August 18, 2009

DSK Blah Steph

For the past 3 months I've been pretty blahhh.
Living at home really makes me lazy, lol.

I wake up, work, eat, sleep, wake up, work, eat, sleep, repeat.

New tasks for tomorrow..

Go to Michaels use 40% off coupon!!!
Go to Sam's Club ---pick up bubble mailers & a hot dog, haha jk, but it's only $1.50! + drink!
Go to Costco --visit my favorite ring
Go to Joanne Fabrics use 40% off coupon!!!
Go to Target --pick up a CD
Go to Workshop --work 6 hrs (that's my daily now)
Go to visit my lil niece : )

I got a request to do more necklaces, so I will be working on those & photos.
I have a lot of new crystals that I haven't even touched yet, but I definitely need to find them a home! The less weight I have to move to Seattle the better! Please help!

The Average Steph, LOL
But will less eczema!!!

I don't take much time to do my makeup anymore. Not like when I was at college. I miss that : (
I used to love love love eyeshadow! Not a day went by when I didn't have a new look.

I really am hating my hair, the bob cut is not me, lol
I am to lazy to style it! So it just lays flat after I straighten, haha I will never let you see what it looks like unstraightened! I look psycho. Especially in the morning : )

I really want to make an effort tomorrow and do my hair, and post about my new favorite drug store makeup:

Revlon Color Stay Foundation
Revlon Pink Pout Matte Lipstick
Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner

LOL, basically lots of Revlon!

Maybe I'll see you tomorrow? ; )

Lately to me..DSK Jewelry > Makeup

But how can you blame an Asian? ...crystals are mesmerizing!

Minh also showed me another place...I wish we could afford this NOW

This joint is around 2.5 mil, lol
Minh called the owner today and left a message, we're going to get more info tomorrow.
The place we currently want to rent is making us wait too long!!!
That one is a 700k home 4 BR, 2.5 Bath...700k ---2.5 mil 5 BR 4.5 Bath!!!!
I'll take the 2.5 mil any day!
There will be 4 of us living there : )
I hope it's reasonable!


I'd so buy it when I win the Mega Million......or Minh Millions lol
I don't mind staying at home, making jewelry, and popping out babies.

Have a great night!



  1. Have fun with your new tasks tomorrow! That house looks so pretty! Cant wait for your gorgeous necklaces =) Miss you!

  2. Makin jewelry and poppin out babies huh?! Minh better know what he's in for! LOL!

    Can't wait to see the new stuff. And good luck with the move again!! Hope you guys get the house you want. Either way with you there it'll be BALLA!!

    And you look great!

  3. Popping babies lolz sounds very fun ;)
    The house is super nice! I love the stairs, it would be nice to settle down there :D

  4. Hahaha popping out babies!

    Heyy girsss should not rely on guys missy! Miss inbdependant woman and all that!

    Loving hte house tho its gorgeous


  5. there you go showcasin' that house again.... might as well sell ur first born! LOL i do love that stair case tho. its classic.

    glad to see you busy, it turns me on.

    btw, its an excellent idea that you wrote a list. usually writing and sayin shit u need to get done out loud helps. good luck!


  6. *droools* that house is amazing.. those stairs.. i could go up and down on them all day. hahaha!

    and darn you michaels.. they keep me coming back with those 40% off coupons that only last a week so i HAVE to go every week. =S

  7. I think I want this house as much as you do now!!! IT'S DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!! PERFEEEEECT@!!! love the stairs, the kitchen, the walls, the architect of the house! EVERYTHING!! I WANT IT! until i see 2.5 mil. OMG...when will i ever afford such a house........

  8. staying home, making jewelry, popping out babies.

    i'd like that too!....if only i made jewelry! haha.

  9. staying home, making jewelry, popping out babies.

    i'd like that too!....if only i made jewelry! haha.

  10. A lot of us wants that kind of life :) WIFE WITH SHOPPING ALLOWANCES. I just wish we'll have a cook too because cooking + cleaning is so not my thing! ahahaha! :)

    Beautiful house! Million worth! WOW! I wish we can buy our dream house soon :)

  11. That is a beautiful house!!! I cant wait to see more of your jewelry even though its mad for my debit card! :/ I tagged you for a photo tag if you get bored too!!

  12. The house is gorgeous!
    I like how you decided to visit your favorite ring lol that's super cute.
    The life you described sounds so fun..
    How many babies are you going to pop out?! haha

  13. you look very pretty. i like your bob. it looks very nice on you, trust me! i wanna get a bob too..


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