December 29, 2009

"Skinny Bitch"

**UPDATE!** Last night, I read through the first 100 pages of about 200 pages, and the book was far different from what I thought! It's an informative read, but with a lot of swearing haha I'm enjoying it though. I think the authors are a bit hard core into (being Vegan), but I understand where they're coming from. Reading the first 100 pages really makes me wanna give up eating Beef, Pork, and Chicken! (They call them decomposing dead bodies!). If you have a weak heart, or a weak stomach, I don't sugggest you read it...maybe find less "imagery provoking" book. I was in disguist pretty much through the "Meat" chapter =/

The way they described how cows are milked is really sad too...they use machines on the most sensitive parts of the cow...sometimes they even get infections when they're over milked...and the machine keeps at it =/ It's sad.

But yeah....I'm definitely hitting up WHOLE FOODS today! lol
I need to buy some bread for Minh anyways for work. I might as well go read some labels on the foods the book suggested : )

I hope that helps anyone who was curious about the book. I suggest you read it at the library or book store, because it's really short (not worth the $15..or in my case $30 for both Skinny Bitch & Skinny Bitch in the Kitch).

Catch you all later!


I've heard about the book Skinny Bitch a while back, and I finally decided to pick up to read lol

Minh & I have been visiting Borders & Barnes & Nobles a lot lately. I figured I start off with Skinny Bitch! haha, I can't wait to read what the two Skinny Bitch authors have to teach me!

I'll let you know how it goes ^_^

I bought the box set, and it came with Skinny Bitch in the Kitch --a recipe book, can't wait!

Minh asked me, "how come you don't read anymore"
My response, " I do! I read blogs"
Minh: ::shakes head::

lol, he says it's not good not to read. I agree with him.
I did a lot of reading in college, especially at my job as a Research Assistant for the Arts & Literature department. It was mostly academic reads --complicated, but very thoughtful.

I picked up a few business books, and SKINNY BITCH lol
I think I may start visiting the library more, or just going to chill at Barnes & Nobles a few days a week to read some of the books I'm interested in (but don't want to buy!).

My little sister dreams of having a library one day in her house...and me? lol I dream of having a big bathroom & closet so I can fill with clothes, shoes and makeup!

Speaking of my little sister Julia, she had an interview with Harvard last Monday, and they like her and hope to see her at Harvard next fall! : ) Go lil sis! But she wants to go to Stanford. (b/c it's on the West Coast) haha

I root for Harvard because it's not everyday you get a chance to go to Harvard! Am I right?
Plus, I just wanna wear a Harvard Sister Sweatshirt! (if they even make those!)

All-in-all, the key to success is reading.

Knowledge is power!




  1. I want to read Skinny Bitch too! haha.

    My older cousin graduated from Harvard a couple years ago as a doctor. lol. Where you guys in Boston last Monday? =O

    I think reading is good for you... more education knowledge and entertainment.... it's a way of exercising your brain right? =]

  2. Reading is always good, whether fiction or non. LOL~

    OMG Skinny Bitch is how 'Cheese's mum became vegetarian a couple yrs ago! She read that then all of a sudden swore off beef, chicken, & pork! She still eats fish & seafood though. That book really traumatized her! LOL!

    Yay for Julia! I know she'll get in! I believe you when you always boast about how smart she is! :)

  3. Hey let me know how the book goes =) I wanted to pick it up last year but I was telling myself um why am I going to buy that for?. Am I going to put it to use beside's decoration on my dresser?. So I ended up buying cd's instead ha ha.

    Big Congrat's for your sister!!!!.

  4. must be something in the air, I just bought those two books a couple of days ago too! I hope you have a lovely new year darling, take care!

  5. i totally agree, i feel a bit dumber when i'm not reading something for some reason! if you have any good books to recommend please do! :D

    i'd also go for harvard ;) i want the shirt ;)

  6. I bought that book for my sister for her birthday... last year? or the year before? she was kind of offended, initially. HAHA.

  7. omigod! Harvard? *faints* Don't let her go to Stanford! Never! Who cares what she wants? It's Harvard! LOL just kidding! but really? WHo wants to give up that school when they would even appreciate her? That's crazy! Congrats to your sis!

  8. They are both awesome schools! KUDOS to your sis! :D

    I listened to "Skinny Bitch" on CD and it was too much. I need my! Best of luck to you :D

  9. I used to read and borrow books from the library all the time lol now like you i just read blogs =D Congrats on your sister getting into Harvard =D

  10. I think i'll pick up that book to read too! If it's the same genre as the shopaholic series

    and woooow your sister "going" (as it is still not decided yet)to harvard! Thats something that i never thought about going there, not even once. i wanna wear that sweartshirt too. lol looking cool.

  11. how weird...i was just thinking yesterday that i need to read more. all my reading lately has consisted of blogs and magazines...and...twilight. ha! AAAND i've been curious about these skinny bitch books for awhile too! they're gonna go on my list of books i wanna read in 2010 list!!! can't wait to hear what you think of them!

  12. All I read is blogs now too. I don't even read magazines anymore! :(

    Congrats on your sister nailing the interview!

  13. Wow you come from a very smart family! That's very exciting news!

  14. Wow... Harvard? That's major! Kudos to your sister!

    My friend read those Skinny Bitch books and has since given up milk. My husband loves soy milk, but I haven't been able to make the switch. I betcha if I read those books I would! Ahh!!!!

  15. i read skinny bitch and i LOVED it!! i totally gave up everything for a while...then found myself slowly going back on chicken and fish...then i was at a friends house and her dad made amazing filet mignon on the grill, and i felt rude not eating it, and the next thing you know i am back eating meat too. but not nearly as much as i used to- i give people who stick to those strict eating guidelines serious respect!!

  16. I would love to read those novels, I should go and pick it up at Borders soon heheheh... I'm a total reader of Magz haahahhah and some certain genres of novels.


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