December 22, 2010

Bottoms Up!

As many of you know I love LOVE going to Costco : )
I usually buy the Del Monte grapefruit cups, but I noticed they now carried Mixed Berries!
You know I had to try it.

The juice is delicious since it's mostly grape juice haha (says the label).
The blackberries are pretty tasty but the blueberries just taste terrible!!!
They almost had a fermented taste. Minh and I have 6 cups to finish, but we've been mixing it with honey & plain Greek yogurt. It taste ten times better mixed than plain!
Overall..don't buy it! lol Fresh berries taste way better (just not always in season)!
It was my snack while I watched Diggnation & read my book at the same time lol.
I've been reading a book by William Poundstone called Priceless.
In the first few pages he shares with us a tactic Skippy Peanut Butter used to raised their prices (without customers noticing). Skippy containers never used to be indented at the bottom. They used to be just smooth bottoms and 18oz..they reduced the oz to indenting the bottom of the jar and no one ever noticed! lol The apperance of the container looked the same, a normal shopping mother wouldn't notice any changes, since the price was the same..the size appeared the same.

Skippy is genius! (It proves to us that price is not an issue to's really the value they get out of the product that the concern).

They say no one really knows what the price of an item is..they just compare it to what is surrounding the item.

(not a bag I would want..I still haven't found my "dream" Prada)

Have you ever wondered why designers such as Prada offer a few super crazy expensive luxury items? Doesn't it make everything else look more affordable? lol
If you think about it..if they have a handbag for makes that 1-2k bag look pretty cheap (relatively speaking). Price is really justified to us (as consumers) through context (the immediate surroundings).

Now..a common example..there are places in the world where water is worth more than diamonds...because diamonds are essentially..worthless than the human need for water.

It proves that our perception of price, value, and worth are conditioned by the marketing geniuses of the world.

In my opinion..and experience "worth" and "value" is all created : )
Price never mattered.

Also, our real estate agent dropped off a little Christmas cheer yesterday :D

It was quite nice of him!
Bottoms up!


  1. Wow, that is very interesting about the skippy peanut butter... I wonder how many companies have done that...

    That is so sweet of your real estate agent to do that! Ours sent us a gift card to go eat somewhere! It's definitely good practice because it makes me want to go back to him over and over again!!!

    Happy Holidays gorgeous!!!!

  2. interesting about the peanut butter =o but i don't buy skippy myself, we buy peter pan or jif, plus i rather ksip peanut butter altogether and just eat a toasted nutella sandwich XD <3

  3. Ooh! This post was pretty deep. LOL. First off.. that's pretty interesting about Skippy peanut butter. So sneaky on their part.
    and I totally know what you mean about our perspectives about value and costs in this world. Marketing geniuses really know how to disguise them to make us feel "better."

    by the way... I purchased a few pomegranates because now I finally know how to eat them (thanks to your blog!!! ^o^ ) I'm so excited to try them. :)


  4. Such interesting info.. I wouldve never noticed the size of the peanut butter too.. They are smart indeed !

    Hehe Happy Holidays, Steph, Minh, Wally, Timmy, and Nickel =) I think I've read that Nickel is now with Minhs family I'm not sure if he is back.. But happy holidays to you all ^_^

  5. I never knew that about Skippy peanut butter! I wonder what other companies have fooled me over the years.

  6. that is brilliant!! Skippy PB is prettttyy tricky! this upsets me!! But, hey, you gotta respect a company with such mad skillz :) haha but this was a rather mind blowing post!! and how sweet of your real estate agent!! :)

  7. I'm not a huge fan of Peanut Butter, so i wouldn't notice if they had changed the jar from 18 oz to 16.3 oz. I probably would know if i was a frequent buyer. Haha! But i hear you, most people wouldn't notice the difference at all.

    $1-2K bags might be cheap to some, but it's still a lot of money!!! There are a lot of people i know who wouldn't spend more than $100 for a handbag. I feel so bad being around them :(.

  8. Yeah fresher berries are way better! But it sucks when certain fruits are not in season, and when it's not they jack up the prices!
    That Prada bag looks hot! I would never be able to afford a brand name bag like that...maybe if I count my chickens
    Happy Holidays!

  9. Oh wow that Is so true with everything in life I hope this posts...

  10. SKippy's strategy is very interesting. I've seen companies change their containers but I guess I never thought to consider they were doing it to decrease the size.

  11. ah your nails in the top pick look great!
    You are always talking about Costco! I love it too- I feel like when it comes to the jewelry, makeup, etc.; when they have it, it is always different and a surprise as to what you might find!

