May 11, 2010

Night Time Bloggin'

My night time view : )
I can't get over how sweet it is to see this everyday.

Life has been pretty great lately. I have a new addition, Nickel the friendly chihuahua. He's been nothing but fun. I think his highlight of the day is when Marisa comes overs. lol
Marisa is one of my newest friends in Seattle, and she helps me keep my life in order : )
I treasure her dearly!
She's definitely my right hand. She keeps me in check, and organizes so beautifully.
Plus, she's my lunch & dinner buddy! We're supposed to be work out buddies, but we're both still a bit lazy. lol. Her more than me! :P
Bring your gym shoes tomorrow Marisa!

So we have this awesome dog terrace in our building on the 8th floor, and Nickel meets so many new friends everyday out there. lol. It's also a fact that most of our neighbors have Chihuahuas! Everyone has two!

This building is full of dogs! Everyone is allowed 2 pets, at $500 each deposit, $250 refundable.
Each dog has it's own lease here. They have their photo & profile in the lease. lol It's crazy. They treat the dogs here like any other tenant. But I think because this building is so pet friendly, it really attracts friendly people. Everyone I've met some far in this building is so nice.

The 8th floor (which I have yet to show you), has a beautiful terrace (for people too) with lounge chairs, and grills. Everyone's always out there with wine, or a beer. Or just enjoying the sun reading a book. Even today when I took Nickel out, a guy had a steak on his plate that he just cooked on the grill lol. Everyone is so chill here (there are a few snobs), but that's for another blog post. lol There definitely is a status / class heirachy in this building depending on the button you press on the elevator lol.

Anyhow, back to the 8th floor, old people are always in the jacuzzi, it's interesting... Because the pool / hot tub area is surrounded with a glass wall so you can see inside as you walk to the fitness center, dog terrace, etc. You just can't miss half naked bodies in the pool. lol

You always see people socializing in the tub! We always wonder if people just casually ask to join others in the tub.

I think living here is one of the best experiences of my life thus far. Whole foods is literally 1 block away. I go there to pick up fresh everything. I've started cooking : )

I've followed a few recipes & everything has turned out great. I'm so proud!
Once I perfect the dishes, I'm going to start posting pictures :D
Just to prove to you that I can indeed make food. lol
It saves so much money. It's crazy. You can buy a cart full of groceries for $50-$60!
That's one of my dinners out (for two).

I think Minh enjoys the apartment since it's next door to his work. He has his own room & bathroom, living it up for free! He's so lucky. I'm like the best friend he's ever had.
All-in-all, he's a decent roommate. (as long as he doesn't talk back). I always threatening him, "get out of my apartment." Just because I can, hahaha

He has this habit of wanting to buy everything for the kitchen. I just bought him an expensive coffee maker on top of new silverware, dishes, glasses. He said expensive things last longer, so we won't have to upgrade...I just shake my head, swipe my debit card, and walk away.

It has been exactly 1 year since I graduated from MSU.
It's so weird, I feel so old! But I also feel very accomplished.
I'm starting to do a good job saving with some help from a new financial genius friend. :)
I really am trying to grow out of the stage of "buy happy."

I'm sure many of you have experienced or are experiencing the world of, having a job for the first time and making money. lol

You feel so free!
Everything & anything you can afford, you just buy. It's so easy.

But, all that stuff is not necessary...and then they just sit there in your room collecting dust.

Well..maybe it's just me....and maybe you too? Make me feel better and tell me you buy stuff you don't need! :P

Now I have new goals for May 11, 2011.
Move to CA!
I would like to own a California home!
I would like to de-clutter my life!
I would like to travel a lot more : )
I can't wait to do a tour of Asia, or a tour of Europe.

I'm definitely going to make it my top priority to visit my friends, and pull them out to Seattle to chill.

Our hallway :) It's so well lit! I love it. We have the end unit (hence the view).
They're always painting, and vacuuming & steam vacuuming the floors.

I love living here. ditto!


  1. moveeee to CA, babes! u belong here!! and good going on the cooking :) it does save a lot of money..i'm glad you're doing well :)

  2. Steph!♥

    Lol I didn't think you were going to blog on here, so I commented on your jewelry post, too! xD Wow, the 8th floor terrace sounds like such place with bustling activity! That's super cool that you have such nice neighbors (minus the snobs--can't wait for your post on that LOL) who are also dog lovers! How cute that the dogs are treated like tenants with their own photo & profile and everything! I am looking forward to your DSK Apartment Tours videos!! haha LOL

    I'm so proud of you!! Good for you for learning how to cook!! ^_^ looking forward to those yummy food photos in the near future!! Yeah, it really DOES save money to not eat out, but when you don't have time, eating out is just so much easier! LOL @ Minh and expensive, high-quality kitchenware! I totally agree though. You're so cute with your headshaking and debit card swiping then walking away! haha

    ♥ caroline

  3. I love your view! I've lived here and never saw such a great view of the space needle besides the view from Alki. Good luck with all the cooking, I'm sure your making yummy food!

    --I totally thought you posted a picture of the jacuzzi when I scrolled down to the bottom of your blog and I was super excited and wanted to comment about it but I realized it was a google add >.<

    Hooray for late night blogging (;

  4. Your view is awesome! I was looking through my nail image plates and I swore I saw one for the needle, I'll have to show it to you next time!

  5. I am so happy that your life is so good these days!!

    Is Minh planning on taking the California Bar exam?

  6. omg ur place is sooooo fab! i love the view and the hallway, at first i thought u were in some glam hotel or something and i mean that in a good way. lol. can i visit? lol =P

  7. the view and hallway are to die for! snooty people, haha, gotta love em (I live in a high rise but on a lower level since dogs can only live on the first 7 floors, I get the looks)!

    Yeah, I still go buy buy buy crazy girl, we finally have the place to our own (housed family for 5 years with us) and before the fams moved out I bought high end kitchen tools that I held onto until the place was all our own, I finally pulled it out a month ago and I love using all my new kitchen toys (sadly I'm not done). I need new silverware and champagne flutes (I want the ones that look like cylinders) and a new dining room table, that's about all I need now. Everything else I've already purchased on my own already.

    I so want to move to CA with you!!! G and I actually want to move to Miami (for realzzzz), it's cheaper and still very warm :)

    Yay to cooking at home! I started buying groceries again this weekend and I've been cooking and saving money :)

  8. That's so beautiful! I can't wait to be out living on my own or with my boyfriend. :) I love the idea of having so much freedom and doing whatever you want.

  9. LOL Minh's a decent roommate! I'm glad you found Marisa. It's always great when you make new friends! Especially ones that help you organize! Girl you just moved into this bank spot & you're thinking of moving to Cali?! LOL!

    Steph even though you're younger then me.. I think you make a great role model! ;)

  10. LOL Minh's a decent roommate! I'm glad you found Marisa. It's always great when you make new friends! Especially ones that help you organize! Girl you just moved into this bank spot & you're thinking of moving to Cali?! LOL!

    Steph even though you're younger then me.. I think you make a great role model! ;)

  11. what an amaazing view! id love to sleep to that every night! also i really need a motivated gym buddy aww x

  12. What an amazing view! And it definitely sounds like a happy place where you're living. The photo of the hallway is GORGEOUS. :)

  13. yeaaaaaa move to cali! but, you probably won't have AS great of a view down here :P but, maybe!


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