November 4, 2010

Shoebox Surprises

(I'm updating from the office's computer..and it won't let me space out my paragraphs! It's all bunching together)
I organized my closet earlier today and lookie what I found! I found a whole box full of makeup! I had some back up items, MAC quads, eyeshadows, and lipsticks :D
I found my A Rose Romance lipstick!!! I had thought I lost it so it was like winning the lottery to find everything : )

I hung up all of my clothes, and my room has never looked better!
I organized my shoe boxes, and handbags : )
I still have loads of makeup to organized. This past year I've been spoiled
because Marisa always would be my professional makeup and closet organizer..but she abandoned me for a "real job." But I am going with her to take her new puppy Kobe to the vet tomorrow at 3pm ^^ I can't wait to meet him.
I might take the puppies with so we can all go to the dog park after.

I was excited that I found some Beautymaker shadow palettes and a Jill Stuart palette that I've never used. I can't wait to try them out soon.
I've been a home body lately apart from going out to lunch. I've just been working nothing terribly exciting. Therefore, no new FOTD, or EOTD posts. I don't really wear makeup if I don't go outside my apartment..matter of fact..I stay in my pajamas all day :D

Minh and I just watched the movie Splice last night. It was pretty weird in a science fiction kind of way. Kind of wrong like the movie Species back in 1995 lol
I'm also on Episode #4 of True Blood -- also super weird! But I'm looking forward to watching more :D I love Netflix. I might have to get the 2 movies at a time. I currently pay $8.99 a month for movies. I also like to visit the Redbox to get $1 movies or $1.50 Blu-Rays.

We don't have cable right now, and we decided not to go get Direct TV. I never thought I could live without cable, but I'm doing fine with just having NBC, ABC, and the CW.
The only shows I look forward to are...Gossip Girl, and Law & Order LA hahaha

We save a good $50-60 / month with no cable : )
Plus, we find other things to do rather than watch TV in our apartment. There's always the lounge and gym to go to if we desperately wanted to watch cable. I think my dad has watched TV in the lounge more times than I have! He was visiting during the Soccer tournaments.
Anyhow..I'm kind of missing Bravo...I used to have it on 14 hours of the day!

But enough of my withdrawals...
I have updated my blog sale with things I don't want anymore,
I eventually want to have as little random things as possible.
I want to have a super clear fridge with only the necessities. I'm starting to throw out random food and snacks that we hardly eat from the cupboard.
Clutter just makes the apartment more stressful and not a fun place.
I did buy a treat jar for the puppies treats & bones. I just pour everything into their treat jar and throw away or recycle the boxes. I find it saves a lot of room : )

My life is slowly coming together. I start to think I'm learning how to settle. I'm content with my life so far. I can't wait until the day Minh and I are blessed with the perfect house.

I wonder if this blog post will update on your reader and blog rolls.
Let me know if it does or doesn't work :D
I'm still trying to figure out this blog's issues!

Thanks for visiting and let me know what's your favorite thing about Autumn ^^
p.s. Seattle radio stations need to stop playing that one Bruno Mars song!
I'm going nuts.


  1. I love organizing things! I usually redo my bedroom closets, kitchen closets, linen closets, etc. about once a month. But the two things I always have to have organized is my pantry and fridge. haha

  2. @CocoBella dang woman! you're good! How long does it usually take you to do everything?

  3. its so cool and fun to find something you thought you'd lost already hahaha whats that pretty compact on top?

  4. It must feel so good to have everything all tidy once again! I love keeping my things organized. My closet used to be organized by type of garment and colour, but it's all a mess now. LOL I REALLY HAVE TO GO CLEAN IT. Grrr. School and exams though.. :( How are you going to organize your makeup? Do you have any makeup cases / storage space for them? I'd love to see a video of that. ^_^

    SPLICE. I've been meaning to watch that!! It was filmed just an hour or two away from my city. :D Saving on the cable is a great idea! You can always watch your favourite shows much easier. You can watch them at any time. :P

    The purple MUFE eyeshadow you have up for sale is SO pretty. This post showed up on my reader! : ) I think the feed of your blog should be fine now.

    omigosh I TOTALLY agree about the Bruno Mars thing. It's so overplayed and I constanty have to change the station while in the car.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  5. Everything has to be super organized in my house, lol.
    But that's just the way I like it.
    btw, I'm sooo jelous of how you can get all of this AMAZING make up.

