January 3, 2010


If you haven't seen the Korean Movie: The Classic, you're missing out!
It's such a great love story!

Minh, Esq. (for Esquire, the title of an attorney)
Steph, Awe. (for Steph AWESOME!)


Looking at ...nothing! hahaha

Gotta throw out those 2010 peace signs!!!

Enough with the webcam pics right?

A photo with the DSLR :)
I'm so lazy to use it! It's just so heavy & hard to use when taking pictures of one self!


Fish and guests smell after three days!

Who agrees with that saying?

Some ppl just need to sleep at their own damn house! lol

Minh & I are adjusting to life living with Viet ppl, who tend to over stay their welcome, ugh! No manners!


  1. I LOVE the Classic toooo!! I've seen it numerous times and still loves it. I really like it better than some other Korean love stories and it will always have a place in my heart. I also think the main actor (Cho Seung Woo) is a really good actor hehehe ;)

    Woohoo!! Another The Classic fan! =P
    Happy New Year!!


  2. hi there steph, Im ur new follower, nice to meet u ;) and Happy New Year!
    love the way ur bff wears ur jewellery, its like very matching! maybe u would consider expanding ur business into designing halter tops & vests too? :D

  3. you look stunning with the DSLR camera.

  4. Lol you should watch the korean drama called "the Glass shoe" or something like that lol if you haven't yet.. It's really good =]

  5. Ooooo I love ur hair in dis pic!

    Ive heard great reviews of that film....must deffo watch it wen I can

  6. hehehe. steph, awe!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy new year to you and minh. ya, i'm a little particular about house guest and being a house guest. i don't mind a few days, but overstay=overkill. i dunno. my mom's family is really big on everyone piling into the house, even if their isn't room. when i went to visit some of my mom's relatives i insisted on getting a hotel room for us cuz i knew there were too many people already. they got all offended. i dunno.

  7. Wow you look so great! :) Lovely pictures! I love your cool camera!

  8. oh my...
    i must must must see this movie!

    i can't believe i've never seen it

  9. Oh man, I definitely need to see The Classic. It looks so good. I'm in need of a good Korean movie, lol.

    Amazing pictures darling. ;D And you should try to take more pictures with your dslr anyway. Hahaha. Good quality!

    And, Ben Franklin was so smart to write that little phrase. I definitely agree with it too. And I get what you mean with the whole Viet thing. LOL. It does get quite annoying, but most Viets are lazy. Hahaha! Plus, if they don't have to pay for food, they're going to stay and eat so there's something to keep in mind. Food is food. XD

  10. OMG, The Classic is so sad and SWEET. I love that movie!

  11. I watched The Classic with you the first time I ever saw it! With Hung and Ira! Remember?!

    Stephanie you're so pretty. Love the eyemakeup!

    Anyway... I'm really excited to send you your (late) Christmas present when I get home (now half of it is with me in Florida and half is still in Michigan, lol).


  12. You and Minh are just too cute for words my dear!

  13. HA 2010 PEACE OUT PICS YO!! ;) You and Minh are too cute! ANd one day you'll find a movie that'll make him cry, then you can laugh at him! LOL!

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  15. danng girl! work it for the camera!


  16. Ugh I've been in a similar situation- four roomates, all with boyfriends...never knew who was gonna be home or who would be over. I love the girls I lived with, and we were all very respectful to eachother, but sometimes, its nice to come home and not have to make small talk when you just wanna chill out. I ended up getting my own apt.

    And he stayed over while your mom was visiting? Thats completely inconsiderate, not to mention disrepectful. Have a good day Steph, you always keep me laughing!

  17. It makes me laugh every time you talk about the Viet people! Haha!!!


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