August 21, 2009


I received the two My Pretty Pink Boxes I ordered from the August Sale, about 2 weeks ago.
It was my first time ordering, so I bought 2 boxes! lol, I know my girls KT & Wuzzy adore their MPPB, so I knew I would too! Wuzzy buys these religiously & so will I, it's fun to get a surprise : ) It's a nice pick me up to get a package in your name every once in a while :D
I wonder if that's how my DSK girls feel when they get a package from me! I hope so!

The prices on the box vary from month to month, I believe, and I paid around $12 for each of my boxes! I can't wait for September's to go on sale.

Get your own My Pretty Pink Boxes HERE (or at least get more info b/c I know they sell out fast!) I just checked the site, and the September boxes will be on sale soon, so stay tuned for those! I know some ladies stalk Linda's site, haha so I joined the club!!!

I recently ordered Linda's new MPSB! My Pretty Sample Bag, HERE and I can't wait for it to arrive. This time around you get to pick which samples you'd like to try. I think there are two different sizes, the mini bag $6.50! & the regular bag $9.50! I think I'm going to get some more, lol. I love surprises!

Pic from

Now to show you what I got in my August boxes ; )

Lots of goodies, great for sharing with friends too : ) Which I already did, so there are a few goodies missing from my pic

I can't wait to see what's in store for the next boxes!


  1. Ohhhh you got sucked in!!! I'd freak out if I missed a box! It's like getting your period every month but FUNNER!!!

  2. Haha Ms Kendall's comment ^ up there is so funny!! :D Reminds me of that tampax pearl commercial.
    I never tried the pretty pink boxes but they seem really awesome~
    Oh and do let us know how you like the revlon colorstay foundie, i love it!

  3. OOOHHH YAY!!! I cannot wait to get mine in the mail! Yup, you're right! When I ordered the DSK BLack ROse from you, I was so excited! :p

  4. I told you it's a monthly NECCESSITY!! Like tampons! LOL!

    Glad you liked your boxes! Aren't they great?! And Linda is the best! ALL HAIL MPPB!!!

    You get soo many goodies to try out for a great price! :)

  5. I've been trying for months to get this! Every time I sleep in, or I am 30 mins late (the boxes sell out in less than an hour sometimes) one of these months I will get one!

    Looks like last month there was nail stuff in it, I am so jealous :)

  6. I love the idea od the surprise box. Who wouldn't love a surprise gift :D


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