November 19, 2010

MAC Dangerzone & Illamasqua Liquid Metal Quad

Do any of you use Groupon?
They have $25 off a $50 purchase at Nordstrom Rack, I just bought mine,
at first when my friend linked me I was like..what the heck is a groupon hahaha

It is my first! I'm excited because as you all know..I always browse the Rack!
I had Minh get one too, now I'm just waiting to print that coupon :D

I actually had posted my MAC Dangerzone Mineralized Eyeshadow on my blog sale, but I decided that I wanted to keep it...It was one of the shadows that first got me hooked on beauty blog...sentimental value you know :D

I thought the Illamasqua Quad was a totally waste of money after I used it the first time, but now I'm thinking it's not so bad. It was around $40-42 jk I just looked it up, it's $42.50.
It is my first and only item by Illamasqua. I do want to try their nail polish next. : )

I like how it can act a quick eyeshadow base for the silver glitter shadow from the Dangerzone Trio. I tend to use only 3 shadows when I do my just make sense. lol
The texture is like a liquidy-cream shadow especially if your rub your fingers to warm the shadow. It applies beautifully.
I'm in loveeeee with the platinum liquid shadow, it's such a nice metallic shade.
The MAC glitter is terrible, tons of fall out, but I like the look. It was my first time using it.
I'm flying to Boston next week to see my family..I hope my lashes hold up!
Circle Lenses are the Dueba Pink from
I'm starting to like them more too lol.
That's why I always give items second chances :D
I feel like the lense does a better job following my eyes now
I ordered some more lenses and I'm excited to get them!
I've been so into blogging my daily eye makeup
I did a photo effect on the last eye picture, doesn't it look sweet?

And my latest,

And I will do an updated Clear Cube video once I fill up my cube! I haven't had much time between managing DSK, I've also been helping out at the law firm. Clients find my voice inviting :D What can I say? I'm golden! haha jk : )

I went to Queen Anne earlier with Attorney Sam (he wants me to tell you girls that he's SAM..= Single Asian Man) lol We had coffee (well I had a chai latte) and cupcakes at Wink.

We had to go get some keys made for the file cabinets. It's always fun to be driven around. He does a better job showing me around Seattle than Minh does!
Minh's one of those people that does not like to venture out and try new restaurants. I guess he's not creative when it comes to planning places to go. We always end up going to the same places!

As some of you know I recently invested $900+ at Sephora during the VIB sale. (I'm a makeup addict I know..that's why I blog...)
One of the items I picked up was this Makeup Forever Rock for Ever Dany's Essentials $299.
It included 28 full size MUFE products, I think it's a great deal, and I love everything by MUFE.

If you think about it...$299/28 items = about $10.67 per item..not bad.
But then again the pencil sharpener is not worth $10..but there are so many items in the kit that are worth well over $10...PLUS you get the train case. Not shabby!

What's also cool about this set is that one hundred of them kits will be signed by Dany Sanz, the creator of Makeup Forever : ) I hope I get lucky!


  1. Another beautiful EOTD from Steph! I'm need to make a tutorial for this eye look. I'm totally loving it.

    I love MAC, but i'm not crazy about their mineralize e/s nor mineralize blush. They're just not that pigmented! I guess i don't have the right e/s base for the e/s to stick to.

    I visited kiwiberry site again just yesterday, but they still don't have the grey lenses in my degrees. Both of my eyes are -2.5, and right now, they only have -3.75 and up.

  2. Wow! Love the make-up look. So when are you gonna come and do my make-up? hehe :)

    That cupcake looks sooo good but it would look sooo bad on my ass! lol

    I love your make-up posts, you always look so stunning.

    My hubby is the same as Minh, never ventures too far so we always eat out at the same places, it's not even eating out anymore because we already have the menu memorized, ugh.

    That make-up kit is intense. Can't wait to see more beauty posts :)

  3. Steph.... I'm requesting! Makeup tutorials please =D

    Teehee ^_^

    I can't wait for an updated Clear Cube Video!! I love watching how people organize their makeup, since mine is an utter mess all the time.

    Hope you get lucky too with the kit! That will be so cool!

  4. I have never tried anything else frm MUFE besides the blush. Hmmm... I am really tempted to purchase that train case now. Everything that I want to try is in there... and I'd be spending less if I buy this kit. Haha :p Funny you, you are tempting me to get it :p I hope you love everything you got :)

    Your lenses look really good! The pink tint is a nice surprise. How long do they last you? Are they yearly lenses? Two weeks? :p

  5. Girl! Super gorgeous as always!! The MUFE set sounds AMAZING!! I still have yet to try something MUFE... wait I did. Never mine. haha. I love the MUFE Aqua Eye liners.

    You always make me want to buy more makeup!! and it's a good thing!! <3

  6. I can be so cheap when it comes to make up lol. But if I could afford it I think that I would get that kit. And what is the color of your polish?! It is divine!

  7. @Rainy Days, they're yearly lenses :D SCORE!

