December 2, 2009

Pet Peeve

*sad face*

My favorite minor complaint is loose change in my purse!!!

I hate seeing loose change around the house, in my car, on the floor.
It's so tacky looking lol. I dislike pennies most, they're such a non-attractive color!


Do you have a pet peeve? I'd love to hear them cause I know I'll relate to A LOT.

lol, gnite!!!

I sleep really early now 11:25pm (time typed)
so I can wake up at 7-8am and start my day.

I come to realize that Seattle is most beautiful from 9-12


There is some sun during those hours!!!

later gaters ;D


  1. Oh yeah, that's like where I live. If you want any sun, you better be a morning person, because otherwise the trees and fog have taken over, hehe.

    Personal pet peeve... loose dollar bills in peoples purses/wallets. I'm the annoying person organizing my bills while I'm putting them away (I move to the side, or to the end of the area, so people can shop after me, though). I hate having my mom say to get something out of her purse *shudder*.

  2. LOL I have no problems with loose change! More for me? :D Just kidding. Hmm.. my pet peeve... Probably the WORST one is when people eat with their mouths open. I hate hearing that sound.. that *smack smack gobble slurp*. Admittedly in Asian culture, it's supposed to be a good thing when everyone is eating with a lot of noise because it means it's good, but I get really annoyed. Especially when my bf does it by accident I always glare at him. I'm so mean! >< LOL.

    Oh and I don't know if you wanted my email just to talk/chat/whatever, but here it is:

    ^^ keep in touch sweetie. Nice to see you're back on with the designs on your jewelry blog! :D

  3. Awww look at that sad face! :( LOL! Ooh you'd hate our house! Change everywhere! But I've been training 'Cheese' to put his change in the cookie jar. It's a day to day thing! LOL!

    My pet peeve is seeing his damn dirty stinky socks all over! LOL! The dogs get ahold of it and you just find them everywhere!

  4. A dirty bathroom sink >< The area should to be wiped down and spotless!

    Enjoy the sun in Seattle! It makes such a difference for the city! Instead of the gloomy way it usually looks.

  5. my pet peeve is when people spill foods on the table while I'm eating. I'm a neat eater, so that bother me so much. (apparently my dad had the same pet peeve...haha)
    so while eating with other people, i tend to be busy wiping their spilled food...just can't help myself. my hubby's fam spill so much when they eat...sometimes i feel like i wanna scream...hahahha...

  6. Seeing an empty bottle of milk (or nearly empty) in the fridge : if you finished MY bottle of milk at least feel guilty enough to put another one (I can't drink non cold milk)

    I also have to sleep earlier that my usual schedule (I'd live at night like vampires - I study them btw XD - if I could) because I have to wake up at 8am at the most : I have work done in my house -_-"

  7. Haha I'm not a fan of loose change and I hate breaking my notes...but my biggest pet peeve is when the notes are crinkled/crushed/folded in a non asymmetrical way....haha ^^

    AND I hate it when my friends have too many receipts that are so old you can't even read them anymore...I just think it's so...messy ^^ applies to dirty bags as well...rubbish in the bin not in the bag >_< haha

  8. Hey Steph, London is just like Seattle..rainy, dark, and cold!! It was pitch dark yesterday at 4:00 p.m. I just lower the blind and turn on my anti-depression light! (Try it! it works!).

    Since it's so gloomy out, I've read 3 out of the 4 Twilight books this past week! Jamal wants me to save the 4th for Christmas break!

    Take are not alone with the winter gloomies! Do try the anti-SAD lights...I use mine as a desk lamp!

  9. My pet peeve would have to be when my wallet won't shut because of change. HAHA! It's SO annoying! Change just takes up so much space, especially when it bunches together. Ugh.

  10. I know how you feel I HATE loose change as well, especially pennies. They're so useless sometimes. And yes!! They ARE such a non-attractive colour haha. Another pet peeve is dirty dishes. I can't stand to see them in the sink, even if it's just one plate/bowl. I just want to scream sometimes because how lazy can people be these days?!?! Last one would have to be chewing with mouths open/loudly. Ugh!!

    Maybe listening to some Christmas music will cheer you up? Maybe not listening to them for too long though haha. (I don't know, maybe it's just me but I get annoyed if it's for the WHOLE day)

    Have a good one!! :D

  11. That's what coin purses and piggie banks are for, Steph! lol. One of my pet peeves is the two words said together to me.... "good luck." haha. I just hate it and don't ever want to hear it before taking an exam.

  12. i think you look adorable with the sad face picture! :) aww

    LOL loose coins. for me that's okay. i just put it in a jar and save it!

    pet peeve...i hate it when my family member steals my saddles (that i wore inside the house b/c we dont have carpet and its cold). like my brother. he takes them and i cant find it when i get home! arrgh!

    i miss you steph <3

  13. my pet peeve is my boyfriend NEVER puts condiments away. which is fine if it is like salt & pepper- but he always leaves things that are supposed to be refrigerated out. drives me nuts!!:)
    also, when gum gets all sticky icky in my purse!!

  14. my pet peeve is rude people i can't stand people that are rude. i just want to smack them lol. i also can't stand a dirty stove top it drives me nuts that i have to clean it b4 i start cooking.

    seattle is really beautiful when the sun is out. the view from the i90 is just breathless!

  15. hehe....pennies for a pet peeve you're so cute...well, mine would be...a mess that I didn't do, a thing that is not in it's proper place & smelling food while not eating...

  16. Steph, your sad face pic is PRICELESS!! So adorable. I just want to hug you. <3

    My pet peeve... I hate it when people leave caps open on things like shampoo bottles. It evaporates!

    I also hate mess and clutter (dirty dishes, clothes everywhere, etc) when I am stressed out. Ironically it is usually my own mess. XD It happens at night and I will clean clean clean because I can't sleep otherwise. Hubs can't understand why I can't wait til morning!

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  18. sexiest sad face i know!!

    here my number one pet peeve:

    people that breathe loud!!

  19. petpeeve: when my roommate uses half of a paper towel and leaves the other half on the roll. hello!?!? i'm left with a tiny piece of paper towel! just use the whole sheet damnit!

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  21. LOL! I hope you don't mind but I removed my "Pet Peeves" because it was too detailed. LOL!

  22. I don't want the new school I'm going to teach to read what I wrote. LOL!


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