December 8, 2016

Dear Bri

Hi blog family! It's Winter!! I can't believe it's already the 7th of December soon to turn the 8th as I type. I haven't logged into Blogger since October.

I wanted to shout out to Bri, thank you so much for your comment on my last post! For some, reason I only got the notification in my e-mail and it made me so happy to hear from you!! I can't seem to find your comment on the post. Has it really been that long since I used Blogger dashboard? Lol. I want to let you know my collection of Tory Burch has since grown since we last e-mailed! Nordstrom Rack is still just my go-to place to find them. You won't believe the deals I find there. I recently found this beautiful pair of black ballet flats with smaller black medallion. They were so perfect that I didn't even buy them on clearance. I bought them with the Nordstrom Rack sales tag, haha. It is driving me nuts that I cannot find them online. I'm going to have to come back and edit this post with photos of my actual flats and bag! They are just so comfortable, and just the perfect classic flat. As I'm searching for TB flats, I came across a lot of your photos and found your Wordpress. :) I hope you don't mind that I've shared a link to you here!

I also found a matching TB clutch/small bag that happens to match too. The bag is called the Robinson Chain Mini Bag. I had come across the flats about a couple weeks before I found the bag at a different NR. It rang up less than the tag, and I paid $118 for it; I was ecstatic! I've never owned such a mini sized bag but it was fitting to use as a clutch for a wedding I went to in California back in November.
The TB bag I found had a black ring around the logo instead of gold as see in the photo above. :)

The most valuable aspect of blogging for me nowadays are the friendships I've made over the years both online and IRL! I've become such great real life friends with my blog friends! I feel so complete in my day to day life all thanks to blog and the blogosphere. I feel sad, but also happy when I don't find time to log online. After 7 years of living in Washington state, I finally feel like it's home. I have Washington friends! I am in a wonderful place with my husband's family too. We are all taking a family trip to Vietnam soon! I'm nervous, excited, and can't wait to come back a new me. I'll catch up with you again soon! -Steph

Time really does change everything. I also went to the Chirporactor for the first time in my life on 12/6, and that sure changed everything for me! I can't believe I've missed on on getting my neck and back cracked. I feel physically feel like a new person. Dr. told me my left hip is higher than my right, and that my right shoulder is higher than my left. Glad to know it wasn't just my suspicious about myself. lol

Currently obsessed with searching for the best diffuser because I want bougie essential oils in my air. :)

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