November 12, 2015

Mini Skincare Review: Prescriptives Super Line Preventor Xtreme

Hello again! I received a [deluxe] sample of Prescriptives Super Line Preventor Xtreme and I am smitten with this luxury skincare product! I've always heard great things about Prescriptives, but I haven't tried one of their products until now. I'm almost finished with my sample which has lasted me for a couple of good months. I usually would use in the morning after showering and even sometimes right before bed. It has been in my toiletry bag on my trips to San Jose, Las Vegas, and Grand Rapids! It really has lasted me a long time. I can only imagine how long the full size would last. If I didn't already have other skincare products to finish up, I would consider splurging on a full size. :)
This skincare item is more on the higher end, retailing at $84.00 for 1.7 oz at

A little history on Prescriptives:

Launched in 1985 and celebrating 30 years of lighting passion among beauty consumers, "SLP" is a super cocktail of targeted antioxidants that diminish the look of lines and wrinkled by up to 54% in clinical trials. Armed with our Super Antioxidant System (SAS), it's a true "Super" serum that defends against the visible aging effects of free radicals, both immediately and up to 72 hours later.

SLP holds one hundred times its weight in water. It binds moisture to the skin, ensuring a smooth and long-lasting makeup application.

SLP helps strengthen skin and boost its natural defenses, by helping skin bolster its collagen production to improve visible skin tone and radiance. Skin looks stronger, smoother, and one step ahead of environmental assaults. 

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