September 6, 2010

New Love for Gucci, Chanel Mini Earrings, Shisem Lashes, Coach For Sale

Hey everyone : )
I'm back in Seattle now.
The weather was amazing in California, and it was so nice to see all the family together for Grandpa's funeral. I still have a lot of work ahead of me. My job is to organize all of Grandpa's photos that my relatives will be sending me, and scan them into a DVD with Viet music!
Gotta love that Viet music...!
Random fact, my aunt's husband manages Asia Entertainment (Vietnamese Concert DVDs), and SBTN (Viet TV station).
Viet people, you know what I'm talking about! lol
I'm going to agree with you in advance Paris by Night is better... haha
I'm a traitor!

My aunt is also one of the news anchors of SBTN (Vietnamese station).
:D My boyfriend's family didn't believe when I told them when we were watching the Viet news at their house.
Then when my mom came to visit, she confirmed it..and now they finally believe me.
I think I know who my aunt is.. lol

Now to share with you my latest love :D
Gucci things...ahhh, my wallet!

Aged leather, I do adore!
I love the bamboo & tassel! :D
Love the zippy style, so I don't lose anything. I'm a receipt hoarder too!
I keep it all
The inside, I'm not too fond of the credit card slots right now.
They're a bit tight, but I'm sure over time it will get better.
My favorite new wallet : ) I was about to buy it in Portland with the Gucci bag..but
they only had the display left, and it had a bad stitch.
I found it at the Gucci in Nordstrom here in Downtown Seattle. Sadly, I paid the 9.5% sales tax.
Oh well.. I live here, might as well support the roads, and schools!

This wallet is half the price of a Chanel Classic Wallet..and about $100 less than the Louis Vuitton Sara(h)Wallet :D

Now, I'm eying this Gucci travel bag...I wish I never got my LV Damier Azur Keepall 55. I feel like a loser carrying it to my coach seat on the airplane lol.
Sometimes I just wanna upgrade to first class so I don't look like a wannabe carry around designer ishh and sitting in economy class haha

By the way Gucci travel bag is AGED LEATHER! My latest obsession. Maybe I'll get it for Minh for his birthday just to have an excuse to have it in my apartment... I'm a bad person, I know.

I have a story to tell you about LV in a different post. Minh's LV Damier Graphite Canvas Multiple wallet deteriorated after only two years! Will post pics soon : )

Time for my latest find!

Then I also found a pair of Chanel Mini's!
My aunt got my sister this pair from Paris, while I got 4 other pairs lol.
She went with me, and I just had to have them because they're just so cute!!!
The packaging however wasn't as nice or fancy as the Chanel in Paris.
No ribbons : ( No special receipt.

I also came home to a nice surprise from one of the sales associate that helped me in Portland's Nordstrom (WA Square Mall)

I love the case and the color of the lenses most!
I think these are really cute, but a bit too young for me.
Julia, you're inheriting these once I'm bored with them : )

P.S.! My little sister started a blog! I convinced her to log her experience as a Vietnamese-American girl at Harvard : ) It's her freshman year.
Here's the link to her blogspot,
Help me welcome her to the blogosphere!

I didn't expect to get a thank you card from the eyeglass department...
I've bought Christian Louboutins, Gucci Bags from Nordy' thank you cards..just thank you e-mails.
But for the least expensive item, I get a thank you card sent to my home : ) lol
It was a nice surprise :D And Yes! I will be back Portland Emma!

Now for my blog sale today.
I'm letting go of a few of my personal Coach accessories.
If you're interested feel free to contact me at,
My Blog Sale is Open Worldwide
USA Shipping will be $4.95 USPS Flat Rate Box
International Shipping will be $12.95 USPS Flat Rate Box
I'd prefer to send it in a box rather than just a bubble mailer if that's okay with you girls.

First Item, my Coach Wallet.
It's not even a year old yet, but I wanted to upgrade to a zippy style wallet.

I still have the tag to the wallet

Leather interior with lots of slots for credit cards

I don't have any Coach bags anymore since my lil sister wiped me out!
But she didn't get to my accessories :D
Brown Coach Wallet *pending*

Brown Coach Wristlet, lil sis this is yours

Signature Coach Wristlet, $38 *available*
The Gold Coach Charm is a bit scratch from use, aka me swinging it around with my keys on it.
The rest looks really good. The sides are a patent shiny leather
Signature Coach Key Ring, it's your lil sis :)
(This was my best friend during college)
I kept my school ID, a debit card, and my dorm room key : )
Julia, do you need one?