  8. @Cindia it's Deborah Lippman Darker Side of the Moon with OPI's Mad as a Hatter glitter, it's listed in my previous post silly

  9. AHHHH I bet you are going to get a signed one! That would be SO cool and totally priceless!
    I like how you said you "invested" 900 dollars, haha :)

    You EOTD looks FAB! I love it- it is so, so pretty. The MAC eyeshadow trio is so nice, it is unique! normally you don't see red shadows too often and the trio with the black and silver is gorgeous.

    That is SO cool about the groupon!
    Can you only get one coupon for it?
    How do they know.. haha
    I DEFINITELY am going to invest in that! haha
    I recently have heard from a couple friends about crazy offers from groupon (helicopter rides, etc.) but never really looked into it so far.. i definitely will now! what a GREAT deal! :)

    GREAT POST STEPH, this was definitely one of my favorites :)

    ps- the cupcake looks SO nummy!!

  10. WOW.
    I see why you have a make up blog.
    Lol, you really are an addict.
    ha, but it's prety amazing to get on here and see all the make up you have and how you ware it.
    Quoting the best show ever "you make it work"

  11. i want that cupcake... and uber envious of your sephora haul

  12. Holy Moly, that is a nice MUFE kit. I didnt even know that MUFE had a kit like that online. Nice haulage. Cant wait to see what else you got.

  13. And once again, I hate you. I wanted the MUFE makeup kit ever since I saw it in my Sephora magazine. *jealous* and totally loving the EOTD.

  14. I love how you do your eyeshadows!! Im going to try to recreate this look... Im crossing my fingers cause I dont want to look like a mess ha!

  15. that makeup forever rock for ever dany's essentials looks fab! you get a full size of the microfinish powder which is $30 by itself. the kabuki brush like also $39 by itself. those two products already add up to $69 so yes, $299 is so worth it! i love the kabuki brush. it's so soft! i love how matte the powder makes my face. hope you get that signature!

  16. @susan. the kabuki is a big reason why I went for the set! lol I didn't see a HD powder/kabuki set this I figured..I'd go for the gold haha. I'm so excited and cannot wait to own that kabuki brush!!! <3

    @Neny :D you should! and start blogging missy!

  17. your EOTD is fabulous and you're making me want the pink circle lenses! and nice haul from Sephora! MUFE products are amazing and it sounds like you got your money's worth!

  18. wow!! that makeup forevor thing is amazing!! if i ever run an amazing and succesful businees like you, pls remind me that i want that so i can buy it lol. :))

  19. Once again, your makeup is impeccable. Spot on! Tutorial please!

    You can never go wrong with cupcakes! Yum, makes me crave it NoW! Gotta hunt down a place that's open at this time though. Most of the places here close so early!

    Wow, that's some makeup case! I can see you going ape-crazy in play with it! Awesome buy!

  20. My boyfriend and I are the same way when it comes to eating out. Usually when we go out to eat we'er really hungry so we like to go to places that we know are good. So we hardly try new places, but sometimes we do and it turns out fabulous!

    I love those colored lenses on you! Also, your make up look is beautiful! I wish I could do my makeup like that!

    I looooove cupcakes! I made some homemade red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting last week! Yum!

  21. That sure looks like a yummy cupcake! I love MUFE products...I hope you do a review when you use all the stuff in that train case!

  22. Hehhe, I swooped on that Nordies coupon deal, love shopping at Nordstrom rack.

    Ohhh the eye shadow looks so pretty on you. It really brings out your contacts.

  23. second chances are always good! most of the time you end up falling in love with them LOL The Illamasqua Quad looks just amazing!! with the three colors you used, i can see a bit of yellow even though you didn't use yellow!

    you need to do makeup tutorials on your youtube account! hehehe i actually am liking the pink lenses on you too! oOo a year lenses yayyyyy!

    that oreo cupcake looks delicious! I wish we had a cupcakes place here or some bakery :/ wish you luck on getting the kit that got signed! (:


  24. I really like the colours of the Illamasqua Quad. And your combination of both the MAC colours and the silvery one from the quad is a match made in heaven! Your eyes look amazing with both the lenses and the makeup. I've been admiring your eye makeup for so long...I really want to learn how to master blending techniques. I'm not good at knowing what colours to use and stuff. If I had that MAC trio..or the Illamasqua Quad, I honestly would've just stuck with the ONE compact and tried to put it on my eye. I wouldn't have thought of mixing the two. LOL And THAT'S why you should do my makeup for my future wedding. ; )

    I can't wait to see what you got from Sephora in picture-form!!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  25. great makeup! and that cupcake looked so good!

  26. your EOTDs are always so pretty! and idk if its your lenses but your eyes always look so huge! i love it! lol :) cant wait to see your cube filled up!