  6. Kudos to saving money on no cable! When I moved in with my fiance we went to COX asking for only internet and we left with a bundle of internet, digital cable, and telephone. We don't even need the telephone, it's really such a waste. Gotta learn how to say no! lol

  7. yay new blog post!

    and hey i was cleaning today too! lol i wish I was lucky like you and found a box of makeup hidden away, haha but southern california has been hit with bed bugs really badly so i'm like steaming/re-organizing everything. isn't that gross though? even college campuses like USC and SDSU have been hit! and worst of all... several Victoria Secrets!!! =X

    you should post pictures of your newly organized room =D did you also get around to organizing your bathroom? lol i remember you posted a picture once and on the counter, there was just this massive pile of makeup! haha

    and favorite thing about autumn? the weather! and getting to wear jackets and boots.. the anticipation of Thanksgiving & Christmas!!! my family actually doesn't celebrate Christmas so my boyfriend's family invites me to theirs so I've only got to experience A REAL christmas like 2 times.

    but mostly the weather. where I live, it was 105 today... wtheck is that, right? =\ my home doesn't even have air conditioning so you can imagine how difficult it was =\ so jealous you're in Seattle and get to experience cloudy weather (even though you hate it) haha

    did your acrylic organizer come yet!? dying to see that =D

  8. OMG finding all those things IS LIKE winner a lottery alright!! lol! I used to not have cable either for 5 months, but when we moved I had to have it so I don't miss the rest of my show, but yeah I'm with you with saving money. We currently pay more than $100 a month for cable blah! So yeah I make sure to watch all the shows I can or dvr them so i get my money worth lol!

  9. hahah! i love organizing places, i recently decided to take up the challenge of cleaning my friend's room.. she had a HUGE container of pens and after we went out to eat, i made her get rid of the ones that weren't working.. and her collection was seriously halved. yay go me! :P

  10. Lucky shoebox! Must have been fun to look through it :D

    I haven't had cable in over a year and it is sooo expensive! So yeah i don't miss it at all (although I watch my favorite shows on my computer) it's nice to know I'm saving 60 a month.

    Hope you have fun at the park if you take your doggies with you to the appt!

  11. It seems to be updating on reader as I am reading it right now.
    I love Netflix too! I access it through my PS3 and it is so easy as we can stream movies that are available. Of course some are only available through dvd only.

  12. yay!! i love finding old treasure =D i found a shopping bag recently, where I stocked up on leggings =D lol.. I bought them last spring.. when they had a big fall sale.. and i stocked up!! and recently found them.. i was so happy because I was on the market to find new leggings =D and now i dont have to! hehe. i have a snack jar for my doggies too.. just makes it so much easier.. =D

  13. Yea! Don't you love it when you find random stuff that you didn't even know you had around. One of my most memorable "discovery" was when I found $200 I had hidden away in a coat pocket when I was probably 5 or 6. Then forgot about it, and a few years while going through old clothing to donate (yea, my mom is a hoarder. She doesn't get rid of things!) I found the mmoolah! It was a pleasant surprise! Funny how I never liked using a piggie bank as a kid. hahah. But pretty awesome stuff you found. Just wondering though..I thought you're not suppose to keep makeup for too long? Do you throw them out or just keep using them even if their 1-2 years old?

  14. Holy cow, cleaning your closet was like hitting the jackpot! You found a lot of good S!

  15. I love netflix too! *high five* we just got it and oh man i am watching random movies and shows. i just started on true blood also...wanted to see what all the fuss was about. its ok in my bood but i dont love it or anything on episode 9 or 10! (it gets good here, finally..)

    girrrl, i noticed you've been coping a looooooooot of designer stuff...i am so jealous!! haha!!

  16. btw i don't have cable either!

    (real housewives of beverly hills is on now!!)

  17. Life without TV, I never thought I could do it either. But over the Summer my dad decided to cut off our cable because it was getting too expensive after everyone decided to go digital. I about cried because I couldn't watch Disney channel anymore. :( But I survived, and I find a bajillion different things to do. Like my design homework, if I had tv, I would never touch homework until the very last minute. ;P

  18. I actually really like the leaves changing colors in Autumn. I don't like it when all the leaves are gone! haha
    What is your favorite thing about Autumn!?

    Ooh I can't believe that you found that box! That is SO cool! I love it when I find things, but I rarely do :l

    & I definitely know what you mean about the one Bruno Mars song! Anytime I'm driving I hear it all the time! I feel like all radio stations are like that though-so dumb! haha

    How have you been liking the weather lately in Seattle? It was 68 degress out two nights ago! I walked out of class and it was SO warm!!

