December 20, 2016

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

I found this drafted posted from 6/12/13 on my Blogger dashboard. I still haven't really used this palette! I would say that you should pass on the Naked Basics unless you really like matte earth toned eyeshadows. haha! I can't believe it's 12/20/16 already.
There have been so many beauty related things that I could catch you up on!
I got my eyebrows microbladed almost a full year ago. I got them done in Portland, OR on 12/27/2015. I didn't go back for a free retouching because it hurt. I really felt my numbing cream never fully kicked in and that it started to wear off before the girl was finished. Yikes. I sometimes get a memory of that pain when I apply some light eyebrow makeup with an eyeshadow pen. I would be glad to share my experience here if anyone still reads!

I did share the whole process last year on Snapchat, boy did my eyebrows look CRAZY right after they were done. I really thought they were going to look like horrible thick dark caterpillars. And anyone who tells you it fades after a year is wrong. It's basically a tattoo that probably won't ever completely fade away. Am I happy with my brows? Not 100% but I do love that I don't have to draw and shape them in everyday. It's great to go makeup free without looking totally gross. lol
I gave a palette to my sister in law and she does use it. I know because I see it on her vanity when I visit her place! Maybe I'll dig it up tomorrow and try using it. :)

Looking at the photos the first shade does look like a shimmer! It isn't just a matte eyeshadow palette after all!
Talk to you again soon! -Steph :)

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