June 9, 2015

Best Boba in Seattle! Cafe Chi Boba Tea (Issaquah, Washington)

This past Sunday, we were checking out open houses with my fiancé's little sister in the Newcastle/Bellevue area of Washington. Afterwards, we decided we would check out the Issaquah Farmer's Market afterwards to find out it closed at 2pm. His sister looked up boba places in Issaquah and we found ourselves at Cafe Chi. 1. Who knew there was a boba place in Issaquah! 2. It is the best boba I've tried yet in all of Seattle, well all of Washington really!
I highly recommend their Original (Black) Milk Tea or just Black Tea with boba or lychee jelly. Their boba is slightly sweetened. I've heard that some boba shops prepare their boba with honey or brown sugar to add that hint of irresistible sweetness to the chewy boba goodness.
Nail polish is OPI, "The Berry Thought of You" from 2015 OPI Brights Collection
I can tell that they brew their own black tea, and the sugar syrup looks house made. They also use FRESH milk which completely sold me. I tried ShareTea near the University of Washington, but I didn't like the milk tea because of the milk powder. Similar to fresh Thai tea, I like it when they use real milk or half and half. I don't want to waste my drink calories of powdered creamers! Nope. 

But back to Cafe Chi, the tea was so good, I ended up back on Tuesday! It was a gorgeous day for a sunny drive. Note, I don't live very close to Issaquah...it's about a 25 minute drive from me and about 30 minutes from the city of Seattle in general. They were out of lychee jelly yesterday so I got it with the rainbow jelly (fruity flavor).

You can even have lunch or dinner at Cafe Chi; they have Taiwanese foods which I have yet to try. They posted food photos on the wall, which brought back good memories from college. I loved that the shop is next door to Spa Chi and there's an outdoor seating area with koi pond! I only Snapchatted the koi pond and now wish I took some photos! I'm just discovering Snapchat (DSKSteph) and it's pretty fun once you get the hang of it. ^_~

I hope you continue to have a wonderful day! -Steph


  1. I need to go try their boba!!! :) :)

    xo - Sheila

  2. It's so good there! I love that they use fresh milk. :D We should totally have a boba date one of these days!


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