November 10, 2015

The Sock Panda

Hello blog friends! 
I know I've fallen off the blogosphere, but I have some pretty good excuses...
Soooo, I got married. And I did a little bit of traveling over the past couple months with my husband, family, and friends! I like to think I am having a great year, hehe.

I thought I would share two awesome pairs of socks from the Sock Panda! I figure Halloween just passed so why not bust out my cat bat socks.
You can find my Sock Panda post from 2013 here, if you'd like!
 They're still slayin' it with the cool packaging. I just learned that term from following beauty/fashion Instagrammers. Do you like how I incorporated my new vocab term? ka ka ka 
 Seriously tho, Sock Panda Team, when the time come where my jewelry business is cool enough to have custom packaging, will you guys pretty please help me design it? I just love how quirky & creative your prints are! 
I LOVE IT! I want some more of it! Haha
The lighting bolts are my favorite.
 Thanks so much Patrick! You are AWESOME. I appreciate the time you took to write, inspire & draw for me. :)
The socks come individually packaged which makes it great for gifting! I don't know about you, but my default stocking stuffer has always been socks. I always ask for socks, and I always gift socks. I just feel you can never go wrong with them!
 Husbands gets the hexagon print socks; they're size large, while mine are size medium.
 Designed in Venice, California, a destination I completely am looking forward to visiting! I heard they're home of the Pho Burrito?! Must try that genius invention someday.
 These comfy, colorful socks are made in Peru! Another awesome destination I would love to visit. 
Follow @thesockpanda on Twitter like me to see what they're up to over there.
 Thank you again Patrick & The Sock Panda crew for our awesome socks!
We love 'em!
For all your sock subscription needs:
What makes Sock Panda even cooler than they already are?
They donate one pair of socks of every single sock ordered. #PandaDonatesSocks
p.s. I just got a new Panda debit card that I picked out at the bank. If I have to switch over to these chip cards..I want some cool looking cards to carry around! ;)

Panda out! Talk to you later!

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