April 12, 2009

Plain Jane

Basically..all these pics are going to look THE SAME, but in different colors ^_~ cause we love colors!

DSK's LOTD after being crazy and drinking mojitos all weekend.

Status on my dorm room...??

Soooo...I'm still working on my room cleaning..
MAC Bubble's Lip Stick!
I likes it lots
I love my hair cut, it's not as high maintenance as some hairdressers will tell you.
If you're thinking about cutting your hair, I encourage you to!
I love changing my look, and a drastic hair cut is definitely a change
Black and white, like Vin Diesel!
I'm still thinking about the man...& Minh, together touching each other.
I'm my favorite color har har har
Lavender Whip, I have a few left, if anyone wants, holla!!

Was blue because Alex was gone this weekend..
I'm nothing without my cute ass-istant!

Minh's words: "Stephanie is so transparent"

Same pic, I love this pic!! GO SPARTANS!
I love the lip color, seriously...
Shin Ramen in the background!!

awwwww, Minh's on the phone with me, (speakerphone)
Minh: "hunnie, I wish you could wax my eyebrows for me :("
Apparently he got an ingrown eyebrow hair and is complaining about.
Close up!
I love this glow-effect on picnik.com haha
I'm addicted.

I decided not to sell this baby..it's going for $50 on EBAY.. SERIOUSLY? It's ALL MINE MINE MINE, cause I'm greedies.
This is how I start off all my video chat, ;)
Ppl are like WTF.
I like to abuse Minh with mean faces.

Someone's getting CHUBBY-IER
HAHA the boy eats subs just like his wifey!
haha..5..4..3..2..1...I'm gonna get a phone call from him.

EDIT*! This bum of a man right here eating a sub, just told me he got a Visa Black Card...
He was like the girl at the bank said it was a really hard card to get, but I dunno..haha



She decorated the box lovely with tissues!
Green & White MSU colors..well Teal is close enough!!

Thanks you Jen, also she ordered a Black Heart Necklace!! Who wants to see a pic of that?
It's MAD sexy & her idea
:9 I think they're hinting something haha

My Lashes!
I bought a fruit bowl to eat :D Yay!!

What you're missing if you're not following

The smaller version of Wuzzy's earrings
Pretty Pink, Swarovski Crystals & PearlsSwarovski Crystals & Pearls
What should they be called?Copper Swarovski Crystal Wuzzy's!

Heart Set $35
Heart Earrings $20
They're after ..mi lucky charms!!!

(Owning this bracelet is the gateway to DSK VIP CLUB)
-Benefits include:


  1. you look good as a purple person :) the new photos of your jewelry look great!

  2. steph, you always make me laugh! man i wish i have that many fake eyelashes! :( im getting addicted! i like the lucky charm bracelet! once i get money ill prolly order one! so i can be loved by steph :) hahaha

    and the mac hk makeup bag, i kept it for myself too, haha!

  3. Love all your picnik photos! They turn out so much nicer then mine!! LOL!!

    Haha... "ass-sistant"! Now if your boy Alex had a brit accent.. *sigh*..... LOL!

    Oooh... look at the Wuzzy Minis!! EEP!! And I'm still lemming the Star Threads in Black! MMMM..... Dang you Steph!! Making me want to spend money!! GAH!!

  4. Omg all those falsies..! -grabs- :) Wait till you see the parcel I am workin on for you... muahaha You're gona loveeeee it!

  5. OMG..
    ...so how many pictures of you do you have now? only..43280564738953729 ?

    Not too bad yet. LOL

    MOJITO & Fruit Bowl !! ahhhhhh <33

    You look pretty in all those pictures! And soo nice to see Minh =)

    love youu!

  6. i wanna see a pic of that mad sexy necklace :DD

    you're so cute steph!! <3 i love you in white. makes your tata's look HUGE! hollaaaaa~

  7. That lucky charm bracelet is just so prettyyyy!!! :D So sexy! :D

    Btw, you are sexy! Love all your photos. So cute :) and wow you have so much lavender whips. Yummy!!!

  8. GasP... now you got me thinkin'
    BLACK HEART SET... would be gahhhhh-geous....

    and leave my penis whip cream froth alone you perv.