Flower Coach Key Ring, $29 *available*
It came with 2 Crystals, and I added a few more Swarovski Crystals...just because
I think it looks prettier that way :D

Larger Coach Wristlet with Gold & Bead lining, $48 *available*
This was my first "big" purchase when I was starting college.
I remember paying $98 + 6% Michigan sale tax. lol
I saved money from my first job working in a cosmetic department. : )

For the follow, shipping is $2 US Only Please!
Unless you're International & buying a Coach item.
I can included it together for you, not a problem :D

Shisem XO Lashes (I'm going to post a makeup blog sale this coming week, so if you wanna wait on that, I can combine everything). But then again..I know there are some out there who are just interested in buying the lashes). I do have more than 1 pair of this style.

Box of Ballet Lashes (They're not the best lashes in the world, but if you're looking for some affordable lashes, this box is a good option).
$5 for the whole box.

Email me if you're interested in anything, thanks!

I do have some more Coach accessories that I will post later this week, I just have to find them in my room.
I remember seeing them while I was cleaning, but I must have misplaced everything again. Sigh.
I'll also share with you my "old lady style" neck charm of sort (from JCPenney...) Minh bought me when we first dated.
(It's like what was he thinking...he obviously did not know I made pretty shiny things for a living at that point in time). lol

Catch you all later.
I will be posting a Labor Day Sale on the DSK Blog soon :D


  1. I have the brown coach was like 70ish I think (bought two years ago though). So, why all of a sudden selling so many of the brown Coach stuff? lol. That's cool, your family is like... all out there! lol. Both Minh's family and your family... you're going to be rich one day woman!

  2. @xoladiihoneyxo I've fallen out of love with Coach lol

  3. Yes! I need a key ring! It sucks having to drag my purse to dinner.

  4. cute wallet ;D i love zippy styles, i hated stuff dropping out of my wallet.

  5. YAY new post! Can I just say that I'm addicted to your blog? I had no idea I was until you stopped updating. then I was like, "uhh.. what... do i do now...?"

    lol I'm so sorry about your grandpa. your post was so sad. I'm glad the weather was nice to you because as soon as you left, LA was in the 100's!!! I was in Chino Hills on saturday and it was 106!

    anyways, i love your blog. =) you're so funny! and omgosh, shopoholics unite~ lol you even made me want to go to a casino after that one post!!! and your relationship with Minh is soo cute. i think my favorite post is probably this one: i always send it to my friends. haha

    BY THE WAY, this comment was just to let you know that you have devoted readers who enjoy reading your posts. =D

  6. bah I forgot but how much were the earrings? i've been trying to find them forever but I guess I live in an area full of shopoholics too because I never see them! =\

    thanks <3

  7. how much were the chanel earrings?

  8. oooo lovely haul! i really love those chanel earrings... do u happen to know what the posts are made of? cause i think im allergic to silver earrings and im afraid to buy them =( got any tips on that since ure the jewelry queen?

  9. The earrings were around $250 USD with Seattle tax :)

  10. I love the Gucci wallet...the embossed leather is tdf and that little tassel is beautiful. I like zippy wallets too..currently using an old, old LV mini lin one that is in dire need of a cleaning. Leather is so much more stain resistant than mini lin fabric : (

    I've fallen out of love with Coach as well...cleared off my loot via eBay.

  11. aww i love you chanel earring where can I buy their earring? I can't not find here in Denmark :( and what is your aunt name? Maybe I know who you aunt is :)

  12. @Amy You can buy them at Chanel Boutiques. I'm not familiar with Denmark, but I would love to learn more about your country.

    My Aunt's name is Yolande, and she lives in Paris. She's in her mid 60's lol I doubt you'd know her

  13. Those are exactly the CC earrings I have been wanting! The bigger ones. NOt so much the mini. Bigger the better. Haha. Oh actually the mini ones can go in the 2nd holes, n/m.

  14. Omg, I am posting again and again b/c I didn tknjow it had to be approved. Delete all these except one. Hahah


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