November 22, 2010

Nordstrom Rack Groupon Used!

Hey ladies! Yesterday, Minh and I set out for Nordstrom Rack to look for a winter coat for me :D I didn't find a coat, but I did find some Tory Burch Reva flats!!!
Everytime I'm at a Nordy Rack, I always, always raid the "designer shoe" section first.
I found this Chocolate (leather) pair of Reva Flats at first in a size 8.5..and then I found an 8!
I can fit 7 1/2 or 8 in the Reva, but I like the fit of the 8's more although the extra room makes the bottom bend a little over time.
Reva's intially are NOT comfortable, they take time to break in and mold to your toes.
After the leather "stretches" ~ they're much more friendly :D

(look no nail polish! (*rare*)

This makes my 3rd pair of the Reva Flats and this pair for $ such a good deal : )

They normally are $200 for the most plain pairs.

I have the black leather pair with the silver medallion, and the silver pair also with the silver medallion (Minh bought them for me when he was in Portland (no sales tax there!)

I found a pair of wedges as well! These were called the "Coconut Wedges"
Nordy Rack's price $179.99

They didn't have my size sadly, they had 2 pairs of 8.5, and 1 pair of 5.5 at the NR in South Center. They were able to look up the item and found two pairs in my size about an hour away.

I was going to go pick them up tonight, but I'm still stuck at work..our 4:30 client just's now the snowed today in Seattle. lol

I also picked up a pair for my sister! I found this gold pair with snake skin for only $99! They're a size 7..and for some odd reason they fit me too..but a bit snug. I hope they'll fit Julia. The retail price said $265! What a steal! Did I mention I used my $50 groupon!? I'm a big believer in the groupon now : ) We still have one more groupon left, and I hope to get those Coconut Wedges!
(all the shoe photos were taken with my case you were wondering)
Overall, I left with 2 pairs of Tory Burch flats & a hat for Minh for $ can't really go wrong there : )
And I leave you with a picture of me and my sister Julia from 2008.
We were to the Detroit Istitute of Art (The DIA) a few days after Thanksgiving when it first opened. I can't wait to see her in a few days! Minh and I are meeting my parents in Boston for some family time. We're also going to be going to the Michael Buble Concert on the 27th in Boston! :D
I still have that Coach bag, it was the first bag I bought with my very first paycheck when I worked at Amway Artistry :D

The weather is so frightful out here in Seattle. Sam might be spending the night at our place since we live 2 blocks (walking distance) from the office. The roads are way to icy for him to make his drive home (two massive hills). Seattle people aren't the best snow drivers...
In Michigan...12" of snow? We still go out and do our normal daily tasks lol.
It's SO weird to see the chains on the bus tires. I guess they don't have that many salt and sand trucks in WA. Sam told me that a bad snow comes around every 2-4 years.

Anyhow..I really need a winter coat! I left all my winter gear back in Michigan.
I think I'm going to hit up the North Face store tomorrow and just fork over some dinero on a goose down coat! I have a feeling Boston is going to be frosty!
But I can't wait to reunited with my Mom, Dad, and Sister : )
I really have missed my family...


  1. Ahhh. I hate the snow. :( I live in Utah and it snows all the damn time. People come here from out of the country to snowboard/ski. I don't get it. =/ We're supposed to have a big blizzard storm tomorrow and I think I'm gonna cry. :( Btw, I love your finds at Nordstrom Rack. The Nordstrom Rack in Utah never have Tory Burch's flats. Maybe there is, but I'm not seeing any :(

  2. Okay, thoes shoes are ADORIBLE~
    at first when I saw them I was like "hmmm, I think I have seen these some where" but then I remembered you tweeted about them like crazy.
    I hate the cold
    I live in Pennsylvania so it's warm, cold, or snowing

  3. I can't believe you found all those cute Tory's there! At first I thought the top pair were the black with gold and I was gonna say, I bought these full price! haha
    But brown is equally as cute- nice choice :)

    Do they check your id or anything when you get the groupon? Because I think you can only buy one, which makes sense, but is there a way to buy multiple and use them at different times????

