February 17, 2009

Tasty Tuesday EOTD

Hello Baby Cakes & Sweetie Pies!

Today has been such a treat since I received a very special package that traveled all the way from New Zealand! This is my first time receiving a international package in my name! The guy at the front desk went to get me my package and was like, "Whoa, it's all the way from New Zealand?" I said, "Yeah, it's from a friend." haha I feel so cultured!! Thank you Jo Jo you made my Post Valentine's Day quite delicious!

[thanks Nu Nu Doll for reminding me that I'm on the world wide web ^^]
Definitely Tasty Tuesday up in this MSU 10 x 12 DORM ROOM!
SWEETS! CHOCOLATE! I definitely need to share all of this, there's just too much for just me!

Thank You Jo! Thank you for thinking of me on Valentine's Day. I feel loved :)
It really really really means a lot since my boyfriend wasn't able to be with me this year for our 2nd Valentine's.

You ladies should check out her blog..she's so cute! She was in a TV series & going to be in a movie..HELLO. The next NZ celebrity we have on this beauty blog. ^_^ Her blog is: http://jojos4eva.blogspot.com/

Betsy Johnson 7 Days of the Week SOCKS!
@Marshalls for $15.00
Aren't they fun? The quality is really nice too, I love it when I find good purchases at discount stores as Marshalls & T.J. Maxx

I love the Fliry Friday's prints haha so cute!
I really like Sunny Sunday's too.

Saturday Night is quite cool b/c half it is black.
I also bought 2 other pairs of Betsy Johnson for $4.00
& 2 Pairs of Under Amor for $5.00

I kind of needed new socks :)
The old ones were just embarassing to wear!! All thinned out, you know how it goes..

I know a girl through RSA (Retailing Student Organization) and she intern for Betsy last summer, and she says that woman is crazy. haha
We actually planned to meet her when I was in NYC last April on our RSA trip, but Betsy ditched us last minute. Instead we went into the house of Milly, which was really cool, she's so beautiful!
I never realized how much of a "sweat shop" environment a designer's work shop is..it's just weird. You see high end, luxury show rooms and hen behind the scenes in the next room are (mostly) Asian men and women seamstresses wearing flip flops w/ non-fashionable t-shirts...sewing and bringing these expensive Milly designs to life. I dunno.. it was quite a shock for me. The funniest part was seeing these people in the elevator! You see all walks of life sharing the elavators to get to work.

Anyhow, back to Betsy Johnson, the girl I know who intern for her..said she spent 50% of her time taking care of Besty's dog! HAHAHAAHA
I don't think she learned much aside from being around and catering to the ever need of a diva.

In EOTD News!
I'm still very much in love with the Castle Dew Daicut Eyes (9 colors) Shadow Palette. [902 -Planet Shine Star-]

I used a total of 3 colors from the palette, the soft light gold, peach, and the pink.
Lined with MAC blacktrack fluidline using a 1/4 Loew Cornell Angle Brush from Michaels.

I like to change up from using my MAC 266 Brush. The Loew Cornell is super soft and thin, so it glides on nicely. I grew up using the MAC 266 throughout high school, and I feel that at times especially when I forget to clean it after each use, it gets a little "scratchy." I love teh Loew Cornell because it cost like $2! And it's real goat hair! I used my 40% off Michael's coupon that comes every week in the Sunday paper ^_^ yay for being frugal!

Mascara: Maybelline the Colossal Volum' Express ( I like this one)

My face is finally starting to clean up, remember I had those 5 nasty boils of zits!

MUFE Camouflage Cream Concealer Palette #5 (DSK's HG)
MAC Studio Fix Powder NC 40 applied with MAC 187 SE (craving that standard which I just ordered!)
MAC Northern Lights MSF

On the lips: Nothing put Cherry Chapstick

I heart everyday makeup now..I wish my bf were here to see it! He always says I wear to dark of eye shadows.
I can't wait to meet him mom again now! LOL

Soft n' simple but with a dash of light sparkle ~

I bought Cover Girl Lash Blast in Very Dark & Lash Blast Luxe in Cabernet today, I can't wait to try them. Lucky me, Target had Special Value pack! I'm pretty excited for teh Lash Blast Luxe, it's new and I heard great things about it. It comes in 4 different colors, I think the base is black and it has shimmer. I picked Cabernet because I have a red tint to my hair or at least I like to think so... =] I do know it comes in Platinum & Emerald too, I forgot the other one.

I'm sending one to my sweet Aussie sis Sandy because she has been my xanga sister forever (yes, I have xanga..or used xanga up until I started blogging ^_^)
Random, you might be thinking right now.
DSK Explains. Keep Reading!

Vinegar's Story: I live in Michigan. It snows in Michigan. I walk to class in Michigan. My boots get ruined in Michigan. The Michigan salted side walks ruin and stain my Uggs as well as every girl's Uggs. I was in class last week after we randomly got 4 inches of snow out of no where, and my friend who sits next to me in class, her black Uggs were SUPER CLEAN! I had noticed the day before that they had white salt stains on them, just like mine.