  19. ahaha I wish I had a random shoebox full of amazing makeup!! haha how about you sened the shoeboxofmakeup elf to my house? ;D

  20. Doesn't it feel good to clean up and de-clutter?! It feels like you have a new home again. Funny how alot of the girls I know are cleaning house like crazy right now for the upcoming holidays (I've got in-laws visiting for Thanksgiving).

    I gotta clean out my closets 2-3 times a year (Salvation Army and Goodwill love me), laundry/storage room monthly, etc. Just finished cleaning the entire 3rd floor today too! Yay!

    I can't imagine how awesome your makeup collection is. Mine pales next to yours. On a makeup buying restriction so I can save up for the upcoming holiday sales and ...(dun dun duuun..crossing fingers)...Balenciaga bag.

  21. Nice! I always find things I never even realized i lost when i clean my room XD

  22. I love going through my things too just to look at how pretty they are :). Sometimes i buy stuff just b/c they look pretty. What a way to waste money!

    Yeah, cable costs so much. I have phone/internet/cable package for about $130 a month. It's too darn expensive. I need a landline b/c there's no cell phone reception where i live. It totally sucks not to be able to use your cell at home.

  23. the cw has the best shows ^^ maybe that's just because im a teenager and i love all those kinds of shows. gossip girl! :P

  24. I like to organize everything LOL if i see sumtin messy, it just bothers me so I have to organize. I love when I get to organize my whole room and find things I've been missin for ages. my thoughts always are "oh that was where it was, silly me!"

    I'm exactly the same as u Steph! When I don't plan on goin out, I like to stay in my comfy pjs hehehe.

    My friend recommended the movie Splice and I started like a few min. of it then it was weird so I never continued or finished HAHAHA. would u say its worth the watch??

    I wish I can say the updates are showin up on the blog rolls. sorry. :/ I'm sure u'll figure it out and fix it! :)

    my favorite thing about autumn is the changin color of leaves. its sooo pretty!


  25. I love the cooler autumn weather! It doesn't get really cold because I live in Hawaii, but it's been cool and breezy lately and I'm in love with it! I'd love to see pictures of your organization...maybe it will make me motivated to organize my house!

  26. Why am I not under your "Daily Reads"??? Don't even act like you don't read my S! lulz

  27. I haven't had cable for over a year! Only been watching online streaming or what not. I agree there are other stuff to do besides watching tv.. haha

  28. i love finding things of value its like christmas morn lol

  29. haha omg, Steph, it's like Christmas!!! lol! you are too cute :) i've done that before though, i totally found a bag of MAC make-up behind my freakin car seat!!! like, wtf was that shit doing there?! lol! needless to say, they were all brand new items that i hardly remember buying ... life of a hoarder *head down* sighhh .. lol!

  30. You must be have tons of make up, that almost forgot the rest :) I'm a begginer collector, hope one day will have like yours :)
    I love to watch tv, so can't live without cable.

  31. its good to hear your happy with your life. I dont know whats my fave autumn thing right now. I hate it when the radio stations play song so much that they're just played out.

  32. i wish i find a box of make up...
    you should make a make up collection video/post!! probably video or that would need a lot of picture taking :P
    my favourite thing about autumn is the crunchy leaves!!
    *sigh*..theres nothing like a good crunch of a leaf on the floor....

  33. Every once in awhile, I organize my entire closet :p It's fun finding old things. It's always surprising that way :D I love it. I recently found boots that have been stored away for awhile and totally forgot about them! :p Now i can use them :)

    Nothing wrong without having cable! I watch everything online. I have a tv port that connects from the computer to the TV and I have awesome shows whenever I want to :) Easy peasy, haha :) Netflix and Red Box are great ideas :) I occasionally rent from Red Box as well :)

    Your makeup blogsale is great Steph! :)

  34. Oh, man. I'm embarrased to admit that I'm quite a hoarder. I always have so much clutter in my room! I don't have the heart to throw anything else unless it's really..junk. I keep thinking that I'll need it one day =/ I really should practice cleaning up my room and not giving second thoughts about whether or not to throw somethng >_<

    Glad to hear that you're settling well. And good job for surviving without cable. I've survived without cable all my life ^^ I don't watch TV that often and if I really want to watch a show, I usually go online =P

    & no! You're still not showing up on my reader!! I unfollowed and followed but nada =(

