December 7, 2015

My Holiday Gift Guide...or maybe it's just the things I really want!

Hey everyone, I hope you are having a very pleasant December 7th day. It is extremely rainy here in the greater Seattle area. I left my house this morning to find my light up deer & Santa decorations knocked over and sitting in the pouring rain. -_- Really, wind...really?

I'm planning on throwing my husband a very fun 33rd birthday party later this month. I made the best banana pudding trifle I've ever had this past weekend, and I can't wait to make it again for our family and friends! I'm also looking forward to making jello shots (can you believe I've never made them before?).

Now onto my Holiday Gift Guide slash all that my heart desires!

You need this kettle so you can be extra posh while drinking posh tea. :)
Russel Hobbs Kettle, $85
It glows, enough said. 
Panasonic Facial Steamer, $150
 Who doesn't want the spa treatment at home?
Philips Sonicare Toothbrush, $100
Everyone loves white teeth.
Bleu de Chanel, $70-$220.Best smelling men's cologne, hands down.
Cle de Peau Eyebrow Pencil, $65
Luxury eyebrow pencils, anyone?
NutriBullet, $138
Because all bloggers make smoothies with it. Haha #easilyinfluenced
MacKenzie Childs Three Tier Sweet Stand, $198
We like fabulous kitchen's.
Louboutin Lipstick, $90
Any makeup enthusiast would appreciate this artfully packaged lipstick.
MAC Honey Love Lipstick, $17
The perfect everyday lipstick.

MAC Spice Lipliner, $16.50
The perfect lipliner to create the perfect Autumn lip.
Givenchy Antigona Mini-Duffel, $1,750
Possibly the cutest cross body bag. Great color too!
 When in doubt, comfortable pajamas always make excellent holiday gifts. ^_^

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