December 30, 2009

My bff Nonners is A CRAZY PERSON

My friend Whit, shows you how to wear bling. hahaha
My friend has the best sense of humor doesn't she?
hahaha, I guess we all have our own way of wearing DSK Jewelry hahahahaa

Nonners (Whit) or Whitney is starting to fall in love with Youtube, haha she made her 3rd video already! (and against her bf's will). I love the fact that she's making videos anyways because she wants to. lol I'm glad she's vlogging because it's a great way for us to stay connected. We live about 3,000 miles apart, a little more when she's in West Palm Beach, Florida (that snob!). Her neighbors include Donald Trump and alligators.


Anyhow, check out Whitney's latest, I sent her some earrings for Christmas (mostly gemstones cause I know she's an earring addict). I need to step up the game with earrings cause she's my #1 critic!

I found some pics of her cottage in Holland, I told you she owns a beach! I guess she has a lot of ICE CUBES during the winter time.

Whitney is currently living there, but tomorrow she's off to Florida for a week (to enjoy the lavishness of her other home). Scroll down

hahaha flattering pic NONNERS!

She owns that ahahahaha
I'm so jealous.

Her back yard in the winter time.
Basically, I've been there

Now her West Palm Beach home (that I haven't been to yet!)

Talk about gorgeous, man I wanna be a rich person so I can have a winter home to stay at!

Basically, too sweet for words


Whitney said they have fences to block out the alligators

My childhood friend is now pimping my jewelry, ahahahahahahaha
Have a safe trip South!

For those who are interested in weird humor hahaha

Snap photos for me of the all the glamorous West Palm Beach Bead Boutiques!


  1. LMAO!!!!

    "For those who are interested in weird humor hahaha"

    AHAHAHAHAHA I just died, or worse!

  2. LOL i love how she has them hanging on her shirt!

  3. hahaha!
    at least it catches the eyes! :P

    She is very pretty! <3 so is her house!

  4. i am sitting in new england looking at old frozen snow on the ground- i would die to be in fl, at that house right now! and i am so off to check out her blog because i totally dig pretty and funny- two of my fave things!

  5. uhm the alligators are for real? Seriously? Noooo They should IDK kill them? Put electricity in the fences? o_O *scared*
    those some nasty beasts! *runs away*

  6. uhm the alligators are for real? Seriously? Noooo They should IDK kill them? Put electricity in the fences? o_O *scared*
    those some nasty beasts! *runs away*

  7. That is a GORGEOUS HOUSE in Palm Beach! I don't know about the Alligators, though!!

    It's gorgeous here in Oman too, but we only have camels and donkeys!

    Have a happy new year!!

  8. wow i can't believe her hair is SO long after she straightens it...that's insane~~

  9. wow she has beautiful homes! :) very lucky!

    happy new year honey! wishing you and your man all the best for this year!

  10. Haha shes so funny! Man I would love to be her!

  11. Is she accepting guests in West Palm?? It's soo cold even in ATL >_<
    Pretty earrings!!! if my ears weren't weird looking I'd totally get me some!

  12. I wanna be rich too..a thing that i won't be able to achieve since my major at uni is in english literature..yeah i know, I'll probably end up being an underpaid teacher trying to push some knowledge in ungrateful heads :p


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