July 16, 2009

DSK Blah Blah Blah Video

I made my "first" video in my Santa's Workshop!
Sneak Peek of my DSK Lux Post tonight ; )


  1. those bracelets are GORGEOUS!!! and yummy gummy bears!!! I got a lot earlier... my favs. are the green ones. hehe.

  2. You're so nice to your sister! I want a netbook so bad, but I'm still bebating whether or not to get one

  3. You should deff. start making jewelry that is more like the pearls, harder to copy, but it really displays your pure talent. <3 Yay for my Chi!

  4. pretty bracelets :)
    was fun lookin at your workspace :)

    can't wait to see your website :P

  5. those are def gorgeous steph! HOT BUYS fo'shooooooooooo!!!! ima put like 5 on one wrist! ;)

  6. Sparkles Workshop more then Santa's Workshop! LOL!

    Ooooo... Look at the LUX!! Dang!! Haha! Sprayed your toes!! Dang you got all your stuff out there now! :) You need more elves! LOL!

    Haha clothes and all!! Should I start sending any packages to THAT address now?! LOL! haha Steph every vid you do is exciting and makes me smile!! :D

    Lightbox is cool!! Your sparkle is gonna BLANG with that! You do whatever you want to do! LOL! Cuz EVERY DAMN THING you put out makes me want to spend the $$$ I don't have! LOL!

    Haha!! 'CHEESE' LOVES those HAIBRO Gummy Bears!! That is one of his fave things in the WORLD!! We once bought like 2lb worth of it and dumped it all into a big tuppleware for him. GONE in like 3 days!

  7. such adorable bracelets!! that room is just FILLED with boxes. I can only imagine how many gorgeous creations you got coming up. The DSK Lux is so cute <3

  8. the jewelry is super pretty :) you've got talent chi =]


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