August 25, 2009

Best Place to Buy a Diamond (Dedicated to Minh)

There are quite a few articles about Costco Diamonds vs. Tiffany's Diamonds (Engagement rings).

Costco's quality is just as fine as Tiffany's but you end up paying $6,000 more for the same ring from Tiffany's that you could get at Costco. I'm perfectly fine with a ring from Costco ^_^

Costco & Sam's Club are my two favorite places to browse jewelry. I skip over any jewelry store you see in the mall (as I used to intern for one of them). Their business practice is just sneaky, and 500% markup! Employees are the only ones that get a great deal. Real life example, my friend bought a pair of earrings from the jewelry store she worked at for merely $17 with her employee discount. This same pair cost the average shopper: $200. LOL

3.01 Carats, VS1 Clarity, H Color.
Costco Price: $52,999.99
Value: $76,580

I'd settle for this one. My aunt (who's in the diamond business in France) wears a 3 Carat
..and I loved trying it on :P

Even though I wouldn't mind a 4 Carat (as 4 is my favorite number)

I was born on 04/04/87 at 4:40AM

So hunnie, I know you're reading this, 3 Carats +
You don't want to look bad in front of your friends now do you? :P


  1. beautiful ring!! you have very good hinting skills.. ;)

  2. 4 is my favorite number too! and I was born at 4AM!!! But different time since you're older. hehehe. yeah.... I should post something like this up for my hunnie and tell him 3+ caret.. I'm not going for anything else. I told him I wanted pearl with the ring too. hahaha. He's said "no money no money" lol. I know I know, still young but still nice to talk about it and the guy doesn't run away! hahaha. or at least I hope not physically and mentally. lol.

  3. i agree with your saying of jewelry stores. my ring and band together costs about $1500 which i can care less about but i know that it's really not even worth that much.

    the cool thing about sam's and maybe even costco is that if you have the reciept, you can return it! this man returned a ring he bought his ex-wife from sam's club 10 years ago and got his $10 grand back. He walked out with 2 big screens and a few other goodies! lol i worked at sam's for a while so everyone was amazed.

  4. OMG Steph, you crack me up. I was reading the title of the post and it just made me smile when I read "dedicated to Minh. I just thought when I was reading the title "Best place to buy a diamond," I thought you were going to let us in a jewelers' secret. Ha ha, call him out, because now everyone expects nothing smaller on your finger than a 3. Love it!

  5. sooo cute! perfect way to hint!! :) Yes that ring is gorgeous, and it doesn't matter where its from, as long as it sparkles with his love!! :)

  6. LOL. Way to call him out!! Hahahahaha - I need to learn from you. =P

  7. lol youre funny. if i show this to my bf he would just tell me want a diamond ring or furniture for our house? UGH!

    btw i love everything about costco from the food samples, cheap food court to the awesome deals on everything :)

  8. haha, I love how you're oh so subtle Steph! LOL
    But oh my if Minh gets you a ring like that (or something even better) you're one lucky gal~! ^__^

  9. 4's my favorite number too =D

    I got a 1/2 carat engagement ring but I loveeeeeeeeeeeee it!!! OMG. I want a 1 though. I dont think I could handle anything bigger than a 1. I have extremely tiny fingers and I bake so anything more than that would just get in the way lol.

    Now I want my ring to get here already!

  10. how funny, i saw a report on that on the news a few weeks back. that's a beautiful ring, i need to check out some cushion cut ones :)

  11. hahahahaha! steph, you crack me up! i love your hint to minh! if only i could be so direct. i'm not allowed to talk about marriage as it pertains to myself and the bf. :(

  12. i actually hated working there! but it was a hell of a workout, lifting all the bulky items. i hated working there because my supervisors were assholes and racist. UGH.

  13. Haha!! LOL! *HINTHINTMINH* LOL!! To funny Steph. But I totally agree. Everytime I'm in COSTCO the bling catches your eye! And hey, if it's the same or similar quality, I'd pick the cheaper one!

    I'm not too picky. Right now the ring I have is a shard of a diamond set in pave heart style. BUt I have tiny hands, so a small ring suits me! LOL! So I keep telling myself!

  14. lol i was just talking to my sister about this the other day. i agree with you that it doesn't matter where the ring comes from as long as its a good one. and the jewelry store employee price vs. shopper price is just ridiculous.

  15. *hint*, *hint*!!! lol, you crack me up!!! Costco is where its at!! My GPS got jacked (in my driveway, left the door unlocked) and I searched like crazy for a new one. I got one at Costoco for like $200 and its the lastest Garmin with 100 features & bluetooth!!! I totally forgot to check their first. Oh I also got a Berry Smoothie :) $1.35 :)

  16. Ooo cool! Would you pick quality over quantity though? It's definitely worth the trade off!


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