August 23, 2009

My latest obsession: Jen <3!

Do you girls know Jen? She's so cute! & totally wears DSK Jewelry!!! BONUS! lol
I've been reading her blog and watching your youtube since I woke up : )
One of her viewers spotted her wearing DSK Jewelry, and she tweeted me, hehehe I feel so loved!

You must visit her page & youtube! She's too beautiful for words. ^_^
Visit Jen's Website:

Her Youtube Tutorial on Bridal Makeup!
(I love the song in this video...RAIN's "I Do"
How perfect right?

Jen : ) I hope she doesn't mine me joinking her pictures from her blog!

Jen's wearing her DSK Bubbi Moonlight Necklace :)

*Sighh of happiness* I love seeing my jewelry on you girls, it makes me so happy!!!


  1. you're right! she's beautiful and now i'm just like you! stalking on her hahaha

  2. ahhhhhhh, you are making me feel all shy and embarrased now. how insanely flattering. XD

    <3 you Steph! I have no words! Speechless!

  3. my goodness, shes beautiful. her face looks flawless too. i'll definitely check her videos out :)

  4. Jen is really beautiful! i agree! <3

  5. she's gorgeous!! kind of reminds me of Sandara Park from 2NE1 ;)


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