August 30, 2009

Moving Update

Hey ladies!

I've been spending the past few days with Minh : ) I don't let him leave my sight. I also have him working for me at the workshop organizing my crystals, and taking out the trash. lol

It's been 5 months since we've seen each other last! Time flies, I'm blessed to have my DSK Jewelry and all of you girls : ) It didn't feel like 5 months at all! haha harsh, huh?

I wanted to make a quick note about the Aquafina Chapsticks, if anyone of you girls want to try it, let me know. I'll be moving Sept 19th, so I won't be able to get anymore from Meijers.

They're $2 each, or a pack of 3 + 1 (total 4) chapstick + lip oil for $5
So let me know! It's a really great product, so look for it at your local grocery store!

Now time for Minh's Creativity

He came up with this necklace, how cute right? He named it too
I think he wanted to call it Sparrow giving birth or something dumb like that lol



  1. This necklace looks so original! I like the crystal shape!
    Nice stuff!

  2. yes! That Aquafina lipbalm is the best lipbalm I have ever tried! Thanks for introducing it to me ^^

    and how cute that Minh is designing your jewelry as well :) You both are very creative :D

  3. I am so excited for your move! The next time Jamal and I are in Seattle visiting family, we'll be sure to visit you and Minh too!! I used to work at Paccar in Bellevue when I first graduated from college!

  4. Haha Sparrow Giving Birth! LOL! Tell Minh great job on the creative front for this gorgeous necklace! :)

    And 5months already! Dang girl!! You and Minh are troopers!

    Didja see my twit about the Aquafina chapstick?! LOL! It's def my #2 HG lip balm now!! LOL! Sorry #1 still goes to BurtsBees

  5. Hello Stephanie,
    YES i have love for DSK!! I really enjoy your blog and jewelry!! Thanks for dropping by my blog, im glad you found me! Sorry i took so long to comment you back, life has been chaotic...hence my blog's name haha. But i am definitely following you girl! Keep it up!

    Good luck with moving, where are you moving to? I will def have to give Aquafina chapsticks a go soon! Thanks!!

  6. hehe, sparrows giving birth...boys are hopeless at thinking of cool names! It's so special, really cute necklace!

  7. No more aquafina :( lol It's okay because my evil plan of getting Andy addicted to it too has worked, so he's going to buy it in bulk right through the manufacturer. ;) And damn is Mr. DSK creative! Yay for him! 5 months?! Holy shit Chi, I flip out when its only 3 weeks. haha. Love youu.

  8. Way to go Minh for being creative : )

  9. Sparrow giving birth XD lolz I like that name a lot you should let Minh does the naming for your creations ;D

  10. I love the sparrow dropping egg!!! lol, that's what I'm calling it :)
    What the heck is Meijers??? Is that where I need to go to find that lip chap? I think it's illegal in CT :(
    Actually I should ask Holly if she's seen it hiding somewhere in this state!

  11. Omg i have fallen in love with your jewelry. you are so creative and your jewelry is beautiful.
    You have a new fan for life.:)

  12. How cute is Mr. Minh? I think it's great that he contributed to the creativity and money makin'!

    Ya'll should make up a happy, "I make jewelry" dance. Record it.


  13. I love the Sparrow's Egg necklace. Pretty thing.

  14. necklace is so cute! how about the name Sparrow's Clarity props to Mr.Minh!


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