May 26, 2009

Hair Extensions by DSK

Ripley's Believe It or Not! I tried my hand at making clip on hair extensions! They turned out very successful :) I am so proud of myself! I did prick myself about 7 times total, each time yelling out a "shit," "f*ck", "damnit"!! haha

And the process goes like dis........

I bought #4, 18" 10o% Human Hair by Sassy (found at Sally's Beauty Supply)

It costs about $55, with clips, and hair, the lady gave me $3 off cause Sassy is on sale this week

:) Asian Blanket!!


Oh, and of course juicy gossip magazine and gum for breaks.
It's really tiring making these things! Sewing is hard!! LOL

I made two sets, with some hair leftover, not much about 3 inches wide

I sewed on 5 clips ~ so it will be secure!

the color doesn't fully match my head of hair, the lady picked out a color for me and I trusted her...hahaha oh well. I guess I will try again!!

I'm debating if I want to sell these puppies, I spent a good 1 hr sewing them with breaks hahaha crewing gum and reading gossip.

How much would you pay for a set of clip on hair extensions?

$35, any takers?!

or you can buy (above) and DIY! :)

SWEAT BLOOD AND TEARS went into making (haha do you really want them)

Hair Extensions by DSK


You can dye them too since it's real human hair (fact by Nu Nu Doll who has lots of experience with extensions), but I'm too lazy, so if this looks like it matches you

Wearing 1 set
It's more brown than I hoped for, tomorrow I will take better pics with them on, it's dark out now, and I didn't do my makeup.

My new cell phone thing came!! $9.98 Ebay


Flower Power Collection
Coming Soon.


LOL Old Video of me any my lil sister after Thanksgiving Dinner 2007!!


  1. i paid $80 for my 18 inch ones that i bought from sally's. they had the clips sewn on them already so it made the job easier :P but ya reminds me i have to go wash them!

  2. wow, very impressive that you made your own extensions!

  3. wow. great job on putting those together. i have never sewn in clips to extensions before. i usually ended up buying already made ones. those are great i'd take them off your hands, but i dont even know what color my hair is anymore, lol

  4. damn! hahaha. that's pretty nifty looking :D and such a pretty brown! maybe i should dye my hair that color, ahaha.

  5. wow i've never had extensions scared off them cus when i was younger, my older cousin told me that they get hair for the extensions from people that just died...and they might come back looking for it..LOL

  6. HAHAHA Sarah! I thought about that too !!

  7. aww too bad it doesn't match you! I miss you and your long hair!!! >_< hehe I don't think I can mess with extensions I already have problem doing my own hair LOL

  8. it seems like your day was a bit of an experience =)

    love the last picture.


  9. 35 would be a nice price the ones at sallys beauty supply are about 60 or more dollars


    they're the euronext brand and i love them! i've had them since march and still no complaints. i wash them depending on how much i wear them, maybe once every other week.

  11. LOL at the face mask!

    idk how to sew to save my life so i cant sew the clips to the hair myself. good job tho! i like how theres brown and blonde :P

    i like your cell case. my just died. i have to wait about 5 days til the new one comes in. insurance! :D

  12. nice sewing job! and you could mos def sell those extensions for more than $35!! my hair is about 12 inches and WHENEVER i go out to the west/south side, i ALWAYS get ofers for my hair(aint that crazy?), about $80 for my ponytail(and i been thinking about it too..since my hair grows fast lol)

  13. wow~ That's a lot of work to make a full set of hair extensions by hand! You are so good at crafting things^^

    Face masks are <3~~~

    And OMG I love your phone skin thing!! I love to play poker~~
    I even had a poker scrub top made by a co-worker to wear to work on free Friday's XD

  14. holy moly! Aren't you a talented one! =) How long did it take you make them thangs?

  15. Woah! That's so cool! And omg, so excited for "flower power!"

  16. I'd buy them just to see what I'd look like with really long hair again, but my hair is back to dark dark dark black, lol

    ooooh which sheet mask did you try there? :)

  17. are you gonna go back and get one the same color as your hair? it's such a waste! maybe try dying that one yourself so you can use it.

  18. ahaha good job!! You're so inventive and smart.. making your own hair extensions :D
    I like your phone cover thing, it's so cool~
    ehehe and the sheet mask! x)

  19. OH WOW! Hair extensions!! So talented DSK~ I know a lot of ladies who pay big money for hair extensions haha. Your price is definitely right!

  20. u save so much sewing ur own! and its so easy!!

  21. Jewelry AND hair now huh?! LOL! Looks pretty decent in the pic!

    Perfect phone cover for you!!

    NomNOmNom... CLarice!

  22. I made extensions last year, but barely use them. I need use use more clips. I only used 3 and it wasn't really stable :(

  23. wow..u made ur own hair-extension..thats really gr8 of u..
    it made u luk really pretty..n luv that color..!! :)

  24. that's so cool how there's DIY hair extensions...but i don't think i'd have the patience or skills to do it..great job tho!

  25. I dunno why but the "100% Human Hair" on the packaging creeped me out! xD

  26. WOW, you do everything you are like freaking super woman haha

  27. OoOoo.. cute ! awesome job ! I tried once last year & I got irritated after a while.. HAHAHA !


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