February 10, 2009

Good Things Happen.

Hi Ladies!

Thanks you all so much for all the love, and positive support; the sale is going great.
The sale on blog allows me to get a feel for what pieces of jewelry are most requested. I really take everyone's opinions, suggests, and advice to heart when it comes to my craft.

As some of you may know, I'm having a jewelry website launching soon, and I need input on my BUSINESS CARD designs. I was very fortunate to have the ever so talented Steve Bui, an Industrial Design Engineer senior come up with some prototypes for me. He's also one of the son of Kiet Bui Jewelry Inc. in my hometown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Why the XXXX on the phone number? lol, not that I wouldn't be willing to share with each and everyone of you beautiful ladies, but this is the world wide web..and we don't want any creepers to obtain any phone numbers, now do we? LOL.

My question to him was "Why are there no graphics?"

Bui Response: "As for the graphics, in my graphic design class, our instructor said that sometimes the simpler design speaks the loudest. White or blank areas allow the viewer room to move around the design. I think it all depends on the type of work that you do."

Therefore, I trust him with that one ^^

Can you tell me which one you prefer?
What do you think of the font for DSK?
I'm not sure if I'm digging the "K" myself.

Thank you in advance for your input!


I started using L'Occitane Creme Ultra Riche Visage- Ulra Rich Face Cream right..
I started breaking out like crazy!! :( :( :(

I have 4 HUGE ugly nasty gross make me wanna cry pimples on my face!!!!! NOOOOOOO.
I won't gross you out with details, nor will I subject you to viewing a hideous portrait of my current"Visage."

Here is a pic from Saturday afternoon (post LSAT)..one pimple appeared from nowhere on my forehead! I actually shouldn't blame L'Occitane face cream as the 100% reason for my break out, because I was stressed from studying and worrying about the LSAT. But the face cream did make my skin feel like it couldn't breath.
Why wasn't I born with straight hair? My mom calls me "Mexican" all the time! GRR, not that I don't love all the sexy chicana's out there (they usually have big sexy boobs & a donk!) Now I talk like my bestie Oliver..who is Filipino and apparently Filipino guys dig hispanic babes??_?

I never really post body shots asides from my bf's graduation, I think.
Mystery body no more!
I'm on the thicker side right now =/
Trying to work on it, but ever since I gained 30lbs (from eating out with the boyfriend almost everday last year)..I haven't been able to shed it!
Did I mention he gained 40lbs..? One full year of weight gain.
Both of us sadly, had to buy new fat clothes (which consisted of sweats..).
I can't fit into my designer jeans, or any of my jeans matter of fact. :(
He has so many nice shirts ..actually a nice entire wardrobe because he used to dress up everyday for law school, all size small. LOL. It's hard to remember him skinny.
When our mom's met back in December..they were making jokes after they got more comfortable with each other.

My mom says, "She never used to be this big! She was once skinny! They both love to eat too much." (Minh came home with me a lot on the weekends)
His mom jokes, "She must have looked at him and sees that he's bigger than her, so she has to eat to catch up, and he sees her getting bigger so he has to get bigger to be the bigger one."


LOL, as I walk along side them in the hotel as they hold onto each other's arms and laugh...

Boyfriend and I basically are bad for each other..
SO YEAH, back to our topic of dish: 4 MORE UGLY PIMPLES APPEARED: Right on the upper nose, side of the nose, cheek, and lower left chin!
It's so weird because I haven't had this kind of break out in a long time. They're the mean ones that hurt and are big and ugly. I really do think it was the face cream because I used it for 4 nights prior to the first breakout.

@ Least we got 58 degree weather today =] A record was broken today for warmest day on Feb. 10, 2009 in East Lansing, and Grand Rapids, MI.
View from my dorm, the trees are covering them, but there were stupid students walking on the river..as it's melting.. DUMB. (umm..the middle looks melted to me!!)
Just last week, there were people playing hockey on ice with skates!

