July 21, 2009

MAC Lashes

I dunno why, but I love this 30 second MAC promo!
I've only owned 1 pair of MAC falsies, $13 (AHHH) which I splurged on while I was on vacation in Seattle. There was a wait at our restaurant (Blue C Sushi) and the MAC stores just happened to be across from it (University Village? Near University of Washington). All you Northwest girls know what I'm talkin' about. I had the Makeup Artist put them on for me too (it's free). So yeah.. then I showered with them on like an idiot and ruined them. haha ...then I threw away the case which is even more heart breaking because I learned (from Holly) that I can Back 2 MAC it!!!

Enjoy the video! & I'm also thinking about making a jewelry line in honor of the upcoming MAC collection (it's almost all black) according to my sources (aka Nu).

I think I could definitely pull together a few pieces that I think would define that collection well. I'm thinking Sterling / Swarovski Black Heart Stud Earrings. Oooh, and also a Bumblebee Collection (requested by my friend's lil brother for his gf! How cute, right?)


  1. You threw away MAC lashes!! Girl, I'll clean and save my cheapie Ardell Lashes..... Probably b/c I'm a broke a$$ hoe...

  2. Wait what?! Black Heart Studs?! Are you trying to tease me?! And MACs having a black collection?! What?! Wait lemmee watch the vid!

    LOL!! Oh... It's for their lashes!! LOL! Cute vid though.

  3. aw... sucks how your mac falsies were all ruined :(
    i didn't know that u can back2mac the case! :P

  4. i swear mac eyelashes are way overpriced and arent even that good!
    i got 2 pairs and honestly, i prefer ardells or something thats like $2 over mac...

  5. very nice promo :D my bf can do stuff like that too! hahaha we could set up a DSK vid promo thing.. just come to caliiii :)

  6. I never owned any MAC eyelashes. Ive seen some at the CCO for $7 something :) It looks very nice though.. :)

    I didn't know you can B2M it! wow!

  7. MAC should pay you for doing jewelries to complement their collections really :p

  8. I wish I knew how to put on falsies :(


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