April 24, 2009

Home, Sweet Home

It feels good to be back home, it's been a few week since I've seen my family.
I went to Ferris State University this weekend (2 hrs from MSU) to help my RL (real life) bestie, Jennifer a.k.a. Beeyoutiful7 with her very first blog sale. We're all moving out soon since the college year is wrapping up. She has a lot of beauty products that she barely used if used at all. It's just in her nature to buy and try (based on reading all of your reviews). LOL

She had a lot of good stuff she wanted to let go. So visit her first ever BLOG SALE!

Ferris was awesome. I haven't been back there to stay in 2 years!!


DSK is going to update tonight, hehe I'm back at MSU. 2 weeks and counting!


DSK Jewelry, Love

I love it, nothing but me and my round nose pliers =P

Btw, I've reached 200 followers, which I just noticed hahaha.
Since Jennifer is having a giveaway. It's only cool and totally BFF if I have one myself.
I'll plot it tonight. Also, I'm not nice like Jennifer. I'm going to make you do work for it.

Jennifer is probably thinking..wtf Steph, it's a giveaway. Well.. DSK is going to have a GIVEAWAY if you make a video barking like a dog, or something like that. HAHA jk. I aint that cruel. It will be something grand.

Just you wait!


  1. hahaha you're funny.
    Oh yay a giveaway!

  2. I love the necklace! Have you ever made jewelry for the opposite sex before?

  3. yay! I look forward to your giveaway =)
    congrats on getting 200 followers!

  4. hahaha steph you are evil!!! =P You'll probably make us all sing a song to you or something! Like what I did for your bday haha <333 j/p!! It was fun =D

    Congratulations for hitting 200! Man I have 32 subscribers and I even think that is a lot!!! ahaha x_X

    Today I bought the heart chain from fusion bead!!! and right now I'm thinking about a lot of crystals haha x_X and I'm trying to look for metal headbands you know any sites that might sell them for reasonable price?

  5. It's so cool that you and jennifer are bff in real life and blog friends haha :)
    Congrats on 200 followers! Can't wait for the giveaway~

  6. steph, i would actually bark, LOL no joke

  7. ooh that bf/gf looks really pretty!!! i thought it was for giveaway hahaha..Ü

  8. barking like a dog?? awww.. hahahaha.

    the necklace pair looks awesome<3

    yaay for advertising for jenn's blogsale, ahaha. she better be selling tons xD

  9. *WOOFWOOF* LOL!! Do I win! Haha! J/k!!

    Glad you got to go home for a spell! And help Jen out! Pimpin out each other is what we do when we have sales! LOL! :)

    Congrats again on getting into Law School!! Good I can hire you as my lawyer next time I get into trouble! LOL!

  10. how do i go about ordering that gf+bf crystal!? and can i get that on a silver chain? oh and the price! sorry im a newbie!

  11. got! i just saw the Clear AB Heart Necklace so i think ima get that. but not til friday. would that be ok?


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