58 degrees is a great change from our 16-17 degrees.
And now..people's homes are getting flooded with all the melting snow and ice...
Michigan is the best place to live, isn't it??

ALTHOUGH! I did get wonderful surprise in the mail this week from, the sweet & super cool (extremely cool, this girl SNOWBOARDS!!) : Jen a.k.a. JenTheJunkie ^_^

Shout out to Jen! Much Love <3>

She sent me some CIBU goodies, which included 2 conditioners, 1 shampoo, and CIBU's Pho Finishing Spray (Jen's HG) plus a lovely card! I can honestly say PHO is awesome. It tames my fly-aways and makes my hair feel full and the texture is great.

I love the mini size bottles because I can just throw them in my caddy and off to the shower room I go. :)

Today, I had lot so fun after my AM class. My bff Vince (who's also in my class & my chauffer on Tuesday and Thursday mornings- he has a very nicely "moded" Audi A4 w/ tinted windows all over ahaha b/c he has a doctors note for "an eye condition") & his adorable girlfriend Natalie went to lunch.


We took his girlfriend to the mall to get her eye brows threaded!! Yay!!
I took Vince about 2 weeks ago, and he was a cry baby about how much it hurt..which it doesn't.
He just had TOO much eye brow (including UNI!) EW. HELLO. I was not going to allow my friends to be walking around with me with one of those.. pshhh =p j.k. but still..it needed to be done.

So Natalie wanted to try it, and she said it didn't hurt at ALL. I think guys honestly have a lower pain tolerance than girls do.

Natalie getting her eyebrows threaded
Isn't my bff a great bf? He holds her bag for her proudly in public at the mall!!
I think he noticed me taking pics.
His pose of choice, not my idea!! They're both Hong Kongnese-American ^^

*__So my "big bro" figure just messaged me on Facebook b/c he heard I might be headed to Vegas this spring break..lol. Big bro used to love to gamble. It was fun catching up with him. Note: 4 years ago I had a big "crush" on him & I'm pretty sure he knew that. He was my idea of the "perfect asian guy." Tall, dark, handsome, he's Taiwanese-American by the way, and drove a 350Z. He really has some dashingly good looks, haha my current boss even agreed! and he's a 60 year old Japanese man (he knew him through the Asian Pacific American Studies Program that we're both a part of here at MSU). lol. But I was only 18? Just a baby, college freshman at MSU and he knew that, also I was seeing a friend of his at the time. But doesn't it just make you feel good to catch up with someone you haven't talked to for what seems like ages?

Anyhow ~ I tried to pitch him my him my jewelry haaha since he has a steady girlfriend..and Valentine's Day is coming up. (Honestly..the business person in me). I think it's my personality & passion for my work that helps make my jewelry what it is today.

hehe..sorry for the long blog, but asides from the ugly face..Life's pretty peachy as of late.

Also..I'm having a dinner date with my good-LONG time friend Nonners!! a.k.a. Whitney.
I haven't seen her in a year!! I just see random facebook updates of pictures of her with HUGE diamond looking rings on her finger. She did NOT get engaged! What trickery.

Anyhow, we're getting dinner together tomorrow at Ai Fusion, sushi. I can't wait! Too bad, my zits will make her love me less :(

Oh well, she's seen me when I was tomboy in middle school. I LOVE YOU NONNERS!!
Now that I know you stalkerishly discovered my blog... =P


That's him! Vinh Hua
My MUSE for my men's jewelry line.

I'm designing jewelry for a celebrity now ladies, that's right!!
Spoken Word Poet, Vinh Hua.
He's such a cutie pie too. Do check him out, especially you Viet ladies, he wrote a poem just for us!!

