November 6, 2009

H-mart(s) in Seattle!

I found an H-Mart in Lynnwood!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited, we were just leaving Alderwood Mall, and there it was...the HG of Korean Grocery Stores!

I also found me some Darkness Lashes <3

The girl that copied my exact piece, with the exact same name has taken it down. It wasn't even an inspired piece, it was the same exact piece, which was why I was upset.

I am a registered LLC in the State of Washington. I think you are mistaken when you read my entry. I may not have federal trademarking yet on all my pieces (my application is pending), but that does not me I am not protected. I do have trademarks on my pieces. I also have rights to many variety of my business name. "Designs by DSK," "DSKLove," and several more various in the State of Washington. I really want to clear the air.

Please feel free to reach out to me and email me if you'd like to talk, thank you for your concern, I appreciate it. I prefer to be able to communicate with bloggers who stop by and leave comments. I don't like to visit a non-existing page. Attach an e-mail address, I'd love to get back with you. I'd appreciate your guidance.

Minh says I get pretty upset and aggressive with the way I talk when I'm mad. It's true, but I cannot stand anyone who copies my work. Period.

I'm going to Seattle today to "get away."
They have this new restaurant called Blue Fin at Northgate Mall, that I've already been to, but I'd like to go back and just have lunch with Minh. I prefer spending time with Minh than anything else right now. He's always the one to talk sense into me. I guess he's a lot more mature than I am. I'm 22, and I have a strong will to argue and fight for what I think is right.


Here's the link to Blue Fin Seattle,

That's where I'll be! Then maybe a visit to Stone Way for jewelry findings?


  1. Blue Fin is like my favorite Minado in Boston! Eat some tuna for me! =] It's good to know that everything worked out and this is an example of what you mean when you're not kidding about taking action towards copyright infringements. Have fun in Seattle, let's see some pictures! =P

  2. I have a question about how and where to send the Sad pictures.

    let me know at

    Thanks, Heather

  3. My mom loves shopping at H-Mart in Colorado! :) Glad you got away today. :)

  4. Sorry to hear about your copiers . . so rude! I got the earrings yesterday, and I LOVE them! Gonna post about it soon. My dog got to the candy before me ><

  5. Glad your copycat took down her stuff. You have a right to be upset when someone steals your work, but don't let it get to you TOO much!

    Enjoy your lunch with Minh and have a great weekend!

  6. I'm so glad it's alright now..well whenever u r free and wan someone to chat with u can always find me =)

    maddy here btw..have a nice day!

  7. I'm glad the girl took off the jewelry, hope you don't have to file some legal complaint.. Anyway on a happier note, H-mart is great! I have so many around my area (lots of Koreans in northern NJ haha). Hope you enjoy your lunch at Blue Fin~

  8. I didn't know you lived in Washington! Seattle is my hometown! I hear H-Mart is the business; my mom shops there all the time. Do recommend any beauty products from there so I can ask her to include it in a care package? :)

    I read your post about the copy cat earlier but something happened to my comment and it didn't go through. :( I think it's really unfair for someone to take your ideas that you work hard to create. I'm glad you got it all sorted out. I'm totally impressed with how thorough you are with your business.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy your day in Seattle. I hear it's raining cats and dogs there but when is not?! Haha.

  9. kick her ASS!! no person deserves to profit off anyone, anywhere.

  10. i'm sorry to hear of your copiers. but no worries, they will get what they deserve.
    h-mart is pretty awesome. i get weird looks from everyone when i go there though. i guess having pink hair doesn't fly well with them. take care & love!

  11. if you like sushi, i would recommend a small Japanese restaurant named "Musashi"
    their chirashi is the best in town (Seattle) ;D

  12. wow, H-Mart is really spreading around the US! =D it seems really clean and the food are fresh... not only that, it's not a "grand opening" store so I was very impress.

  13. nice! I need to find me one of those h-marts! :P

    It really sucks when people copy the your creations. I can't believe she even copied the name..

  14. Ooh H-Marts! :) And DARKNESS lashes too! :) Yay!! I'm glad she took responsibility for her actions and took the piece down.

    No one messes with DSK!!! LOL! You WILL get burned not just by DSK, but by the blogger world! LOL! :) We all got your back Steph!

    Hope you had a great time out with Minh!! You guys are too sweet and cute!

  15. hey! i just went to Alderwood Mall, last week.. went to sephora there hehe but also went to tulalip casino and lost some cash >_<

    have fun in seattle!

  16. hey, hey, hey...what's a h-mart?.

  17. I'm glad that's been resolved :)

  18. I am so sorry to hear about your copy cat! Anyway, there is a H-Mart in Federal Way, let me say Federal Way is the place for everything and anything asian! Basically its a korean town, with great korean restaurants, small cute stores and a DAISO, the japanese dollar store =] I love the lashes from there, their somewhat similar to DARKNESS lashes =]

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  20. oooh! H Mart! Why weren't they there when I lived in North Seattle!!

    I used to live near Northgate, too.

    Take Minh's advice...but I DO know how you feel, believe me!!


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