June 28, 2009

Scene Hair Sighting & My Latest Obsession: lanaindianna!

Hey Bloggers!

I'm going to tell you and show you my latest obsession right after I tell you a little bit about my 19 year old little cousins Ryan (his birthday was this past week ^_^)

I was driving Ryan home, and these two girls pulled up next to us, and they look at him all giddy and smiling. Our window was rolled up. Ryan goes,

"You girls need some DSK Jewelry, it will make you look prettier"
"If you wear DSK Jewelry, I will date you"
"But I will only date you if you are a follower of DSK's blog"

~Cousin Ryan

HAHA, the things that came out of his mouth made me laugh sooo hard!
Ask my 16 year old little sister Julia! She was in the back seat. LOL

I love my cousin, he's hilarious!! We went to Sonics last night for some ice cream ^_~ and had a great time just hanging out. He lives about 30 minutes away from me, so it's always fun when he's over. We were really close when we were little kids.

Since Ryan spent the whole day & night at my house, he met up with two of his (girl) friends, and they came over and I was in WOWWW, they were sooooo cute! Two tall, blonde, "scene" girls, with "scene" hair! LOL, I'm not sure if you all know what that is, but Nu Nu Doll, I know you do! ^_^

The Scene "Hair Cut"

(photo taken from google image search: "scene hair")


Here's a picture of a "scene girl and her "scene hair" or sometimes called "emo hair"

The strip of hair she has that looks like a racoon tail is called "coon tail" LOL
Just google it! Then you can see all the creative scene hair styles.

(photos taken from google image, lol sorry girls that I don't know your names!)

What a beautiful hair culture!

I am still in awe at my cousins two girl friends that were in front of my eyes yesterday!!

I feel so old...now, high schoolers look sooo different from when I was in school! They all have this haircut, and all wear tight jeans. LOL, not that I'm stalking the high school or anything..but last month when I would pick my sister up from school. I made these observations myself! I even texted Nu about it!!


AND now.. I must introduce you girls all to Lana of Youtube!
I found her last night through Msfililocalola who entered her Giveaway Contest!
She was giving away a Prada bag (same bag that was in Devil Wears Prada)..a Brand New Dell Mini..and so much more!

Lana's Christmas in June Contest

The contest ends July 1st; I cannot wait to see her lucky lucky winners!
I was SOO shocked when she said that she's 53 in one of her videos!!
I wanna look as youthful as her when I turn 53, shoot I wanna look as good as her when I turn 40!!!!
She's a flight attendant, and has the nicest legs I've ever seen in my life!!!!

Watch her video on her "Christian Louboutin Collection"
She's just a sweet person, and it's so cute when she models her shoes!!
LOL, and she's indifferent about haters on the web too!

Lana's Christian Louboutin's..My Addiction Video

She's such a beauty role model!
I've been trying to watch all her videos ^_^
And you should too!

I love you Lana!!



  1. Your cousin is hilarious! And he made that out of nowhere! He is GOOD! You could modify it a bit and make it your blog's slogan or something ;p

    Oooh, the scene haircut is very out there! I don't think I can see it much at my place haha

  2. LOL what a good cousin you have!

  3. i love scene hair. i never have the guts to do a mullet, but maybe one of these days. eh, but i get tired of styling. blahh. but i love it, you should try it out.

  4. Haha that's cute of your cousin to advertise DSK like that haha!

    I discovered Lana too from MsFili! Did you see the tour of her house? OHEMGEEEEEEE. I was totally surprised when she said she was in her 50's too! I was like NOOO WAYYY.

  5. lol he's a subliminal adverstisement! lucky you hahaha : )

    & yeah the tattoo is big. i was kind of nervous but it didn't hurt. it actually felt pretty soothing lol.

    & wow prada bag giveaway : O

  6. Aww your cousin is so cute!♥

  7. haha. how cute is ur cuz! and yes lana's hilarious! been a fan of hers for couple months now. =D

  8. haha sweet cousin of yours! How clever! And I love scene hair! <3 yay!

  9. LOL Your cousin is so funny!

  10. scene hair! i like those hair, lol!

    and the girl is 53?! she doesnt even look like it!

  11. LOL! I don't think my cut is too far off from scene hair! There are some similarities. Haha try getting a proper job with scene hair and makeup... :P

  12. You're cousin is hilarious! But a great promoter for sure! LOL! I soo know what you mean about the hair!! It's soo trendy and coo! But I feel like I'm way to old to be sporting that shit! Oh well!

    Wow Lana doesn't even look like she broke the Mid 40's! Let alone 53! That's some good ass genes or some kickass skincare!

    Got my Pegasus yesterday! EEP!! I'm soo in love!! Now I can do my entry for your giveaway! ;)

  13. i watch her videos tooo!! but somehow i lost her link! but now i'm glad to have it back!

  14. Dude, I feel way old when I look at high schoolers. Back in my day, we wore baggy everything.

  15. Actually, that coon hair style is popular with low-income women in their 20's in the UK!

    Those videos are GREAT, lol!!

    Hey, I'm 51 and I SWEAR by Prada...must be something in the leather ;-)

  16. ohh my gosh.. scene hair + coon! i was looking at that a few years ago.. well.. not the coon, but the style. it was kinda interesting.

    that woman! talk about SKINCARE! dang! hahhaa.

  17. OooOH! Kind of reminds me of that Kat Von D look. I think I just miss long hair in general.. *sigh*

    Christian Louboutin collection! *GASP! Loooovveee! If only I was baller enough to own a pair..

  18. Forget cosmetic surgery & expensive face creams..DSK jewelry is the key to looking beautiful!! HAHA!!

    I love Lana!! She is freakin hilarious!

  19. *scene hair* is just a fancy terminolgy for 2000's MULLET, lmao... but shewt if EC likes it, then I'd do a hot mullet. rofl... jk

    *applies aquafina*


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