    I am SO jealous you get to see Michael Buble- he is SO good and I love all of his music

    Boston will be great to see your family, etc. that will be so great! You and your sis look so young in the pic haha

    but you def. should invest in a winter coat! even in WA it is getting really cold (hence the snow) but in Boston it is WAY colder, I can't even imagine :(

    you are so funny talking about driving an hour away for the shoes-- in the SNOW
    maybe it is because you are used to it from Michigan, because people in Seattle CANNOT drive in it for sh*t haha
    it is really crazy!
    I remember one year my brother totalled his car in the snow going down a hill :l

    In 2008, Seattle had a HUGE disaster in December. The city was not used to getting hardly any snow, so when it hit, and it hit hard, people were basically locked in their houses because they couldn't get out of their houses- etc.
    Seattle has invested in more sand and salt trucks for sure since then! I was just at a dinner with Seattle mayors and current Mayor McGinn was making jokes about it! haha

    great post! I will be checking out Nordstrom Rack this week (if the snow stops) haha I will have to let you know what I pick up :)

  4. My first time seeing snow IN PERSON :D was when i took a 3-day trip to Big Bear with my friends last Dec. It was awesome!!! Didn't get to do much because my friend's sons were too little. It's tough to travel with little kids!!!

    I hardly see TB flats @ Nordstron Rack. Once or twice, i saw them at The Last Call store, but they weren't in my size (i usually wear 7.5, but for the TB flats, i fit comfortably in an 8).

    Awww....u always think of ur sister every time u shop. How sweet!!! I used to wish for a big sis :). $200ish for 2 TB flats and a hat?? Wow, amazing steal!

  5. The flats are adorable! I love the chocolate colour. Hmm, if they're leather and stretch, you should've hunted for the 7.5s! Well, you know your feet better than I do anyway. :P You know, I started disliking flats this year because they have been SO uncomfortable for me. I find it much more comfortable to walk around in heels all day than flats. Two pairs of designer shoes & a hat are very worth the price of $200. Great job :D

    Wow, you and your sister look so alike and different at the same time! Speaking of "first purchases", did I ever tell you that my first online credit card purchase was with DSK Jewelry? :P I knew about you for so long, but finally got a credit card back in January..and made my first purchase around April. :D

    What kinds of coats were you looking for btw? I wanted to get this Burberry puff one, but didn't have a chance to try it on at the store, but I'm very happy with my Canada Goose purchase. The North Face is a great choice though! Lots of people go to them for winter gear. : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  6. You always find really good thigs at Nordys those Tory flats are nice I will have to go to Nordys and find me some I have been wanting some fo a while now.

  7. i like that coach bag haha, i didnt find anything at nordy rack in minneapolis boo urns lol

  8. Love the Tory Burch shoes!! I actually just bought that groupon, so excited to use it!
    The snow in Seattle is crazy! I live in Capitol Hill and have seen so many accidents.

  9. Love the shoes and Love Nordstrom Rack...wish we had it in Canada! When I was visiting Chicago last yr I went into one for the first time and it was love right away. I got this amazing Michael Kors winter coat for so cheap and everyone ALWAYS compliments me on it :)

  10. @Thao do you check often? Sometimes all the good stuff gets snatched up the day it's put out on the floor. I constantly stalk the Nordy Racks around me :D

    @The Little Dust Princess I'm looking for the warmest coat possible! lol I'm not picky :) A Burberry coat sounds so luxurious, but I'm sure the price tag is quite prestigious as well! haha

  11. @Robyn have you be to Cafe Presse? It's in Capitol Hill I just ate there recently, such yummie french food!

  12. Gawwwd the TB Reva's are so hard to find! When you tweeted about them yesterday I went to my local Nordy's to try to find them too. No such luck. Pooh! I've been trying to get one for the longest time. Lucky!

    Imma be haunting my local Nordy's this whole week now!

    I remember the very first time I went to Seattle to meet the BF's (now hubby) family. They said it was the first time it snowed in the longest time. Not quite fond of the cold (or anything below 70 degrees). I remember South Center being completely packed because we were trapped there for a few hours due to a sudden snow storm. Not fun when you're wearing 3.5-inch heels and stuck in a mall for 8 hours! I ended up getting a nice, warm fuzzy slipper after the 3rd hour. Whew!