  27. Wow, your eyes look so beautiful with those lenses and that makeup! That cupcake looks so delicious, and that rack you got at the bottom of the post is so cool. :-)

  28. holy crap 900 in one visit to Sephora, I bow down! That's how much I spend in a year on skincare alone. My friend owns 500.00 worth of make up brushes alone which her puppy chewed through :(

  29. Hey Stephanie! I love your eye makeup. I can't do eye make up so I typically go with cream that way you can smudge it and it's idiot proof. Have you heard of kelly zhang? She's AMAZING. I went to her post break up on a trip by myself and said what the hey, she gave me tutorial and it was amazing. I posted a photo on my blog
    If you check out and look at before and afters they are shockers. too bad she's on the west coast. I told her she should open up on the east coast. :)
    I cannot wait till xmas for your drawing the excitement is killing me!!!

  30. Hi Steph!

    I wish there was a Nordstrom Rack near me :( That cupcake looks so good but it probably tastes really sweet.
    50% off is a pretty sweet deal! The groupon for Vancouver, BC is quite dull. It's usually only restaurant coupons or travel coupons. I absolutely love your nails!

    from Vancouver, Canada :)

  31. Hmm, that's a pretty good deal if you put it that way. (Referring to the MUFE Rock for Ever Dany's Essentials). The pencil sharpener "Grind House" from UD is like 8bucks, which is kind of insane..cuz it's literally just a pretty purple sharpener. Might as well buy a cheap one from Target. I think your lashes looks amazing, especially when you have your eyes looks so perfect. I seriously am thinking of getting it done too. Maybe my xmas pressy to myself? haha

  32. Your eyes are very lovely, heehee ^^

    And you gotta loove photo effects =) I tend to use them a lot to edit my face and my crappy camera quality. LOOL

    Yumm! Cupcakes! I've yet to find a good place that sells cupcakes =P

    & wow. The MUFE kit sounds really pricey at first but after you did the math, the price is pretty good. It's almost drugstore pricing! Too bad I can't afford it at the moment =/

  33. lol lame. you know i actually tried to do a smoky eye yesterday just for the heck of it and i failed miserably? i was using the Naked palette and struggling to get the colors truly dark and what do I see here? a super dark, gorgeous smoky eye! >:(

    the Illamasqua quad's base effect is super glamorous! it just made everything so glittery and shiny. i like it much better than a typical black smoky eye. and I hope you use the lovely pink eyeshadow in the Dangerzone Trio!! It looks AMAZING!

    its funny that you said the MAC Glitter had a ton of fall out because I don't see any??? and your lahes look fab <3 you get the full effect when your eyes are closed! imagine how amazing they look to potential clients when you're sitting at the reception desk!?!?

    and ughhhhh you got the MUFE traincase!?!??! lol i've always want it. have you seen the portable MUFE mirror stand thing for professionals? i want that too, haha! i loveeeee the lashes the MUFE traincase comes with! they're used in so many pictorials! <3

    excited for you!!! :)

  34. Wow, you really spent a lot on makeup this time. Heheh! I just saw a video by Andrea's Choice doing a makeup train things of what she puts in her box. That should be a great thing to bring with you on your trip to see your family! Gorgeous eye makeup like always Steph! How long do you spend doing your eye makeup alone?


  36. Good luck on your Groupon deal! I've heard lots of horror stories from vendors who deal with Groupon bcos they have such a huge inflow of customers using the coupon but hopefully Nordstrom Rack will be organized since they ARE nordys! =)

    Are you going to do a review on the MUFE train case? I hope you do!

    and i love the photo effect you did on your eye makeup!


  37. LOL at SAM that cupcake looks yummy.

  38. omg that cupcake looks SOOO good. I want some. phai share =P

  39. omg that cupcake looks SOOO good. I want some. phai share =P

  40. I love the 2tone eye shadow!! I'm gonna try to do that sometime, thanks for the idea!

    I do use groupon and LOVE it! Their deals are the best.

  41. steph... i think you need to start doing tutorial vids! i love the eye makeup!

    and... I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOUR HAUL FROM SEPHORA!! hahah :D i didn't get any this year since i'm broke... but i'll live through the purchases of others! haha :)

  42. I recently started getting interested in makeup...after all these years...haha!

    I think it would be great if you did some vid tutorials. Love the eye makeup...I'm really into that now!

  43. By the way...I'm a subbie now, after stumbling on your blog a day ago!

  44. Hope you are having a nice time in Boston! :D You haven't udpated :p

  45. You look pretty with that eye makeup, I think I'll copy the look. The cupcake must have been as delicious as in the photo,

  46. The eyelook is amazing! So sparkly and pretty!! xXx

  47. OMG!!! I want that oreo cupcake...I must find it lol

  48. I actually love that trio it's very fun colors by MAC , I think its good to keep it its one that might be handy..I luv that kit btw

  49. groupons are amazing, i just wish that my area would have great sales like the one you did, especially if you can get them to buy great shoes!!!!! mine are usually just half off for restaurants, which atlanta's groupon was cooler = (

  50. Beautiful eye look! That's a nice look for New Years party!

  51. I HAVE to get my hands on some circle lens' ... you make them look gorgeous!

  52. loving the bracelet.... and mmmmmm that cupcake looks good any post involving food has my attention


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