Anemone (Purple) is one of my favorite colors of 2014!! I could spend hours admiring the rainbow of my girl friend's Chanel & Hermes bags!
She really needs to have a daughter one day. :)
How pretty is this brooch! It has a really good weight to it too. 
 Absolutely gorgeous!
Birkin 30, Rouge Casaque  :D

I've learned so much about Hermes this past year. I've learned all the names of the colors, the type of leathers (Epsom, Togo, Swift, Clemence to name a few!), and all the different sizes of Birkin's & Kelly's. In the future if I ever get the opportunity to get a fabulous bag from Hermes, it will most likely be a Birkin in the 35 size, black with palladium (silver) hardware in Togo leather. :) I will make it my goal for when I turn 40! lol I have 13 years to save. :D

To be honest, shopping at Hermes is time consuming & exhausting...I went with my friend to Hermes at the Bravern in Bellevue, WA and we spent at least 2 hours there working with her sales associate. She would bring out items one by one to show us (starting with the less desirable items first, of course). It's an adventure to get what you actually want at Hermes. You almost are persuaded to buy a Birkin's worth of Hermes items before you get your Birkin offer. You generally only get offered two Birkin's a year. You build a profile with your store and there's some type of system that keeps track of what you buy per semester (2 semesters in a year) and how many of each item you're allowed. I think you're only allowed to buy 2 Hermes belt buckles a year. If you buy a belt buckle, you must buy a leather belt with it, but you are allowed to buy as many leather belts as you'd like. You're still limited to two Hermes buckles per year. It's definitely a journey of a lifestyle brand..they want you to immerse yourself, your family, and friends in Hermes everything to prove your appreciation of the brand before you get the Birkin or Kelly bag of your dreams. 

I just thought I would share my personal learning experience. :D In other news, I hear the Charlotte Tilbury makeup line is all the rage these days! I'm not familiar with her work which shows you how out of the makeup loop I am!! (Check out my makeup blog sale!)  I am curious about the line and would love to try makeup from her line. I think I will order a lipstick from Nordstrom as a treat to myself. :)

August 27, 2014


Hello! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday. I'm currently watching Forks Over Knives on Netflix. I cleared and cleaned out my fridge earlier! It's so wonderful to be able to take day off to tidy up the house. And catch up on my blogging and blog reading. :D

OPI recently released two new DS or Designer Series nail polishes. I'm wearing the new OPI Designer Series DS Tourmaline. It is the sparkliest hot pink with orange and lavender iridescent glitters. The colors look incredibly pretty together, it's the perfect Summer polish!
 This shade simply sparkles and shines in the sun. :)

DS Tourmaline was released along with DS Titanium, which I also have and will swatch soon!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. :)

August 22, 2014

Aquasana Glass Bottles For Storing Juice!

 Hello again! I ordered the Aquasana glass bottles the same time I purchased the Hurom Juicer from Amazon. My first box came with one broken glass bottle so I had to do an exchange.
Amazon has really great service, the UPS man picked up my package the very next day and a few days later came my new Aquasana bottles.
 I used to store my juice in mason jars, but I read somewhere that they weren't good to use.
I didn't like the lid for the juice either, it would just get old. Over washing the canning jar lid also made it rust, which is no bueno.
 The Aquasana jars were recommended item on Amazon (I'm a sucker for target marketing). They were $40 for 6 bottles. The blue lids are a safe plastic while the bottles are glass.

An alternative to buying glass bottles is to reuse old Snapple bottles or any glass type bottles with an easy to clean cap. :)
 Look at me all using my Hurom juicer again. :D
 The Aquasana bottles have a good weight to them. I intend to juice and store the bottles in my fridge.
I have even used them as water bottles.
 I call this juice my clean out the fridge juice. I cut up all the carrots, celery, cucumber, limes and apples I could find in my fridge.
 Cleaning and cutting up the apples and veggies was pretty therapeutic this morning for some odd reason. I didn't mind it. I think it forces me to slow down and focus on the task.
 I'm majorly impressed by the Hurom Juicer. The pulp comes out so dry! I definitely get my money's worth in fresh produce.
 I have 3 apples, 7 carrots, one full head of celery, 2 limes, and 2 giant cucumbers.
 I call this my clear out your fridge juice. :D
 I had a very easy time assembling the juicer this morning and clean up was a breeze!
 I now have 3 16 oz jars of a refreshening juice to drink tonight and tomorrow! Nothing beats waking up to instant breakfast.
Let me know if you have any favorite juice recipes. This one I just threw together (which is what they usually tell you not to do). I think I will go back to my basic green apple, kale, and ginger next. I also heard kale and grapes make an easy delicious juice too. :) Will keep you updated on my juice journey to better health. :D

August 19, 2014

I Bought a $400 Hurom Juicer?! Green Juice Recipe

Hey everyone, recently I've been super into watching healthy raw juice videos on Youtube. I've always liked to drink juice but usually too lazy to make it myself. I'm making it a goal to make my own green juice everyday starting today! I own a Breville 5 Speed Juicer which I purchased for around $160-180 from Bed, Bath, & Beyond thanks to their nifty 20% off coupons. 
I purchased that one thanks to BlendHappy and watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (documentary). 