  13. I love those flats and wedges! That's it, I'm getting a groupon and am going to Nordstrom rack tomorrow morning when I wake up. It's a perfect way to spend my day off!

  14. UGHH lol I'm so jealous of your Nordstrom Rack haul. everyone is getting TB flats these days! even ExtraPetite picked a pair up the other day!

    I can't believe you got everything for the equivalent of ONE pair of Tory Burch flats!! did I tell you that I went specifically to Nordstrom Rack after your tweet and I didn't see a SINGLE pair of Tory Burch anything? lol no Marc Jacobs or anything interesting either. just tons of Cole Haan shoes.. =(

    anyways i lovee the ones you picked up! they're my favorite model <3 do you ever wear the silver ones?? silver shoes are so daring~ haha take pictures the next time you do!! i want to see them in action. and dang your blackberry took those pictures? they're pretty clear. so many bloggers have iphones and the quality of their pictures are sorta blah. lol

    the pair you're giving julia are soo super cute too. my favorite have always been the REva but i love the little bow detailing on these!

    and you should get a Burberry coat ;) it can match your shoes, purse, etc. lol who cares if it isn't warm!!! haha :) :)

  15. those shoes look soooo cute ^_^ I need to find those at my Nordstrom Rack before they're gone!

  16. I like the second pair the most, they look so fancy : ) and wow, you and your sister look alike aww : )

  17. after reading this post i sent my friend a mail hoping he would go check out nordy racks for me since he lives fairly close to the factoria one. i wish we had nordy here in canada boo to that. for jacket wise north face jackets are nice. since not a lot of people in seattle wears aritzia's tna jacket you can check that out too. is a nice jacket but too much people have it here in Toronto and the Canada goose jackets is worst no matter where you go you see someone in one. is like a uniform here lol.

  18. awh you and your sister match in the last picture! :) and i know what you mean about snow. I used to live in Canada, and it took way more to have a snow day than it does now in colorado. haha but oh well, i'm not complaining :)

  19. Nice shoes! and I hope you enjoy your thanksgiving visit with your family in Michigan , and all are well and healthy =)

  20. It's not cold here and it's not going to be frosty when you get here! Today was in the 60's!

  21. its good to hear you'll get to see your family soon! (: over here on the upper east coast its pretty chilly and cold >.<

    wow i've see these flats being worn by many girls but never knew what the brand was called. now i know hehehe (: you always seem to get lucky finding nice things that are on sale! i wish we had a nordstrom where i live :/ the name coconut wedges sound yummy lmaoo i love coconuts! have you tried drinking from the coconut fruit?

    i love snow! well sometimes LOL mostly to go sledding and boarding =] also its so beautiful when it snows

    stay warm and enjoy your time in MA!


  22. i like them tory shoes. Im more on the brown-neutral kind of shoes since they match a lot of my clothes.

    Washington's weather is being bi-polar. Lol, I was watching the news all yesterday and it was. Bad but today its sunny! Hopefully you stayed warm. :)

  23. Yeah, it's pretty crazy in Seattle. Most of the years you barely get any snow for the holidays, but two years ago we had this insane blizzard. I was stranded for 6 freaken hours, even though I left work super early hoping to get home before it got worse. Well, this year I was smarter and as soon as I saw the snow stick to the ground, I got my self home asap. (right after my, took me 4 hours to get home via bus. My poor brother was driving around in traffic for 7 years and didn't get home til 1AM!

    You always seem to find great deals at Nordie Rack. I go countless times (I live supa close to Southcenter) always fails me. Even the Nord. Rack in downtown is a mess for me to navigate through. *sobs*

  24. i'll take those 8.5's lmao damn my big feet i wish i had smaller feet as almost all asians do :(
    the ones you're getting for julia are superrrr cute! ^^
    you always get sidetracked when you hit up nordies haha

    it is quite nippy over here lol but not where you need a goose down coat lol i wear a denali and i think it's warm enough :) it's just really windy. can't wait til it snows!!!

  25. ah i see you put your groupon to good use! i've always wanted a pair of tory's! but i have really weird feet - they're long and skinny so they don't really fill out shoes right... and i have flat feet so my podiatrist said i shouldn't be wearing flats without insoles D:

    i'm SOOOOO freakin jealous you're going to see michael buble!! take pics! :)

  26. how long have you had the coach bag? It still looks so crisp and new!!

