February 12, 2009

Weaving Skills Anyone?

I haven't gone to sleep since yesterday. =/ I pulled an all-nighter for an exam, which turned out to be super easy. I don't really believe in staying up all night to study b/c a good nights sleep is always #1. But I just stayed up to the point where..I couldn't fall asleep. I spent my sleep time and explored my beloved Swarovski crystals obession.

Aren't these critters cute? Unfortunately the cost of materials alone is already $25-$40. Tigger materials cost $39.99...SERIOUSLY?! That's not including the time you spend creating it. They just sell you this little kit, which comes with a WEAVING SKILLS REQUIRED warning.

I'm a sucker for cute trinkets, and I actually do own one of these little Swarovski Crystal accessories. I have a CHICKEN! lol. I paid $27 dollars for him pre-made of course. Every time I look at him, I wish to myself that I would take the time to learn how to make one.

Unfortunately..this is an expsensive hobby in my standards. I really want to try, but I just don't know if the time spent is worth it. I think to myself, would anyone put out the $$ to make one theirs?

Are anyone of you interested in taken on this craft with me? Let me know.
I'd love to have someone to learn with!

I'm really considering investing in kit to learn to make a heart, I figure once I learn how, I'll be able to be control material costs better. I really feel like I'm paying for the instructions, which I could probably find online,but what about the stringing material, is it a special kind? I have so many questions that I keep asking myself. I feel TIME is the biggest factor that is holding me back considering I'm a senior in college..balancing 17 credits, an internship, a research assistant position, and as of last week a job as a private writing tutor. It leaves little time for my jewelry (& blog stalking you all BACK!! =P) , which I could spend ALL day doin'! ?_?;;

I want so much to create beautiful pieces, and take professional quality photos to share with all of you, as well as to build DSK Jewelry.com. It's just been pushed to back of the list of things to do, sadly. I haven't yet shared with you my elaborate pieces, the pieces that I get comissioned to make for aflluent ladies (who get their nails done at my mom's salon) :D hehe.

There is this one particular bracelet that I am aching to recreate to share with you. The level of my skills have develop greatly over the last 3 years. I've only brought to market my simplest pieces at low price points because I know all of you would rather spend good money on the latest makeup collection.

I'm a stinker, but I adore Swarovski.com..and check this out,
Picture taken from Swarovski.com
Please visit their site and look at all their creations, so are thumbs up others are thumbs way down.

Does it look familar to you? lol 500+ % retail markup + Brand.

Swarovskit sell their products to many retailers in wholesale: Swarovski Elements Crystals. Their main enthusiast jewelry artisans, like myself, but they lower the number of facets, or cut of the crystal. If you notice, their pieces are almost always 100% exclusive. The real thing that bothers me about them is that use base metal chains. Its fun for me to go into a Swarovski store and have a conversation with the SA. My bf thinks I'm mean for asking them so many questions. LOL, if you've been into a Swarovski store, you know that they're very eager to please. ^^

Anyhow, what I'm trying to get at is, I can make most of the pieces Swarovski makes using Swarovski crystals at a fraction of the cost. Just let me know if you ever want anything, and I can help you design and create a similar piece.

Blahh..this was a weak post, I'm brain dead.

Time for some Korean food..haha I was so annoyed with these Korean guys in my dorm this morning (note: running on zero sleep) that was a little bitter by their WHINNING VOICES!!
Nobody cars about your luxury car that your daddy bought you! haha



  1. omg...the pink poodle is so cute..!

  2. ooo weaving -- i've always wanted to try that!! i've seen the kits around from time to time.

    I think the only one i got around to making was an angel... LOL. It takes major patience!!! goodness!

    and im glad you got your turtle safely hun. I'm working on new patterns and things so hopefully by the weekend I'll have some new cute things to post up and share with everyone!
    thanks for supporting my lil habit/hobby though! it means ALOT!

  3. I can't weave, sew, or make anything that required intricate skills... xD But those are adorable. I got some as a gift from my aunt in the past, they're cool!

  4. Hey Steph!! I got the mail package today... and I got to say you are such a sweetheart!! Thanks for the note + card and yeah, I do love your homemade wrap!! LOL. I'd love to learn how to make those little trinkets too.. the tigger one is soooo cool. Hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day!! <3

  5. aww this is so cute! i love doing crafts but i always do something wrong and then i get frustrated.

    i realized you left me a comment lonnnnnnnggg ago. sorry i didn't reply sooner. my sister is selling her platinum necklace because she doesn't wear it much. she has 2 babies and they yank & tug leaving no mercy for any piece of jewelry lol.

  6. i need some time to do some crafts! i use to do paper stuff :P

  7. I used to be crazy bout this jew' thing last year cos I wanted to have mickey mouse one. But after I've tried to do it....I quited after 5 mins. haha so hard for me.

    Wish you the best luck! hope you enjoy it!

  8. oooOooO I made a rabbit with a carrot when I was 15... But I was taught by a huge bunch of adults who were teaching little kids at a school in Hong Kong...
    We went crystal shopping in HK, is much cheaper... hehe I want to make a heart :p

  9. yep, my relatives did received the earrings thanks again!

  10. i remember i did get a weaved keychain or something a few years ago and the girl told me it was real easy to make... i'm hopeless in crafts lol...

  11. oh lovely i really like beading! looks like we got more than makeup in common girl!
    i posted some simple weaving for hair accessories instructions on my semi beauty blog recently if that helps!

  12. Hi Steph,

    I've nominated your blog for a Triple Award:


    Please collect your nomination on my blog.


    Jamilla Camel


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