April 21, 2009

I Really Need to Stop..

LOL, you girls all know Alex! Mr. Threaded Eye Brows.
(also comment whore..)

He's also my Personal Assistant, undocumented haha.

I just feel like embarrassing him and putting him on the spot! (Oh, I have video footage..but that's for another day..) haha, of him cooking chili, and random video chats sessions).

He has all these crazy stories..let me tell you a few.

-A photographer (old man) recently told him that he was "easy on the eyes," kind of creepy..

so that's our joke now.

-A gay guy at a random party asked Mike who Alex's parents were b/c they wanted to thank them for creating such a beautiful Alex. AHAHAHA, there was more to the story..but it's too gross to talk about!! Actually, I'm going to tell you. The creeper gay guy said that he would love to meet Alex's dad so he could polish his helmet as a thank you for creating such a beautiful man. AHAHA... OK, who got that?

-His best friend is Mike B. who is OVERLY proud of his new Blackberry Storm, LULZZ
(see pic)

-Alex always says LULZ, I used to think it was annoying, but he rubbed off on me so much because we spend so much time together that I find myself over using it now too! We spend like 2 minutes out of our day just saying LULZ back and forth and cracking up.

We seriously are always laughing..it's almost unhealthy! You should hear his laugh,,it's one in a million hahaha

(I was eating a healthy carrot stick)

-Alex's studying to be a Surgeon, he comes from good genes, his momma is a doctor.
We seriously always laughh, it's weird, but everything is hilarious to Alex!
-His little brother is cuter than he is.

-He only wears one pairs of jeans, and those are Nudie Jeans..they're like skin tight and apparently they fade over time and that's a cool thing...(they look poor to me!)

-He loses and gains weight SUPER SUPER fast..one day I see him and his jeans barely fit..and his balls are all showing and shit. Then the next day..they're like loose on him. AHAHA

-He cannot taste. He can eat WASABI without a tear. I was in shock!

-We might go eat crazy sashimi tomorrow at Sansu cause it's 20% off for students!

-He's always helping me out with the jewelry Biz..also future DSK Model. We're going to spray tan him dark, and make him take off his shirt and i'm just going to lay DSK pieces all over his body. AHAHA, he said he's in on that one.

-He'll probably read this and yell at me for mentioning his balls.

-We video chat at least once a day, even if it is 5 seconds haha just to say random things or to ask him to take me to the post office, or him telling me to come over to have a healthy dinner with him and Mike. I guess it beats our phones. I can't wait till we can video chat on our phones!

-He yells at me for eating unhealthy goods, and tells me that I lie to him when I report what I ate at that day. (he's like my health coach)

-He used to be a chubster in high school...hard to picture right? LOL I GOT PROOF!! But I won't embarass him and show you girls.

-Alex is 20, haha suckahhhhhhh (I'm 22, so I'm kind of his role model HAHAAHAHA jk)
Overall, I'm just proud of Alex for being so easy on the eyes and a gay guy's fantasy.

And, Minh is really grateful that I have such a great friend like Alex who help me with everyday tasks, like moving heavy things. =]

By the way..sorry ladies, I'm not match making him, he has a girlfriend. They've been together for about a month, and me, Mike (and the rest of the population including Alex) knows that he deserves better. Poor kid. I know you'r reading this so go pursue that one hot girl you know that I alway talk about!!!!!

We're such 5th graders.

Who's is longer?!?!?
Alex win's this one..weirdo. He also has stretchy skin, one of these days I'll have to pinch and pull his face to prove it!



  1. hahahah your personal assistant is so cute! and i LULZ'd at the balls thing.. HAHAHAHA.

  2. alex is a cutie!!! :D you do deserve better alex. you deserve me! haha jk.

  3. and uh

    HAHAHAHAHA about the polishing helmet thing.
    i lol'd but forgot to comment about it somehow.

  4. You guys are too funny! Steph you crack me up! LOL!

  5. lol he is too cute to be true! haha!

  6. haha personal assistant.
    it's so funny to see your reactions on the top of the picture hhehe

  7. lmao nice blog entry Steph. ily

  8. you just made me laugh all througout this post!! gotta love ALEX...and you of course <3

  9. his tongue is frigging long.....

  10. Dude, it's not cool to show photos of hot guys who are not even available! :P

    Hahahaha, you guys are cute.

  11. I have to agree with Fuz.


    He does deserve better !!

    2more days and you're here!!


  12. He's only 20? Damn...
    I was "LULZ" at your distorted face in the first couple frames. hehe. What's happening there Steph?

  13. Your distorted face scared me O_O!
    hahaha. Comment whore!

  14. Is it really 20% off Sansu tomorrow!??! I wanna go! I have a gift card from Christmas I haven't used yet and I'm almost graduating!

    And also, my tongue-length owns yours and Alex's. It's a marketable characteristic. I should put it on my resume.

  15. omg he is easy on the eyes ;D haha I would date him if I wasn't with Chris shhh!!! Don't tell him!!

    And wow he's only 20!?!?! I thought he was a little older...Well not saying he looks OLD but...Just a little older haha don't hurt me alex =X

    And omg! hahaha he gets hit on by gay guys LOL >_< that must suck =X I think my boyfriend got hit on once...I couldn't stop laughing at him lol =D

    He's so cute <3

  16. omg he's so cute hahahhah.. does he have a hot OLDER brother? i don't want to be a pedo!

  17. I agree with the girls, he is a real cutie! hahaha

  18. Omg, he's so cute. LOL. I want a friend just like him. You're luckyy ahaha! =)

  19. Ooh he IS a cutie! How sweet of him to help you out. :)

  20. LULZ! hahahha

    I have THE shortest tongue, you lucky folks!


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