August 18, 2015


Threadsmiths, an Australian company reached out to me to share their super cool Hydrophobic T-Shirt on my blog. I thought it was pretty newsworthy and wanted to share it with you guys. I also totally want to visit Australia one day. I think of gorgeous beaches, friendly people, and endless amounts of happiness and sunshine that make up their beautiful country. But travel goals are for another blog post, let me tell you about this super cool new technology they've come up with!
About Threadsmiths
Threadsmiths is a clothing technology company pioneering a new era of everyday performance apparel. We believe that we can create better apparel solutions by leveraging technology, fashion and design.

 Headline! Australian startup creates world's first 100% cotton hydrophobic T-Shirt.

They said: Go ahead. Try pouring some water on it!

And so I did!
It's resistant to water based liquids like soy sauce, coffee, even maple syrup and red wine. My initial reaction is WOW, this is magic! It's so cool to be able to control the water droplets and just pour off the water beads from the shirt. You can use a bottle of water to rinse away any residue liquid. Tell me it's not the perfect Summer weekend going out to eat at the Farmer's Market weekend shirt! AND best water balloon fight shirt ever. ^_^

These shirts are totally the future and probably will be one of my most favorite travel shirts. Don't you hate it when you're out and you get a stain on your shirt and you can't easily just go home and change? I feel like this shirt will help make life a little bit easier when you're on the go. My husband is notorious for spilling drinks and food on his shirts. -__- It happens all.the.time. I wish I would have asked for the Men's shirt because I know he'll get a lot more wear out if his since I'd probably make that his designated eating out shirt/weekend. I'm just kidding. but I think this technology is awesome. They even make them for kids and babies! #puregenius.

I received The Cavelier Women's T-Shirt in Black, Retails for $55. #threadsmithswomen. You can't go wrong with a solid black tee. I wear a lot more black than white, but now that I think about it I should have picked the White one. This shirt is made to last and be stain resistant so I really should have gotten a white one. I like the simple logo on one of the sleeves and on the upper back. It's a very high quality shirt that I know will be a staple in my daily life closet. :D Let's be real, we all have our closet, and our real closets (I call them my default clothes. ;)) This shirt is keeping it real in my life. Thank you Threadsmiths for the awesome threads! I'm proud to be part of team awesomeness and spreading the world about their revolutionary technology. I totally need one in white now. Not want, NEED!
The Cavelier: A 100% cotton T-Shirt crafted with patented hydrophobic nanotechnology application that repels water and dirt.

Melbourne, Australia., 1st of December 2014 - An Australian startup has solved the age-old problem of stained white t-shirts by creating the world's first 100% cotton hydrophobic T-Shirt.

Dubbed "The Cavalier" - the 100% cotton T-Shirt incorporates a lotus leaf inspired nanotechnology that completely repels dirk and liquds, leaving the surface of the fabric crisp, dry, and without stains for up to around 50 washes.

The fibers of the shirt are created with new "water-fearing" nanontechnology.

White other white t-shirts are stained by liquids such as coffee and wine, this hydrophobic fabric causes liquids to bead-up while simultaneously self-cleaning the surface.

The patented fabric nanontech is free of carcinogens and is completely safe for regular wear.

Threadsmiths plans to expand the product range using the technology exhibited in The Cavalier to other articles of clothing and industries such as medical, hospitality and sports.

Check out their shirts:


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