She said, she just uses vinegar and water.

I was thinking, that's what my mom uses on her hardwood floors..HMMM

I call my boyfriend to tell him the SECRET.

He said, hunnie that's like the universally cleaning agent.

I am still very curious because I do not know how much vinegar + water = this secret magic solution.

Week after the week (which was yesterday in class - LOL) I asked:

I ask..exactly how do you clean with vinegar and water ...?
She says..oh just put water and some vinegar in a bucket and soak a small cloth/towel (wringing out the excess solution, naturally) and clean clean clean.


And that is why I had Vinegar in my above "haul" ;)

STRAP PERFECT [as seen on TV]
Might I add.
wtf? You say??

I felt like that girl in the infomercial was me..the one with the strap showing when wearing a tank top in the summer time!!!


DO NOT BUY IT OFF THE WEBSITE, it's only $9.99 at Walgreens in their aisle #8 where they keep all of their As Seen on TV merchandise...how do I know this..b/c I couldn't find it and had to ask a sales associate...glad it was a woman.

I'm not going to lie..it does everything it says it's going to do. IT DEFINITELY LIFTS. I was suprised by the extra support (b/c it pulls your strand up, so if you don't like the extra tug/lift, lengthen your bra straps a bit for a more comfortable relax feel)
It came in a 6 Pack. I have no idea why they give you so many, but I'm only going to keep 1 set, and hustle the second set if anyone wants them $4.99, e-mail me nguyenst@msu.edu

It also came with a box of 24 pcs of Apparel & Body Tape..whatever that does. LOL
I don't even know how to use it. What do I need to take on my body??
I'll give you 1/2 of the body tape too. ;) ::winky face::

::UGH:: My bf just called, now my blog posting concentration is so off. Now where was I...

Oh yes!
LOL, I told him about the strap perfect and he said he saw the infomercials and was going to buy me them. LOL, he ALWAYS gets me stuff from the TV.

I have 2 freaking Ped Eggs b/c of him.
Ped Egg works also..coming from daughter of Nail Salon lady. It works.....
Feet must be dry when using. I love the thing. I gave one to my dad and he loves it too..he's always filing his heels in the living room..randomly.

I don't mind randomly getting presents, but I get so mad that Minh pays the TV price, when you can get all the stuff for 1/2 the price at any As Seen on TV Store!!

On to Strawberry uncrustables..
I haven't had one of these in TWO WHOLE YEARS!!
Our school use to give them to us as an option for takeout (I have a meal plan).
And they stopped having them my junior year and I just forgot about them, and was sick of them because that's pretty much all I would eat from takeout asides from fruit & cereal.

I was at the grocery store today picking up Vinegar..and I SAW THEM ON SALE!
A box of 10 for $6.49.

I was a little bit uncertain about buying them because I know they're kind of bad for you, but I asked my friend Alex (who is a health nut), and he said it's not that bad, and he says even he craves a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich sometime.

Speaking of Alex, lol, he's a video I taped of us video chatting last week.

In case it doesn't show up, here's the link to Alex:
*Please disregard my annoying voice, I can't stand my hearing my own voice, that's why I rarely post videos of myself. It's just too hard for me to bear rewatching. cringe.

*Note: My bf doesn't like my voice..he says I hang out with too many boys that I talk like a boy. Vulgar & blunt and he doesn't like it. He also doesn't like the fact that don't speak with a Vietnamese Hue accent like my mom. haha his mom and dad asked me the same question..
What's up with that? Anyhow..I accept myself & my voice!! So he needs to stop hating on my sharp tongue. =P
I'll talk like a lady when I have to!!!!

But Alex is pretty funny, and he's not gay. Also, disregard his excitment for being on "gay cam"He's studying to be a doctor, and he's quite smart & capable & single & speaks Hebrew ...shout out to all the single ladies (for Alex).

He's also the first born..and was a triplet but he was the only one strong enough to make it. He's quite proud because he's the "strong one"

I actually went to a IEEE Conference with him last night. It's an Engineer thing..our friend was the Chairman and put the event together so we came out to show our support. They raffled of a laptop and 2 iTouches. I was pissed I didn't win!! I was there for 2 hours as the photographer.
My SLR came back in time for the event (had to send it out to Sony b/c I broke it on accident), it must have been fate!

Those pictures will be posted as soon as I find my cable to upload! lol
Then you can see Mike, he's tall & rich & super smart & put on this really big event for the Engineering College at MSU. ^^ haha, they laugh at how I described them on Facebook.

I'm just trying to hook my single boi's up!

In other daily life news, I had to give up tutoring a student because I just don't have the time.
Especially in Retailing, there are a lot of group projects, and it's the 5th week of the semester now so final projects have started. I have 3 teams to work with on different projects so those after class hours are dedicated to meeting with my groups in the library. I feel really bad for the guy but I told him that there are plenty of free resources such as the writing center at MSU, and even at the community college he attends, but he's not interested. He prefers a one on one experience. I hope he finds one soon.