Love Poem to a Vietnamese Woman

love poem to a vietnamese woman

Vinh Hua

love poem to a vietnamese woman

I want to write a love poem to a Vietnamese woman,
mot con gai qua dep from Saigon or Hue or Quy Nhon
from Boston, New York, Austin, Dallas or Cali

A girl who hums Paris by Night to herself
who has heard the songs enough to sing them but still doesn’t know what the lyrics mean
A girl who fiends for pho sometimes like I do, and knows that all a good bowl needs is some love…and a whole lot of MSG.
This poem is for that girl,
learning English from the TV and love from watching Chinese movies
The girl that always falls for the bad boy that she thinks has a heart of gold
the same guy she always cries tears for

I want to write a love poem to a woman who won’t ask me ‘what’s that smell?’ when she comes home and finds out I’ve been cooking with nuoc mam
A girl who when I say anh yeu em
will remember all the cheesy sweet A-Z-N wallpapers
and will think about her hands in mine like those cute ao dai wearing Tet dolls on the internet

A girl whose nights partying till the sun comes up don’t even put a dent into 3.5 gpa
A girl who plays volleyball and soccer and will kick my ass if I’m ever stupid enough to hurt her
A girl who loves to shop but somehow says she hates to spend money
yeah right, that’s why she has me pay for everything
A girl who tells me she can’t help me with this poem about the identity of Vietnamese girls
because she hasn’t figured it out for herself.

I want to write this poem to her, that girl whose aunties read her palm and tell her that she will marry a man-boy whose eyes look heavenward and whose heart bleeds ink,
who tell her that she will love, love with a passion that rivals the brilliance of all the stars in the sky
Love with a strength of a monsoon moving mountains
Love with a strength rivaled only by her ability
to last.

A girl who knows what it’s like to go through the first generation blues
claiming Vietnamese pride even as she tripwalks through a white world
too bleached for yellow-brown skin to ever blend in
stepping into America when she steps off her porch
and into Vietnam as soon as she can hear cai luong and smell the sweet scent of sau rieng in the air

I want to write a love poem to a girl whose beauty is as heartbreaking as the history of Vietnam
as mysterious as the moonlight on Song Cu Long
whose hair is a portrait of star-filled nights in a homeland that I’ve never seen.

I want to write this poem to her,

The girl that knows that her parents act like they hate her because they love her
because their hugs and kisses and words of praise have been swallowed by legs that stand too long
and by shoulders drooping from a long day sanding floors
Who loves her parents, no matter how much they frustrate and fret over her
Loves their haunted eyes and calloused hands and their overbearing ways

This Vietnamese American woman standing with the strength of oppressed people holding up her spine
Their history etched into the lines of her eyes
and their song carried in every word that passes through her lips.

I want to write this to her so she knows I’m out there
A man-boy who knows how tired she gets of days when she and the world just don’t seem to fit together
when it just doesn’t understand.
I want to show her that I will.

A girl, a woman with the last name Tran or Vo or Vu or Ngo or Nguyen or Le or Pham or anything else that finds itself at home in my mouth
because in the twisting talk of learning English,
I’m beginning to forget the language that I was born listening to
the language in which,

I love you.

-Vinh Hua

The talented Vinh Hua, VinhTheKid:

This is his website: http://vinh-hua.com/
He needs our help Asian American ladies!! If you go to Projects and Product page, Vinh asks us to share with him our experiencs as Asian American women. Share your thoughts with him, and he'll create magic. I truely believe in his talent.

Straight from Vinh-Hua.com:

stuff you can do for me

love poem to an asian women series (as an ideal): in trying to explore the concept of identity, i’ve been trying to come to grasp with the fact that it’s very often small events that shape us irrevocably, as if we were sculpture and one small chip changes the entire composition.

as such, i’m asking that if you’re an asian woman, that you please email me a description of a few experiences that you feel shaped your identity as the person you are today. they can be long or short, but please be as detailed as you can. email them at vinh [at] vinh-hua [dot] com. as this can be sensitive, feel free to email me anonymously.

these experiences will be used to inform a series of poems about asian and asian american women.

why particularly asian women? firstly because ‘love poem to a vietnamese woman’ where i tried to explore the identities of vietnamese girls is still one of my favorite poems. furthermore, i’m hoping that by writing about asian women, i can separate more of myself away from the material and explore the subject more thoroughly. some of it is admittedly arbitrary. i kinda wanta write a poem to my momz and itll be part of this series.


