May 3, 2009


I originally posted on my b/c it was jewelry related, but then I was like...I reached 200 readers on this blog, not the jewelry one...soo I'll post this here too hahaha,

BUT READ FINE PRINT NOW LADIES, **please leave the contest/giveaway comments on the DSK Jewelry blog!**

OR ELSE FAIL!!!! jk, I'd prefer it in one place, thanks!

Also, if my DSK Jewelry blog reaches 200 followers, I'll do another giveaway, and I won't make anyone bark like a dog!! Just straight up give away jewelry =P

So here we go!!!!!


I'm graduating May 8th at 3pm, Bachelors of Science in Retailing, Specialization in Asian Pacific American Studies from Michigan State Unversity. (I've probably announced this at least 500 times already on blog, but I'm just way excited hahaha)


And this will be the necklace I will be wearing ^_~
I have a special for anyone who is interested:

Please E-mail with Subject Title: GRADUATION!!

18" 18k Gold Plated bf+gf Necklace for $25 + Free Shipping in honor of my COLLEGE GRADUATION!!! Also, watch the videos to find out what else you can get! + =P

Plus, Lychee & Peach Jellies!! My favorite snacks ;)

I love you bloggers!!

In Honor of My Graduation!! A DSK Video,

You likes?

I likes!
Chomsiri's Design!

DSK's GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, my girl Nonners, aka Whitney, aka Whit aka Blue Bear aka Known This Girl My Whole Life aka she has a twisted sense of humor (like me! hahaha)

Mrs. Cleanest

She also kind of looks like Katy Perry, haahaha
I also picked the most flattering picture to post of her LULZ
We also spent like a total of 24 hours together this weekend..after 4 years of only seeing each other 4 times. hahaha friends for life.

(Thank you for your love and support, I can't believe I have 200 people who care about what I do, well actually know that I exist, har har har)

^^ that's pretty freaking cool!! ^^

Contest Closes May 15th
, 2009



I was also tagged by another Whitz post a picture of me right now, haha
Kind of a fun tag! I tag everyone to do this cause it's fun!!!

Rules: Take a picture of yourself RIGHT now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture. Load the picture onto your blog. Tag some people to play.

Don't know what look I was going for, but that's what I look like right now,
btw, I will never let go of my Guerlain Mascara!!! NEVER!!


  1. Hahahahah shout out to ME. My cool-points just increased exponentially, I can already feel it.

    I don't know what you mean by twisted sense of humor. Stop making shit up. If you don't I'm going to napalm your dorm room tonight. I'll have the real Katy Perry webcam with you while I'm gone, and if I hadn't told you these plans you would have NEVER seen it coming. But now you know. It's coming.

    WAIT, that's the most flattering pic of me? I think you mean the most "accurate," because I truly am just a scared vampire.

    I had fun with you today. Let's see each other more often from now on!

  2. I bet you anything everyones filming your entry rite now LMAO!!!

    WOOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOOT for the giveaway!

    CONGRATSSS on 200+ followers!!!!

    LOVE YOU!!

  3. i barked just for you, LOL

  4. Of course you have 200 followers! We all tune in to hear what you have to say! LOL! You make me smile Steph!! Seriously you brighten my day with your posts! :)

  5. ooo there's two whitney's nowwwww!
    what what!

    anyway- gimme that mascara NOW or I'll RIP it outta yo hands! lol

    great giveaway idea... oo la la

  6. I heart the bf+gf graduation necklace!!!!!

    Probably said this before but congrats on graduating! You totally deserve to opst that 500 times, it's definitely something to be proud of! You'll be so fab.

  7. hi sis. how's you? i miss you heaps.
    hope you're all fine :) xx

  8. HAHAHAHAHA you're too funny!!! Peach and lychee jellies! they're like.. more important than the necklace. Hahaha.

  9. i am in love with the butterfly necklace to match my butterfly tattoo. haha do you make it in gold shadow and clear ab? haha am i sensing a custom order in the making? i'll make it official on payday.

  10. omg you're graduating so soon!! this friday!! congrats girly! =) ps i heard my friend is working on the website for you now! i actually told him to buy a necklace from you for his gf... did he? =)

  11. you must be so excited about your grad tomorrow!
    the mascara looks so sleek.
    i think i should just hire mrs cleanest to clean my room hehe

  12. OOOOOH YOU started this tag! Hahhahahhaa. I included my mother's day photo. hahha =P

  13. I want a makeover by you steph:) Your so amazing:)


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