The Breville is a fast centrifugal juicer which is great for a beginner. I've had that for several years now and it works pretty good. I even bought one for my future sister in law as a gift because I loved it so much and wanted to spread the word of healthy raw juice. lol

 The Breville was great, however it does waste a lot of greens. It doesn't juice kale very well because it mostly shreds it up and spits it out instantly.
 One of my favorite green juices is the Nordstrom's Fruititude (Juice/Smoothie Bar) Doctor's Orders.
I would always order one when I'm at South Center Mall's Nordstrom. :) I think it's on the third floor. The ingredients include tuscan kale, oranges, mint, and limes. It's absolutely delicious, but I also love citrus juices! I used to always juice green apple, regular kale, and ginger with my Breville at home until I discovered Doctor's Order and realized I could easily make it at home! Once I started trying to make the Doctor's Order, I was disappointed that my Breville had a really hard time juicing mint. I would use the whole bunch too! I felt it was really wasteful and I wasn't get the most juice out of my greens.

 After some research aka watching countless Youtube videos (shout out to FullyRawKristina! :)), I came across the Hurom brand of juicers. The one I purchased is the new, 2nd generation Hurom HH Elite Slow Juicer, which is a vertical masticating juicer. I've also done my research on the Omega brand of masticating juicers and decided on the Hurom after watching a lot of review/comparison videos.
The Hurom HH Elite is a $400 juicer and completely made for juice snobs. JK
It's great for those who like to get the most juice out of their veggies and fruits!
 My initial thought was "man, this box is heavy!"
 My second thought, "there are so many parts!"
 After 10 minutes of using my brain and motor skills, I failed to assemble the juicer property lol. I had to reference the instructions and even search an Hurom HH Elite Juicer assembly video on YT!
It's not nearly as easy to put together as the Breville but I know I will learn how to assemble it without any help.
My Green Juice Recipe: I used 1 bunch of tuscan kale ($1.99 at my local Safeway), 1 bunch of mint from the Vietnamese grocery market ($1.00). 5 oranges ($2.99/lb at Safeway), and 3 limes (I usually get 5 for $1.00 at the Viet market). I think you could go with only 2 limes, but I like my juice more on the tart side.
 One negative about the slow juicer is having to cut up the fruits and greens to fit down the shoot. The Breville has a large shoot and you can fit a whole apple down it. The Hurom requires your fruits and veggies to be 2" pieces. But as they say, beauty is pain, I can say making good juice takes a long time!
 I love oranges, seriously. I LOVE oranges. I always wipe out any Indian buffet that has oranges in their dessert bar. lol I think the Indian restaurants cut up their oranges slices beautifully. I need to search Youtube to learn  how that's done too. :D
 Based on the number of photos I'm posting of my ingredients you can tell I was proud of the effort I took to clean & cut them up. :D
 Two thumbs up for Asian bowls?! :P
 I was SO impressed with how the Hurom juiced the kale!! 
 The pulp came out nearly dry! I give this juicer 5 stars!
 Look at all my green juice!! That's mostly kale and mint juice (maybe a few limes and oranges too to wash it down).
 Very very happy. The Hurom comes with two cylinder juicer thingies. One is for a fine juice, the second is for a more pulp-y juice.
 I recently learned to start straining my juice to get rid of any pulp and foam. Sometimes the foam just ruins the taste of the smooth juice. I highly recommend you give straining a try if you're going to DIY juice at home. If you like your juice cold, you can shake it in a shaker with ice the same way you would a cocktail. :) The girl at the juice bar once told me not to put ice because it ruins the taste of the juice.
 After 1 head of kale, 1 bunch of mint, 3 limes, and 5 oranges this is what remains of the fruits and veggies. The rest is juice!!
 Strain happy!
  I was able to make 40 oz of juice with my new Hurom juicer! :)
 Cheers to our good health! ^_^

July 12, 2014

Smile Brilliant, Teeth Whitening At Home

 In high school and college I went through a phase when I was super addicted to bleaching my teeth. I personally think having white teeth makes you more attractive (it's true and we all know it :P). I also have always felt it was the closest way I could get to looking like people on TV with super white teeth lol. It really does make an impact on our overall look, if appearance is important to you.