  27. You got such a great deal at NR!! That's awesome! For me, $119 for flats is a little pricey, especially because I'm more of a heel girl, but when your getting a 'designer' label it really is a such a steal! How do the Tory's hold up? Also, how was the process with using groupon at the store?

    I LOVE Michael Buble!!! That is so cool that your seeing him in concert. I love his music but I'm thinking his concert would be maybe a little dull. Can't wait to hear all about!

  28. Hope you are staying warm my dear! We were supposed to go to Chicago for Thanksgiving but thanks to this snow and ice, no cabs want to take us to the airport so we are completely stuck! UGH. Anyway, hope you have a great Thanksgiving Steph!

    p.s. I bought that groupon but haven't had a chance to go to NR. I can't believe I missed out on all those Tory Burch flats!

  29. OMG! I heard about the snow! Stay warm and have a wonderful time with your family in Boston!! :)

  30. i wish it was cold here. i live in southern california, and it is like on again off again hot and cold. i wear my coat cause its cold, then an hour later im sweating, oh welll. anyway, that is a great deal!! i love the tory burch flats, they are toooo cute, no fair. i got mine for a bajillion million dollarssss, haha anyway im glad you get to see your family, i know i love the hpolidays because my family is together. :))) happy thanksgiving!!

  31. Great deals there! I've been on the website a few times but I never found a deal that I'm interested in!

    Hope you'll be able to get those wedges and the jacket!! I really want a goose down coat too! They're so warm! ^^

    And I can't believe it's snowed for you already!! I live in Toronto (Canada) and there's no snow yet! Well..there was but they melted as soon as they touched the ground.

  32. I gotta stalk my Nordstrom Rack more often then. Thanks for the tip, Steph! :D

  33. I am in love with Buble! We flew down to St. Louis and saw him earlier this year. I posted a video on my facebook. He walked to the audience and grabbed B by the arm! Guys will say they don't like him but all the guys enjoyed it. They didnt' think they would but he's dirty and funny. I love his voice!!
    He's so sexay!

  34. I love Buble! He's from my hometown :)

    It's so great that he appeals to such a wide audience. My SIL is in her early 20s and my MIL in her 50s all like him! Haha.

    I hope you are had a grreeeat time at the concert!

  35. the flats are KI-YOOOT!!! and the wedges are gorgeous... but... they're so expensive..... =(

  36. Nice shoes. But I can anything in Nordstrom. They don´t send intertional order.

  37. Lol the pomegranate video is so random! I'm in love with the shoes!!! The coconut wedges look so perfect for work.

  38. What a great find at Nordies!! And so nice of you to get a pair for Julia! My sissy has opposite style so I cant buy her too much stuff or else she'll turn into a mini-me, haha.

    How was Boston?!

  39. ohmygosh i want to go to nordstrom rack so badly! between your posts and my roommate -_- i never find anything at mine though :(

  40. The flats look gorgeous... My auntie has a pair & I kept looking at them haha! Theyre too pretty not to notice them!

  41. I love nordstrom rack SOOO much the one in San Diego, CA has a HUUUGGGGEEE selection and has awesome just off truck days for extra 50%. Luckily they have a tooon of stuff. I always find Tory BUrch, andstuff one time I FOUND CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINS!!!! still out of my size and price range but pretty good if your a size 6.5

  42. your sister and you look so cute together.

    and very jealous of your shoes!!! i have been looking for them, but i can never find them on sale! will have to find a nordstrom rack nearby soon!

  43. i love your shoe haul, especially the Tory Burches!! and my bf LOVES Legal Seafood and has to get it on his annual business trip up to Boston. love all the beautiful trip pictures!

  44. Cute shoes! Nordstrom is one of my favorite stores!

  45. I'm SO jealous about you doing the Michael Buble concert! I ADORE him! I fell more in love with him when he appeared on the Rachael Ray show... he is so enticing!

  46. I'm sooo jealous you were able to snag those shoes! and at a deal too. :-( wish I had the dinero for them


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