  9. love your posts! Theyre all fun & entertaining!

    you got me wanting to chop my hair off again but it took me 2+ years to grow it back! i had it just as short as yours and it was quite sexy & fun!

  10. OMG THE LUCKY CHARMS!! I so want them!! I am so broke right now though... lol. I need to wait two paychecks, then I swear it will be mind. Hehe.

    Love your pictures! I am very jealous of your camera. The fruit bowl makes me really happy, lol. I'm so happy fruits are starting to taste like they should again. =)

  11. hmmm, steph- is lavender whip worth the hype? i know a lot of blogger girls + youtube girls say it's a must have... but i dunno ... i already have fashion mews. :)

    so much cute jewelry ... must resist until next paycheck!

  12. ok officially lemming the damn charm bracelet!!! ahhhh..you're killing me steph!!! whyyyyyy :[..i'm going to be broke this month cuz of you!! lol siiiike :]..i love supporting DSK

    gaaad is minh a baller er what??..geez freakin black card? are you kidding me?!?

    you look super faboo in your pics..ok i think this comment is long enough

    byeee dearrr/lovaaaa

  13. OMG love the bracelet. anddd the Bubbles lipstick looks great on you. it was very scary on me when i tried it on at the store. (i have tanarama which is kinda like the gold version (vs. the silvery flecks bubbles has) and i liked that but...idk now i wanna try bubbles again! lol. maybe it was just cause i was wiping off and trying like 6 different lipsticks that day.

    look what u do to me! LOL.

  14. I loove those earrings of yours! You're oh so talented! Keep those pictures coming because I think they're adorable! Eye candy! hehe I'm doing great btw, how are youuuu, Steph? :) XOXOXO

  15. This haircut is fab!I love playing with photoshop too but I'm still too embarrased to post my posy pictures hehe!Glow effect is so pretty!

  16. Love the hair, the jewellery, your pics--woman, get a chat show NOW!!!

  17. Hey steph! I got your package! I think it came in on Friday but the fiancé didn't come into work so had to wait til today! Thanks for little treats! Can't wait to see it! Oh, I love ur pix! So pretty!!! :)


  18. OMG woman! I'm stalking your blog when you left a comment at mine haha. I need the P&J serum too!

  19. hahaha lol benefit to buying that bracelet is love by you? I already get that though! muahhaha =P You're soo cute! OMG my bubbles lipstick came in today!!! well it came in a while ago but I finally found the package in Chris' room LOL I really like it...BUT I think it washes me out a bit? =( I also got lollipop loving!!! I really don't know how I should wear these lipsticks! They're so pretty haha x_X I also got some shadesticks! Man i wish I had a camera I'm thinking about taking my bf's blackberry and taking pics of ALL the packages I got!! OMG I got A LOT of stuff! haha <33 I miss you!!!

  20. Love all your random photos! I like how you can make such an entertaining post out of randomness!!! xD Need to learn.

  21. Gorgeous pix! Love your new stuffs!
    Lip stuffs looks gorgeous too :)
    And very very very pretty make-up bag :)

  22. i just love your eyeshadow colors on these pics! so pretty!!

    lol my mistake is "i look forward to see you" i think i forgot to mention that in my post cuz i was soo overworked on the correct grammar haha

  23. grr steph! you need to list prices woman. i feel annoying when i ask you for prices lol.

    i love your lotd! it's your best yet imo.

    btw, i just sent out your package today. IM me and i'll give you the tracking code. <33

  24. Hey Sweetie! I'm interesting in MI Lucky Charms. How much does that go for?? P.S. How much are you selling the Lavender Whip for? I'm somewhat interested, even though I'm not really into lipstick. LOL...

  25. you are so eff'n adorable in your pics ! you're good with photoshop too. unfortunately, i only know the basics. i'm still learning lols. we should video chat woman ! but no, you're too cool for me. which is whatever. ;)

  26. I love, love your haircut and since I'm bored with my hair yet again, I've been interested in getting something like you have..Do you have thick hair? My hair pisses me off and i'm trying to figure out if this cut would work on me..thanks!

  27. yummy fruit!
    lol you and your bf are like twins haha

  28. You are such an interesting creature! I ever tell you you amuse the hell outta me? haha

    Nice present!!! <4 the MUFE glosses!!

    I dislike waiting lists! Quit with the temptation, esp when I can't get any! blaah


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