I am proud to say, I'm going to be Vinh Hua's jewelry designer.
*Note* I introduced him to our world of blog, and he was in his own words: "trippy"
This is going to be a project for me, since I haven't explore my talent with men's jewelry. I'm going to focus on precious stones, and maybe darker crystals. AHH, I can't wait.

I think we inspired him greatly with our blog lifestyle of beauty, encouragement, and love for one another.


I am representing the The MSU Asian Pacific American Studies Program and they would love to invite Vinh Hua to speak at an APA Conference in the near future.

I will definitely keep you all update!

Love, DSK


  1. Firstly, I like the first business card, my ex has a consulting company and he explained the whole "simple designs speak louder" spiel to me too. On a second note, I DON'T THINK you are thick at all! I think you look beautiful! :) Sorry about the pimples, have you tried dabbing a little bit of toothpaste on them to dry them out? Last but not least, don't you love the jokes Viet moms make?! >.< lol

  2. I like the first one as well. bwt you should also try the Cibu -"Tsu Shine" as well, it like biosilk but way better!

  3. I've seen many korean girls getting L'Occitane before and I heard so much good comment about it. I am sorry that it didn't work out for you.
    Your bff's bf holding purse picture is so funny especially the last one lol.
    Me, I like the #1 design, it's simple but easy to recognize all your information :)

  4. Thanks! Good luck on your blog sale too, though sounds like you don't need it! =)

  5. My vote on the first design too!Haha I laughed so much with the answer from his mom! trust me most couples gain weight during a relationship!Its killing us women, im up and down all the time from eating outside!You look great!xxx

  6. the first business card looks more clean and professional, but the 2nd one looks more fun! but i don't like the empty space on the right side

  7. Girl I'm so proud of you for your jewelry! I personally think the 2nd business card is my favorite hun.

    You still look great girl! My fav thing of the moment is Ito En Green Tea (its unsweetened, but I've replaced high calorie sodas with it) and if anything, a bit of cardio every day. You can do it too hun. I swear I was the laziest mofo before and I love junk food so that combo was catching up. As for the pimples...try some emergency hydrocortisone cream hun. ;)

    Your friends seem amazing. The poetry is inspiring and just a wonderful thing too. Keep smiling sweetie & more good is bound to happen to you!

  8. congrats on the jewelry thing, that's big time!

    also, u aint the only one that gained weight... i gained 30 lbs too last year... blame it on the alcohol & midnite munchies.

  9. i like the first one better very clean and professional. and i love teh look youre rockin

  10. I like the first one the most too, like abby! Haha. The second one has too much blank on the right side... as if something is supposed to be there but it's missing. The third one's black is kinda weird. Just my opinion.. haha.

    I LOVE your hair is that photo, so pretty! LOL @ mexican....

  11. business card #1 (= very simple and professional

    #2 is creative w/ the icons

  12. Hello!
    This was a really long, but delightful post, sweetie! ;)

    I think #1 is on the serious side, whereas #2 is more "kittenish". I don't like #3 at all.

    Haha, you bff's pose is really funny and cute!

    See you!

  13. hi dear! i'm so glad you got the cibu stuff! wooo! ooOoOh and you sent something my way?!?!? awwwww, you shouldn't have!

    i actually like #2!

  14. i like #1!! :)
    I like the view through your window! It makes me smile for some reason...



  15. I like the very first one! easy to read and see what's going on

  16. i like the 1st card. hey we have the same cam! hoooray for pink cameras! :)

  17. that's a really cool poem there! Im not Vietmanese but it got me thinking :)

    i like no. 1 card :)

  18. I like the first card the best. It would also be cute if it was a pink background and white text. Still simple, but stands out more. =) Just a thought...

  19. These look really good. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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