July 9, 2014

Dog Blog: DoggieLawn

Hey everyone, long time no dog blog..well any blogging! I have been working and showing my cousin around Seattle. I have so many topics I want to write about but I haven't had a chance to write down my thoughts. I want to share some fun stuff on false lashes (beauty secret I recently learned from a makeup artist!), teeth whitening, my new obsession with flossing, St. Tropez self tanner, Hourglass Primer Serum, and just a bunch of other random tidbits in my life. :D There really isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about sharing this or that on my blog with you all!

June 8, 2014

Obiqo Body Wash + Obiqo Gentle Face Scrub

Obiqo Refreshing Body Wash ($15.99 on Amazon) + Obiqo Gentle Face Scrubs ($13.99 on Amazon)
I finished both of these completely amazing skin care products from Obiqo and I cannot wait to order more! The sea lavender body wash smells so good! It really is such a treat to find a wonderful body wash.

"Obiqo is a luxurious sea-inspired skincare range that combines nutrient-rich sea kelp from New Zealand’s pristine waters and the powerful anti-oxidant properties of French organic sea lavender.

Obiqo's range of marine-derived skin care products provide a touch of luxury at an affordable price. A protected natural resource and the star of Obiqo's unique skincare line is New Zealand sea kelp, which is harvested under license and then blended with proprietary formulations of sweet herbs, natural flora extracts, essential oils and sea lavender to provide a rich sensory experience. Obiqo products are not only great for your skin, they're sensational for your soul. All the marine extracts used in these products are derived from sustainable sources and the methods of extraction are natural, gentle and solvent-free."
Obiqo is an amazing sea-inspired skincare brand from New Zealand and I'm so impressed by their body wash and face scrub (best ever)! I really am looking forward to trying more skincare products from Obiqo.

You can find Obiqo products on Amazon and through Shopping Moa.

I highly highly recommend these two skincare products! They work great for me and I really wanted to share it on the blog. :)

April 2, 2014

I'm turning 27!! Ai ya...late twenties!

Hello. :)
I'm turning 27 on April 4th!! That's this Friday ahhhh!
Yes, those are EOS lip balms in my Martha Stewart for Macy's mini cake stand w/ cover!
I've collected all the flavors and I proudly have them displayed in the corner of my living room. ;)
 My friend Anita is visiting for my birthday later this week and we are going to work on spray painting these frames I've gathered all white! I spent months browsing Ross, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshalls for clearance picture frames. :) I think it will look super cool on a plain wall! #whiteframeproject 

We have lots of fun things planned for her visit!
We're going to hike Rattlesnake and hopefully Snoqualmie Falls!
Take spin classes together! Maybe another trampoline class! lol
We're planning on a trip to Vancouver BC, Canada too! She's never been there. It will be so much fun!! I'm ready for a mini getaway. :)
  Went to check out one of my friends finished project and it was incredible! They really did an amazing job building the modern townhouses. I'm super impressed. :) I love the backsplash they picked out. They even had the homes staged. I'm always on the look out for a good interior decorator and anyone who does interior staging for some upcoming real estate projects. :) I'm going to be helping with a half million dollar Seattle modern home project this Summer! Totally EXCITED!! ^_^
I couldn't resist an opportunity to take a photo of the bags of the day. ^_^ Red Chanel Jumbo, Caviar Leather w/ Silver Hardware & Classic Black Chanel Jumbo, Caviar Leather w/ Silver Hardware.
How cute is this bathroom? I love the cabinets and the sinks! 
This Seattle modern townhouse is 3 stories, technically 4 if you count this awesome roof top deck!
 I'm completely obsessed with OPI Sheer Tint polishes!! This is "Don't Violet Me Down" with "Desperately Seeking Sequins" on the ring finger (under the sheer tint polish). The tint polish is so building and I absolutely love the jelly effect!
I helped my friend Van of VanityPham (bridal beauty & luxury lash extensions expert in Bellevue, Washington!) set up her table at WedLocks in the Columbia Tower Club 75th floor! It's the tallest building in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest! ^_^ Look at that incredible view! 
Go see Van for lashes in Bellevue!! She does the new VOLUME lash extensions (life changing lashes!) 
This is Wally right now. Haha, he's so odd sometimes in the cutest way possible. 

The best birthday present to myself: I closed my 4th property of the year yesterday! I sold a cute 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo in Bothell, WA. ^_^ It was a 6 months process because it was a short sale, but we did it!