April 16, 2010

Rite Aid & Target

More EOS!
I like to browse through Rite Aid & Target on a daily almost. lol
jk, maybe 2-3 days a week.
I found this EOS lipbalm in Vanilla Bean at Rite Aid, it's smells really good.
I love how all EOS lipbalms feel like the Nars packaging
Picked up one of the Revlon Eye Studio Quads in Give Me Gold.
I've been wanting to try the Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner for a while.
It was on sale at Target so I had to get it. Plus it was the last one on the shelf ..that day.
haha, it justifies the buy.

I also picked up two Linear Intense liquid liners, one has a felt tip, the other just a normal brush.
It's been a while since I've used liquid liner, so I'm going to brush up on my skills.
I have yet to try it out : )
Pretty golds for summer!

I'm currently watching Baby Mama, it's funny so far.
I've been watching a lot of Tyler Perry movies lately.

I've seen,

1. Why did I get married? (LOVED THIS) : )
2. Why did I get married too? (LOVED THIS) : )
3. Madea goes to jail
4. Diaries of a bad black woman
5. I can do bad all by myself

I don't know what to watch next, any suggestions?


  1. oo lala! love the EOS stuff :D i want to try the vanilla one! i loveeee vanilla scented stuff, maybe that's why i love MAC so much, hahah.

    no idea what to watch :( i'm THE worst person to ask about that, lol. i haven't even gotten to watch alice!

  2. I've been looking for the EOS lipbalms but had no success...which one did you go to?

  3. ooo...i didn't know eos has lipbalms that aren't in a sphere shape can't wait to get some when i visit seattle!! the bf is using the free one i order and sent to his place. i wanted to test it first but oh well.

  4. Really? I was there yesterday but didn't get the chance to go into Rite Aid or Target...just speedy shopping at Nordstroms Rack lol...I'll have to check that out tomorrow (:

    Lol maybe one day I might just run into you and I'll be like "DSK STEPH?! OMG!!!"

  5. Yup (; I'll be sure to do so. I also saw a coupon for the eye studio in glamour magazine hmm...I'm tempted to purchase! Aah its all because of Holly lol

  6. I *love* EOS!!! I got the BF hooked on it, too, hahhaha. He hates carrying around the EOS sphere so I got him the stick balms just last week. :)

  7. i thought my EOS just sits on top of my lips...but i do love pulling it out and using it since it looks so darn adorable!!

  8. LOL, I go to Target once aweek maybe Rite Aid 2 times aweek hahahahaha just to check if there's any sale LOL....lots of buy one second one half off at Rite Aid..btw, wet & wild at Rite Aid is 40% off right now!! I bought their cream gel eyeliner today for $1.99 or something...

    tell me how you like the maybelline gel eyeliner..i would like to try it too and it was all sold out at my target!!

  9. oOoOo! I've seen these EOS lip balms EVERYWHERE, on all you blogger girls' blogs! hehe what's the craze and what makes them so good? I guess I gotta do my research (never heard of this company before) and then try it out for myself, now that I know where I can buy some, thanks to you, Steph!♥

    haha, I am SOO with you on trolling the beauty aisles of Target xD lol...I like the snack/food/grocery & electronics sections too! haha I go to Target most, but also like to pop into Rite Aid & Walgreens :P

    The next movie you should watch is...DATE NIGHT!! I know that you LOVE comedy & have a great sense of humor, so definitely check it out! Plus, it has a pretty good rating on rottentomatoes.com! I mean, how can you go wrong with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey? haha >:P I'm also going to the movies with my bf this wknd to watch it, so I'll let you know how I like it! :D

    <3 caroline

    p.s. I'm starting to blog again! So you can check it out if you have time or if you're bored :) I have a feeling I'm mostly going to talk about food...I know, I is fat haha >:D will try my best to include some beauty stuff too ^_^

  10. love tyler perry movies, too, steph! i really wanna see "why did i get married too" now that you mentioned it in your list. i've only seen the first one and loved it! and that esos vanilla bean balm looks adorable! great haul!

  11. @giang, I loveee Angie's character haha I love how sassy she is!

  12. i love tyler perry movies too! definitely watch "madea's family reunion". it's such a good movie.

    i'm halfway through my eos balm. i swear, the honeydew one smells like mango chili lollipops lol!


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