  35. my fridge is such a mess! i have cake slices and loads of chocolate covered strawberries from my birthday. in addition, i have lots of drinks and fruits. i just cleaned out my fridge and threw out so much stuff! i hate that soy and almond milk goes to waste if you don't drink it all within 10 days of opening them. i totally agree with the clutter! my living room is full of my dog's toys and beds. it makes me crazy looking at them all. whenever i put them away into this house, he drags them all out again the next day, sigh.
    by the way, i love bruno mars! i saw him sing live :) whenever i hear "just the way you are" i can't help but sing along lol. my boyfriend even set the song as my ringtone ;)

  36. You should also take a picture of your room. :D I'd like to see how you organize your stuff. Many people organize things differently. I've seen those boxes where people store makeup and etc, it looks pretty nice!

    Dang Steph, you have lots of makeup and they are mostly brand new. heheh! You should do a blog post of all your favorite time makeup, lipstick and nail polishes!! I would like to see that.

    You know my parents never really got us cable, we were the family with no cable and just watched regular channels and yet we made it through our childhood not knowing lots of tv shows. hahaha! People would dress up all these characters, and I'm thinkin, what are you suppose to be? When I tell them I never seen it, they are so shock. ha ha! But now I'm married and live on my own, it doesn't make too much of a difference. Nothing really special to look at. So now whenever I visit my mom and they don't have cable I'm like whatever.

    Bruno Mar songs on the radio are probably -The way you are & Grenade! ha ha. Believe me when I was driving to Snoqualmmie to visit my parents for a few days, and I had the radio on, only those two songs of his came on. I listen to Kube 93, 92.5 and Kiss 106.1 are my fav radio station. :D What are your favorites?

  37. Haha, I hope you're not talking about the song Grenade! I love that song! But I don't have cable at my house too, it's probably been like a year or two! LOL. My parents were talking about switching cable companies and it just never happened! LOL.

    So what we watch is just movies and chinese dramas we download offline. Thank lord we still have the internet!

  38. I love it when I'm organizing and find things I thought I would never see again! I'm glad your apartment is all coming together, last year I finally sat down and put together a vanity area/makeup chest. It felt so good to finally have a nice, neat space to do my makeup every morning. hahah I do that too (stay in my pj's when I'm at home all day). hmm I wonder if that Bruno Mars song is The Way You Are, I'm getting a little tired of it too.

  39. They won't stop playing Bruno Mars here in the bay area (California) too!! Is it just me or California skipped fall overall and went from steaming hot summer to chilling winter? The weather won't make up its mind which season it wants to be in.

  40. wow! i wish i had a box of makeup that i forgot about! haha :D unfortunately, i haven't purchased makeup in forever :( SINCE... i've been engaged i think!! :O

    what do i love about fall? changing leaves and jumping in piles of leaves!! :) too bad the leaves don't change all that much in CA. i heard it's beautiful in boston :D

  41. I cool that you are being more organized. That's true what you said about clutter. I need to finish organizing my things too.. It's so true about the Bruno Mars song they need to stop playing it... Hahaha... :)

  42. @Gjee the cube is coming this week!!! I got a fedex tracking number :D

    I haven't organized my bathroom yet hahaha

  43. omg i'm so backed up on my make up too! i love buying organization stuff but somehow everything ends up as a big mess!

  44. oooh surprises! those are nice =P

  45. all those shoes are so cute. I want to try them on.

  46. an organized room is awesome. I need to be in the mood to clean things, like my desk for an instance! I try to keep it as neat as possible. When I do clean, I clean ALL day long. Sometimes I think I'm crazy haha!

  47. Sometimes we want to save something so that finally we do not know where it or we agree to it. Like you, I organize my closet always find things that I had forgotten, and I am thrilled to see the back. Both clothes and shoes and makeup.

  48. i wish i could be as neat as you, i just try to avoid cleaning and organizing things as much as possible. but you know i will try to do some cleaning soon because of you

  49. haha Don't you just love it when you go through your things and end up finding things that your didn't know you had until you find them! I love it! ^.~

  50. Haha, I did something like this the other day! I was rearranging my living room and we moved our couch and I found 2 brand new MAC eyeshadows that I ordered and I thought I lost! They were in the sleeve so they must have fallen on the floor and went underneath. It is definitely like finding a treasure!!!

  51. you have a serious makeup collection chica! but who am i to talk my makeup collection has grown from one draw to a whole push cart full in about a year! not Good!


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