February 2, 2009

Jennifer Hudson's Adorable Jacket!

Hey Ladies,

Jennifer Hudson sang the National Anthem yesterday at the Super Bowl..she was hands down: incredible. I fell in love with her jacket! I have no idea what style it's called (it's kind of like a penguin coat? since it tails in the back?), but I do know that it's super flattering! If anyone sees a look-a-like please please please let me know. I will be forever grateful ^^

Picture from: www.thesuperficial.com (one of my fav. websites.....) ^0^

Happy Monday!
Thank You
for all the nice comments, you are too kind (that's why I love you girls!!)

UPDATE ON J. Hudson's Jacket!
Rumor has it on the internet that it's an Alexander McQueen's or A.McQ inspired creation
I found this pic as I was searching the massive web
I wish I was a textile & apparel major!


  1. I <3 You too DSK! :D The jacket is really cute and very flattering on her.

  2. i actually missed her seeing the anthem!

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  4. LOL.. I had been eyeing her blog for days! lol I left my laptop on all night so when i woke up I could check straight away.. And i think I was one of the firsts to make a purchase :p
    Hehehe lucky too... Its my first MAC e/s
    yeah the wrappers are awesome.. we dont have anything like this in NZ... :p Was wondering if I could have your address... its valentines... and I was going to send you a little something from NZ to say thanks for sending me awesome gifts :p
    Hmmm there was something else I wanted to say... but forgot lol
    OH OH hope is it snowing where u are, I heard on the radio that ppl got snowed in :S

  5. That is such a killer jacket. Fierce and awesome girl!

  6. haha thanks :) i agree, i liked her jacket!

  7. yes that jacket is adorable!

    btw, yes only ONE toy LOL. i used to buy them 2, one for each but they would always fight over one or the other. they never play separately so i just buy one now.

  8. i was blown away by Hudson's rendition of the National Anthem, (lip synch or not); she has an amazing talent


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