June 22, 2010

Check Out my new Blender!

Costco haul of 1 thing! It's a blender and food process all in 1!
It cost me about $50...and I wouldn't recommend it because it's way too bulky.
The pitcher is SUPER HEAVY and hard to clean.
Why did I get a blender? That's because Minh gets his wisdom teeth out July 2nd...while my parents visit lol. Our dog Nickel is alos getting his teeth cleaned July 1st. I have to wake up early 2 days in a row to drop the boys off. Sighh

I'm going to make him smoothies. :)

Random, but Marisa told me that she saw a 2k Chanel bag at the Costco in Issaquah, WA...
Looks like I'm going there today to scope it out!


  1. Steph, you should get the Magic Bullet! I got one a couple days ago and love it to pieces. lol. Making smoothies never became so much easier because of the individual cups to make single servings of anything. =]

    You are becoming busier by the day, I swear!!

    Take care of yourself too!!

  2. Hi Stephanie! I'm kind of one of your blog lurkers ( not stalking, i swear! hehe =P) but i saw the whole wisdom teeth thing. i just got mine pulled, so it was funny that your boyfriend is getting his pulled too. make sur ehe doesn't sip the smoothies with a straw! I hear dry sockets suck!

  3. I brought the same blender/food processor at Costco few months ago... i agree its hard to clean! but it still workable :)

  4. dude issaquah costco is THEEEEE BEST COSTO! no lie it makes all the other costo's around look all shitty haha

  5. the blender looks darling!! :)


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