February 24, 2009

Sneak Peak

The Shaw Hall fire alarm just went off as I was sipping some hot tea. I was so startled!
Good thing that I know that there is a fire alarm on the last Tuesday of each month. They can't trick me into going outside just to go back inside 5 minutes later.

Speaking of Shaw, I got a package in the mail today! It came all the way from Virginia. The beautiful Fuz sent me some love. She sent me...... PURE LOVE

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect 517 Clutch Pink!

(I model after you Fuz!)

AND Paul & Joe #2 Nail Polish!! My eyes lit up so big! (the Dior lipgloss package is so shiny!!) haha. Thank you Fuz <3 href="http://www.dskjewelry.blogspot.com/">www.dskjewelry.blogspot.com!
(follow me there to get the latest up dates on my jewelry collections)

Thank you to all of the sweet ladies who have stopped by & ordered themselves some sparkly crystal pieces because they saw it on Fuz's blog ^_^.
You're a great influence on all of us! :D

Random Convo with Oliver:
*Note Oliver & I had just gotten home from shopping @ Banana Republic, where I saw the most adorable trench-y style coat!
I tried it on too in that color & it was so cute, I barely own anything in that color, it's so bold!
I also have a coupon for 10% off...hmm to buy or not to buy?
AHH I just browsed and it comes in black too!
20% off this week on a purchase of $100 or more...

Back to Oli's Story
*Prior to our trip, he went to The Buckle, and bought MEK(?) jeans for $145
I swear...he can get sold so easily if the sales associate is a cute girl..SIGH dumb boys.

Oliver: ima shower and get ready
Steph: ok, look sexy
Oliver: of course
Oliver: and dance in the mirror
Oliver: with my new jeans
Oliver: hahaha
Steph: lol
Oliver: sike
Steph: LOL
Oliver: i already did
Steph: w/e, hahahahahhahaha
Oliver: and ima do it again after that shower

Basically, my bestie is hilarious..about 1 month ago, we drove an hour for him to pick up a pair of these must have 7 Jeans that he had been wanting.. He was so excited, and asked me if I every prance around my room with my new clothes on? I was like....no?

Apparently, in his room he has a really big mirror where he enjoys himself by dancing around with his new clothes on. AHAHAHA I love Oliver, he's so metro, it's great.
I've never seen a guy love & appreciate new clothes more than him.
But he's definitely a macho-man in the gym.
We're work out buddies since Sophmore year..took a break last year though!
It's definitely a Senior reunion @ the gym.

I learned how to do proper lunges..they hurt, but it's a good hurt.

I can't wait to start doing squats, I've always wanted to have a nice bum bum.
I'm so gonna be a "booty blogger" in 6 months! :D

You girls remember my friend Alex, right?
I convinced him into getting his
@ the mall!
LOL, take a look at his before, during, and after pics
Mr. Alex, he looks a lil creeper here with his stern eyes, but he's not, he's a big gentleman, and about to go on his second date with a girl he fancies, isn't that cute?
He has it all planned out...like 2nd date, 3rd date activities, some guys are so cute!
And I call these guys my friends (guys like Oliver & Alex), I'm so lucky *
He's a J.Crew guy, and gets a nice discount.
He wasn't enjoying it, his adam's apple kept moving up and down hahaha

Alex is my 3rd guy friend I talked into getting their eyebrows threaded.
Time to target new victims. muahaha


Sterling Silver, Swarovski Golden Crystals, Swarovski Pearls
(Yes, Swarovski Makes Pearls too!)

Hangs 2"


I've recently gotten back into wire wrapping, so you'll be seeing more fun dangly earrings from me :)

Sterling Silver Chandeliers, Swarovski Golden & Golden Dark Crystals
Hangs 1"


I was hard at work yesterday :D
New Crystal color from Swarovski, Purple Haze Crystal (the middle one)
better pictures on the jewelry blog tomorrow,
The lighting is too bad at night to take any pics.

Swarovski Peridot Green, Sterling Silver Ear Threads
8mm Swarovski Peridot Helix Cut Crystal
My last pair for the month of February



7" Swarovski Round Golden Crystals Bracelet Sterling Silver Heart Toggle Clasp w/ Sterling Silver Crimp Caps


Round Clear Swarovski Post Earrings

(They look really pretty on, because they're super sparkly, with no setting, just crystal)
I have them with Silver posts or Gold posts (since it is going to be the Crystal Golden Collection)


I can't wait to wake up tomorrow to get working on DSKJewelry.blogspot!

Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, and thanks for just being my friends


  1. Wow, your jewlery looks amazing! :) Yay for working out, keep it up girl and get a hot booty ;)

  2. I love to hate working out! I wish I had a full gym in my apartment... but I do have an elliptical I'm staring at 2 feet away.

    The pearl/golden crystal earrings are hyper-classy. I like them. Good work Carrotman! And I <3 the red checkerboard earrings you gave me for Vday!! Yay sparklies!

    I wanna maybe go get my eyebrows threaded with you sometime. My skin is so pale though... so I usually pluck everyday, does the hair have to be long?

    WE NEED TO GO ON OUR DATE SOON~ How's next week? Or perhaps Sunday?

  3. Yayyy you modeled, hahaha! I love that color on you, very pretty~ :D Glad the package made you happy, haha~

    LOL! Your friend Alex is too cute, planned everything out already?!! Hahaha, more guys need to get threaded that's for sure, hahaa!

  4. he looks clean after being threated great job ur a good friend haha =)

  5. Haha I can't believe your friend got threaded! I loooove the purple heart crystals!!! Aww, Fuz is so sweet, such great goodies you got! You're making me get all excited about my necklace with the previews!! XOXO, Bunnie

  6. wow. how do you convince guys get their eyebrows threaded?!

  7. Yay for booty blogger! hehehe...you know you can do it girl! The new collection is beautiful love. And the glue is just fine btw hun so no worries and thank you so much again!

  8. i didn't know swaroski made pearls too? i like that earring!

    yea big city is nice, but big city can be lonely too. lol.

    i was wondering, can you buy those crystals and stick it to cell phones and stuff? i know it's so played out by now, but i was thinking, it'd be cute to stick crystals on the HK haul, so you have your own Kitty Kouture without paying the big bucks! I'd totally bling out the lip conditioner, hehehe.. omg, i'm so tacky i know!

  9. Hey! Beautiful earrings! Gah I wish my ears were still pierced when I see such nice earrings, hehe. And how sweet of Fuz to send you love, the Dior gloss looks so pretty!

  10. Oooh the P&J nail looks so pretty! Damnit...I wish I got it when I placed my glow.com order last night T_T Dior lip stuff is sooo incredible, hehe! The Golden Crystal collection looks great! The necklaces are pretty and I loove the round post earrings! *_*

  11. girlie, those earrings and bracelets are BOMB!

  12. Wow what a difference it made on Alex! He looks more sharp and really presentable (well not like he wasn't before hehe) but definitely made a difference! My boyfriend should get his eyebrows done too! and WOW you're so talented! Your jewelry is so pretty! I love the earring with pearls! and also the heart chandelier earrings and also the bracelet! Man I hope you make it big! Your work is beautiful <3

  13. :::GASP:::

    i MUST have the first set of earrings and that bracelet!!!

  14. how gorgeoussssssss, and you take such lovely product photos too Steph! goodness

    and lucky for me my ears are pierced 6 times to enjoy all your earrings at once *puwahhahaha*

    and yes btw i have all my head bands around a poster board rolled into a tube (how ghetto fab) rofl

  15. puahahha i like how you dragged him with you to do threading!

  16. i know you know i love you~ hehehe (:
    youre the best!!!!

    eyebrows hey, i always feel i dont have eyebrows.. but its cool. good to be different hey? hahahaha

  17. Damn you Steph! I've been succeeding in controlling my spending but you make me want earrings now! Haha. I'll probably order from you again in a little while.

    Awww threading made SUCH a differenceon Alex. He does look like a creeper before, but such a sweetie after! =) My ex gets his eyebrows threaded every time he gets a haircut hahaha.

    Find a Gap employee! They get 50% off regular items now. Orr just buy it with the discount, and keep on checking back. Usually their coats go down $50+ so then buy the new discounted coat and return the old one ;). Well the new coat (with sales sticker ripped off), w/the old receipt.

    Awww you modeling after Fuz is so cute! That's so sweet of her to get you such great items!! =)

    I never left my dorm room during fire alarms Xp

  18. Wow! I'm so jealous! ;) Hehe...
    The color of the P&J nailpolish is sooo pretty, and your nails are so too!


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