January 30, 2010

Why Am I not Hanging out With Nonners?

Bermuda, I will visit you soon!

Seriously, no one lives a better work/vacation life like my home girl Whitney. Why am I not chillin' out with her in her backyard right now?!!!

She's on her way back to Chicago next week (I think). I wouldn't mind eating & shopping it up in Chicago right now either. A vacation is needed. 3 1/2 - 4 months of straight work has been a huge commitment. I proud of myself that I was able to discipline myself to stay put & work. I think it's the right time to head home.

This coming year my plans include, Michigan (home), California (family), New York (business), and then somewhere tropical for a vacation with my friends!

Checkout her latest video, her back yard is to DIE for, and she gives some really great interview tips. Since that's was her job to interview interviewee's : )


  1. Good on ya! Finally some time to respite and re charge your fuel :) I hope you will enjoy your holiday!

  2. The new pictures you put up are really beautiful. Esp the one on the right with the flowers as borders.

  3. YES, WHY ARE YOU NOT CHILIN' OUT WITH NONNERS IN MY BACKYARD RIGHT NOW? I just got done swimming and hot tubbin'!

    Yep I fly back to Chicago on Wednesday. You should meet me there! VIP at like... all the clubs... not even kidding... through one of my interviewer-work-buddies. But let's be real, I'd probably force you to dance like a goon and you'd be really embarrassed of me. You'd be all, "I DO NOT KNOW THAT GIRL TRYING TO DO THE WORM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DANCE FLOOR! WHAT IS THAT-- GROCERY SHOPPING? THE SPRINKLER?"

    But anyway... if you ever want a nice place to stay fo' free... come down to West Palm Beach! It's a cool city but it's also really close to MIAMI (which is cooler). I'd love love love to have you and my parents def wouldn't mind. Just give me a heads up so we can get tickets fo' cheap sometime ;)

    Also when are the dates in Feb that you're going to be home? Cuz you either need to come see me in Holland, or I will come see you in GR against your will! YEAH. THAT'S A THREAT <3 <-- heart shapes make internet threats less scary.!

  4. Haha!! Well at least you get to go home soon! ANd you know that's always the best! :)

  5. omigosh that pic is so pretty! i gotta go there soon! but...too bad my wallet feels lighter than a feather ;D ♥

  6. Thank you for your kind words <3 Glad to know ladies like you are just a click away ;-) Funny i shud hear from you cuz just the other day i swear a bizillion ppl aked about my blangin ass necklace i had bought frm u. I gave a few of them the link to your jewelry blog so i hope u hear from them soon! Let me know when ur official site is up & ready so I can order and refer ppl. I need to order soon so I can get some of ur bizness cards to pass out too! Love your work... and thank you for having me in ur thoughts! :) happy new yr my love...

  7. lol. twilight mania is a bit crazy! But seriously, put any one of those twilight actors in anything, and you're bound to get gold. hahaha. Some of those fans are diehard crazy. XD I admit that I fell in love with the series when the first book came out back in 2005, it's kind of my guilty pleasure reading. =P

    Creativity is unique. And sure a lot of drug users love the movie cause they probably see things even crazier, but for me, it's more like a childhood love. hahaha. Something that's nostalgic in a way. =)

    I hope you have a great time on your break. Seeing your popularity explode over the past few months have been amazing! You get about 60 comments per post now! I find it amazingly motivating that you are able to be so successful in something you really love in such a short period of time. I hope to someday do the same with my photography. :) Congratulations on the great work Steph!

  8. OOOoooOOo, Steph! That place is absolutely yummy! You have to move there! It' beautiful! Hope you get it! <3


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