    Is the Priceless book good? It sounds very interesting. I like facts and random things-- and the Skippy peanut butter is such a cool and interesting fact!
    That is so true I feel about things like the Prada bag! I also know that when pricing items in specific places (such as the grocery store, shop, etc.) certain numbers are more appealing. So by pricing an item at say $1.95 instead of $1.89, the consumer is more attracted to buy the 1.95 product than the 1.89, even though it is cheaper- just because of the numbers! How the human mind works haha

    Also, what a great gift from your real estate agent! How sweet of him! :)

  12. hahahaha ive never noticed that about Skippy peanut butter...that's crazy!!! Btw I would love to someday own a Prada handbag *wishful thinking* lol!

  13. Hmm, I have never had Skippy peanut butter before.
    I'm more of a nutella fan, hah.
    But that's a crazy fact...
    I won't be able to commen on your posts as fast as I would like but just though I woul give you and early Merry Christmas!!
    I'm with my family for the next few day~

  14. I learned something new today...I didn't know that Skippy jars weren't indented...I always thought they had a bump underneath. Hmm, that's really interesting but so true. As long as we 'think' we're getting the same, we're ok with it. Most people probably don't take note of exactly how many oz. We should call them Skimpy then!

    I agree, fresh berries taste way better...just kind of hard when it's winter time.

  15. Wow! What an eye-lightening post! Very interesting and it does seem to make sense!!

  16. Oh cool! I've never seen those they come in raspberry flavour? I like the sourish taste of raspberries. :P

    That Skippy thing is a pretty neat fact! Kinda obvious now that I think of it, but it's not something that's on top of everyone's minds. haha

    omg you know what's a nice Prada bag? SparkleAMiss (I think that's her Youtube name) .. she got one and showed it in a video. It was REALLY nice. She made me want it, but my memory is kinda fuzzy right now and I forget which one.

    Ahh Steph... you and your economy/businessy books. I recently bought a book that I've been meaning to send over to you, but I haven't had the time to put the package together to ship. >< I'll probably do it next week since my last exam is tmw.

    How nice of your real estate agent! My real estate agent sends us calendars every new year. haha In fact, we recently got one in the mail! He gives my parents commission every time my parents recommend a client to them and the house sells. : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  17. I love Skippy, I just ate that with plain bread last week :) Never notice the company has chance the bottom jar, but it doesn't matter to coz it delicious ;) I'll be buy it again when finished.
    Your real estate agent is so nice, give you wine. Hope you enjoy your wine with Minh on New Year Celebration!

  18. I love Skippy, I just ate that with plain bread last week :) Never notice the company has chance the bottom jar, but it doesn't matter coz it delicious ;) I'll be buy it again when finished.
    Your real estate agent is so nice. Hope you enjoy your wine with Minh on New Year Celebration!

  19. Lol that peanut butter packaging is genius! I'm a graphic design student and we learn about all sorts of different types of packaging as well as strategies companies used to get consumers to buy more products. Its pretty interesting stuff.

  20. i love your random posts! i learn so many random facts from them. i'm a nutella girl. nutella is most definitely better than peanut butter. i love it on whole grain bread with bananas :). i'm thinking of making a peanut butter cookie for my dog though!
    enjoy the wine! my dad is giving out blue label this year and i'm jealous i'm not around to snag a bottle lol

  21. wow. thanks for sharing some interesting facts from that book. I'll be searching for that book now. ^^ Happy holidays to yah!

  22. I did not know that about peanut butter until now. Ideas like that are what make rich people rich.

  23. interesting post, i learned something new today ^_^

  24. i feel really ripped off now =\ thanks for that! haha jk. i like it when you share these types of tips with us. feel smarter already ;)

    and i forgot to thank you for answering my foundation question! i picked up a bottle of Revlon Photo Ready and i really like how it feels! I don't think it matches my skin though.. =\ lol you're right about the lack of color options. i'm on the dark side too. i'm like a Barcelona in Nars. T_T

    and I knew you were going to say you used a Clarisonic!! lol everyone that has one has amazing skin >:( i didn't know the Body Shop had an Aloe Vera face wash? that sounds pretty amazing. definitely going to look in to that. thank you!! =)

  25. I'd say, I never noticed the Skippy indented the bottom! They got me on that one haha.

    Remember when you found that 3pack Rainbath? I went to my Costco's and they were selling it in singles... I was disappointing :(

    Also I'd like to say that value of things are put forth by us socially. We deem something of value because everyone says so. I wish life wasn't that way.

  26. Lol sounds like your achieving your resolutions! It sounds like a good read, I'm I have a fascination for marketing ploys. The skippy trick has been used much more frequently with various products. companies tend to claim it's for environmentally conscious reasons (which may be partially the reason but not essentially the complete truth).

    Cheers and Costco is awesome but notice how your bill ends up always in the 100s even when you only planned to get maybe 50bucks worth. Lol

  27. "It's peanut butter n jelly time! Peanut butter n jelly time!"

    Interesting. Didn't even realize the little secrets companys make in order to 'jype' the hungry consumer. However, gotta confess I bought Skippy's Extra Crunchy just 2 days go cuz I gotta have my spoonful of PB daily. Love PB! Oddly enough, Hubs hates it!

