December 25, 2009


Thank you to my Secret Santa!
How did she know I love Alicia Key's?!
She got me her new album ^_^

I cannot wait to try the Shiseido Soaps either!

Thank you Marta! : )

BOSE speakers for my iPod Touch!
Thank you Minh ^_^
HAHA I was planning on getting him this EXACT thing for Christmas!
We have similar taste :) Now we can share it! =^_^=

I can't wait to take pictures of all my presents & BRAG BRAG BRAG!!! haha jk jk
I'm very thankful for all my loved ones!

Merry Christmas!

haha Lena got me addicted to enhancing my photos!


  1. OOoo great prezzies!! And an even HOTTER STEPH pics!!! WHOOO!

  2. You're so adorable! Merry Christmas too! I wore the Big daddy DSK earrings last night :)

  3. The new Alicia Keys album is really good! It has a very mellow tone overall. :)

  4. I could smooch you for sounding incredibly cute!!! I hope you had the most wonderful Crimbo ever!

  5. awww secret santa was good to you! can't wait to see what the family showered you with! hehe! ;P belated merry christmas steph!

  6. I wanna know what you got for Christmas. =)


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