On a happier note, I bought a L'Oreal Dual Pencil Sharpener because I didn't have a sharpener big enough for my Anastasia Go Brow Pencil. I wanted to wait to get the Anastasia brand one from Sephora the next time I visit (closet one is 1 hour away) and I didn't want to buy a $6 item and pay $$ shipping. I just couldn't wait any longer!!! I got this L'Oreal one for $2.49 and it works super good..i'm so stupid!! LOL I should have gotten it earlier.
Oh, I also tried the L'Oreal Carbon Black Telescopic liquid liner, and it's not bad. It doesn't get messy like some other ones I've tried in the past.
I'm just playing around with drug store goodies because I have no life. j/k. I have a life that's why I use makeup! :D

Keep Blogging Bloggers!

Happy Wild Wednesday now since it's 1AM Michigan Time ^_^
Sad that I set out to start my post at 10:14pm, and had a bunch of distraction and just finishing it now.

Stupid boyfriend, jk I love him.

I love you hunnie! 1 day down and 2 days to go!



  1. OMG that strap infomercial is funny. I always see it on and my bf always tells me "hunny you should get one." LOL Now that I know I can buy it at Walgreens, I wanna check it out. I always thougght it looked silly..but for $10, why not.lol

    If lifts? Oh hell ya! hahaha

    I love those socks! *high five* I love a good bargain!


  2. lmao. Oh Steph your voice is not annoying at all! It's very cute! MY voice on the other hand is annoying... Oh, and I think you should blur out your address on those pics... There are crazies ya know. Last but not least you advertising your guy friends is awesome. NU NEEDS AN OLDER WHITE GUY WHO WILL PUT UP WITH HER. Oh, and those circle lenses look sooooo pretty on you!

  3. Those socks are so cute! Btw the invisible tape is very useful. It's like a secret weapon in Hollywood. You know all those dresses where you wonder how is that actress not flashing someone or how is that staying in place - Invisible Tape! Just tape the shirt or dress or whatever to your bra or directly to skin and no embarrassing flashing moments.

  4. Wohooo! its arrived! Sorry it came late... They told me it would arrive on time... but I guess NZPOST isn't that great.. lol

    Thanks for the mention :%

    hope you like the chocolate... I tried to pick out ones that would represent NZ :p
    Hope I can do this next year :p

  5. cool new goodies! and pretty EOTD!

  6. haha.. u're so funny with the vinegar as part of your haul.. =P

  7. Colorful socks are always fun! lol i like to show them off when i go to my friends' place

    By the way, your friend Alex looks hot and fun!

  8. i love betsey johnson!!! i never met but u can just tell that cougar is crazy!!! her clothes/designs totally represent her!!!

    what a dealio!! $15 for cool socks!! Hello!!! i want one!!!

    yes MAC brushes do get scratchy...BOO!!! i love Loew Cornell!!

    and honey i love the FOTD!!!

  9. you gotta do a quick review on the lash blast luxe. i've heard good things about it, but i'm still skeptical about putting glitter near my eyes.

    those stap things are cool. i saw them on tv too! when you try them, are they really comfortable? cuz i feel like they might scratch up against the skin. I saw them at my CVS and i've been dying to try!

  10. (I just typed out a lenthgy comment and it disappeared...)

    So basically what I said was:
    -I received my package yesterday with the necklace and earrings. Thank you, I love them! Took a picture, it's on my blog, but the picture sucks and can't see the pendant.
    -I've always wanted to try those bra clippy things. Infommercial claims it's supposed to make you appear fuller.
    - Body tape. I assume it's helpful for thoe draped tops that fall off your shoulders, or too low in the front of back.

  11. Yay DSK new post! :D Those socks are adorable.. makes me miss Asia, so many cute cute cute socks for dirt cheap!!! Hahaha.

  12. Steph! (=

    your voice is not annoying, wat r u talking about...

    you should do a skincare regime one day, your skin is flawless!!! or maybe you did, i should go baq to your old posts =)

    i'm wondering what's your secret on how to get rid of the '5 nasty boils of zits'!

    just random, i can do my thumbs backward, too...lol

  13. Omg that strap bra looks awesome? Can I buy them off you or do you mind buying a pack for me and I'll pay you for that and shipping via Paypal? I live in Canada and we never have any of that stuff! =(

  14. Your entries are so cute! you have everything from makeup to vinegar and all sorts of interesting stuff about your friends. hahhahaa. whOoaa does Alex have any tips for trying to get into medical school??!! It always get my attention when someone mention medical school or anything with "doctor" in it..just because I envy them soo..=( but anywhooo, those betsey johnson socks are the shit :DD

  15. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  16. I've been wanting a strap lift for ages! I'm glad to hear it works!

    BTW, I'm from WA, too! I was just at the Ross in Northgate, and they have Betsey Johnson stuff there! I dunno if there is a Ross where you're at... When we lived on the Eastside, I used to shop at the Ross in Issaquah and at Marshalls off 148th. 425 represent! LOL! :) (I still have a 425 number, so I can say that. LOL!!!!)


Thank you for your comments!