    Never been a fan of Prada though. Each and every piece looks like your average 'older ladies' bag with an expensive price tag. But each his or her own.

    The value of something relies heavily on really good marketing. The more marketers / media pushes "you NEED this" then people will buy it. The more people buy the more others will do the same since we're all programmed to want to be 'part of the "in" crowd'. One way or another, we fall for it cuz it works!

  28. My coworker mentioned that bout the jars during the recession I didn't believe him but now I do. man that is so SNEAKY!!! Isn't that illegal, oh wells...what a scam
    Hey Stephanie I saw this and thought you'd like it plus its in your area. I am debating on whether or not I should get one but I dont know if i'll be back next year to Seattle area. I went this year for my bday

  29. Skippy peanut butter huh? :p There are many marketing strategies that happen that we aren't aware of, and they try not to make us perceive that the value of a product has gone down. It's funny huh? hehe :p

    Yes, I love Costco too! I used to buy those fruit cups at the supermarket. The juice is good!! Plus the fruit... refreshing as hell!! :) Glad you like them! Random, but what a fun fact!! :)

  30. after researching a bit on your book, i might buy these books too:
    Labyrinths of Reason: Paradox, Puzzles, and the Frailty of Knowledge by William Poundstone and Think Twice: Harnessing the Power of Counterintuition by Michael Mauboussin. Just sharing. :)

  31. wow, that must have known rich yogurt, I saw your picture on twitter and I entered a horrible famine. Blueberries are delicious. I find myself just like you, I find the bag of my dreams, as I like, I have enough money to buy it. My favorites are the chanel 2.55 and neverful of Louis Vuitton. Merry Christmas.

  32. wow, that must have known rich yogurt, I saw your picture on twitter and I entered a horrible famine. Blueberries are delicious. I find myself just like you, I find the bag of my dreams, as I like, I have enough money to buy it. My favorites are the chanel 2.55 and neverful of Louis Vuitton. Merry Christmas.

  33. I love peanut butter on a banana. I just started doing that last year when I read it on a girl's blog. It's really good.

    Only a few days until your excited! I'm a subbie to all 4 of your blogs and been reading daily since I found out about you thru YT :)

  34. interesting fact about the skippy peanut butter. :D hehehe. i love how you always share interesting stuff like that. smart of those people. ha!

  35. I never knew they had those fruit cubs, that's kind of a good idea, but then again you're right, nothing beats fresh fruit (especially when it's in season).

    I never noticed that, wow, people are smart and innovative in trying to earn money.
    I think that sometimes price is overrated, it is that dollar sign that everyone is so intensely mesmerized by. It is rather ridiculous and is something that should be changed, but some people just do not have the means to not think about price first. I think that experience is most important, and will spend more if it means I can enjoy my purchases more

  36. very interesting post thanks for the insight, it's amazing how easily we are influenced.

  37. i feel so cheated by skippy... but yes so genius!!

    how is greek yogurt different from regular? i learn about so much new food and facts from your blog LOL

    advertising and such gets to all of us dangit... they are all very smart indeed

  38. Yum, greek yogurt with honey sound so good right now. I love it so much, it tastes a lot better than regular plain yogurt in my opinion, plus it has more protein in it, which makes it more filling!
    We don't have it here - only one store in the capital city carries it, but since I don't live there, I can't buy it that often.

    Wow, those Skippy people are clever - I don't think I would have noticed the difference either! Anything to make more money, eh? But it just shows that we as consumers need to pay more attention to things like this and make decisions based on the value of the product.

    I agree with the relativity of the prices... But then again, we expect brand like Prada price their bags and other products high, because they're very established brands and if they'd suddenly started to make very cheap bags, we'd start to wonder. We're not only buying products - we're buying the brand, the name, and the connotations behind it.

    Funny thing about Prada - I love the brand in general, but when browsing through their collections, I usually don't see much that I'd definitely want in my wardrobe.

    Also, that was a really nice gesture from your real estate agent. Did you get him anything?


  39. I really like the name of your post! Bottoms Up just like that song by Trey if you know what I'm talking about LOL i actually prefer blackberries over blueberries too. the taste is just so much better. Fresh berries, which one do you like better? Black or Blue?

    wow it definitely is true! we all think a certain thing is expensive or cheap based on comparing it with other things. if we didn't compare, we wouldn't know what we would consider to be cheap or expensive. very good point! =]

    i myself am not too much a prada fan as compared to one of my close friends! the only brand bag i know of she mostly buys is prada.

    well its Christmas eve!! Happy Holidays and soon to be Christmas! stay warm!


  40. Wow I never even noticed things like the skippy jar and the amount thats inside the jar I would just be like why is it more expensive. Very interesting about the water and diamonds.

  41. haha oh being on the topic of value and how value is assigned.. you should read nietzsche's bit about morality.. value.. just read it last night, not the happiest read but it's definitely interesting.


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