May 7, 2009

Finals Week Look

My last final is today woo!! @3pm (and I have 2 friends in my class taking it with me)

This has been one of the longest weeks of my life! Let me tell you haha.

::Minh's currently napping in my dorm room's Twin XL bed covered in a light pink comforter. SNORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG::


My look of the week (finals week) ;)

Trying to look as sane as possible before submitting my final independent study project

The face can mold into different looks this week, b/c it's natural tiredness showing through!
Loving that hair

College Stress..bye bye!!

Final's Week hair is like no other week's hair, it's just extra texturized from stress!
My eyes were really tired from little sleep, they get kind of droopy haha
It's like an effect you can't get any other time in your life but finals week!!

Graduation is tomorrow! I guess we get to sit with our friends (in the department) how fun is that? I probably should have hung up my cap and gown so it won't look all wrinkly..hmm oops!

We rented a pretty big cargo van from enterprise yesterday for about $65 and moved allll my assets back to my parents house in Grand Rapids, about an hour away from MSU (East Lansing).

Now we're final is at 3, and after that I think I'm peacing out of my dorm room. :D


  1. good luck on the last final exam!!!

    wooooot! happy graduation!! c'mon, let's party here in cali. hehe =)

  2. Yay you're almost done! Good luck on the last final.

    Love the hair too. haha.

  3. good luck on your final! can u believe you're graduating? is it surreal? it would be for me!i wouldnt know what to do with myself!but i guess you'll still be busy, with preparing for law school and DSKjewelry, huh?(^-^)

  4. woohooooo grad is tomorrow! good luck on your final today :) and good luck waking up minh hahah! I NEED YOUR PARENTS' ADDY!! D: grrr.

    love your hair ;) texturizeddd.. too bad you look so sad.

  5. Congrats babe!

    You are done SOOOON


    We must celebrate !

    I love you and good luck today!!

  6. Ahh I'm so jealous you're done. I have finals the week of the 18th (we get out so late!) but I'll only have like 1 or 2 that week, alot of professors give them early so they don't have to deal with as much lol. Yay summer and law schoooollll!!!

  7. Yay!! Almost there! I think your hair looks quite sexy~

  8. Woohoo, your graduation is SO close! Good luck on your last final today, girl!

    Btw, I posted up the Gf+Bf Crystal necklace on my blog! Did I mention how much I love it? :)


    You will do brilliantly.

    In fact, I never looked at good as you do during my last finals week!!

    Congrats on paying your law school deposit!

    Love the hair!

  10. lol your hair reminds me of sexy bed hair instead =P lol GOOD LUCK!!! and yay graduation day tomorrow!!! congrats <3

  11. yay steph! you're almost done! (or probably already done!) congrats!

    and you got your man sleeping on your pink bed...with your talking hello kitty? ;p

  12. I cant wait to see the photos!!
    Good job girl!!! you still look super cute even tho you are exhausted!! XD

    Im working on your kawaii hair things right now!!! :D

    have fun tomorrow~!

  13. yayayayaya CONGRATS ON GRADUATING CHI!!! Ily<3

  14. YAYY! ur graduation is getting close! u're almost there :] even tho ur hair my look crazy i think it looks pretty sexy :D hahaha

  15. LOL babe your pics are soo cute... love the third one. You look so evil! =P

  16. congrats girl! its so exciting! my sis is graduating next week from NYU. what are your plans afterwards?

  17. omg i cant believe you're graduating tomorrow! im so proud of you! and man you look tired :( BUT you'll be all smiles tmr! good luck on your finals!

  18. i like ur short hair! i think i wanna go back to short now..

  19. Aww after 4 yrs in you dorm room it's time to part ways! LOL! Did you leave your "mark" in there?!

    Congrats again on Graduation! 4yrs of hard work paying off! IT's a good feeling I bet!! :)

  20. Congratulations, darling! You deserve the best! I know you'll do wonderful at Law School as well! Don't ever stop blogging, please! :D

    Your pictures are uber adorable, like always! :)

    XOXO <3

  21. I love the hair! It's like a laid-back beachy look. My hair always look crazy like that and I love it that way xDD Aaaand I never get enough sleep cos I stay up late. I dunno, everything seems more peaceful at night. Glad your exams are over :) Yaaay ^___^

  22. OoOoO la la~

    sexyyyy <3

    dang, even with all the project, presentation and exams, you still look good !!


    Tomorrow is your graduation !!!!

  23. Congratulations, Steph! Have fun tomorrow.

  24. Yay for no more college stress! haha...enjoy your graduation ceremony! and congratsss!!!
    I love your hairdo for looks very volumized, haha :)

  25. Aww, congratulations! :D :D :D

  26. Awww Minh's with you?! awwww


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