December 21, 2010

Burberry Trench Coats at Nordstrom Rack

Minh and I spent our Sunday shopping and driving around Seattle/Bellevue. We always like to visit the Factoria area of Bellevue, WA. We used to live out there and always enjoy revisiting the suburbs :D

We walked into Nordstrom Rack (Factoria) and I was overjoyed!
I was surprised to see two whole racks of Burberry coats!
It was quite exciting : ) They also had a full rack of Burberry Men's Shirts, but Minh didn't like any of those. They were mostly sweaters.

I love Burberry's collection of Men's clothing -- great quality. I think I've filled up my Dad's wardrobe with Burberry polo's :D They're just so nice and very age appropriate for him.

I don't live too far from a Burberry outlet so Minh and I (or a friend and I) usually head out there to browse the new arrivals. I always pick up a shirt or two for my Dad and mail them home to Michigan. : )
I think my Mom gets jealous, but I send her other things throughout the year.

I left with two : ) The last grey one in the picture above, and a champagne trench coat.
The one above was made in England and felt so nice!
I just couldn't resist. We also had a $50 Groupon so it was nice to get a discount!
The one on display is the other coat I picked up :D
They were marked down 50%-60% off regular price.
Definitely a great deal if you're looking for Burberry trench coats.
I know my friend called her local Burberry and they had them available as well.
The prices at Nordstrom Rack were better than at the Burberry outlet. The outlet in my opinion is still very expensive.

I also repainted my nails :D
It's called Star Spangle by Orly
I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!


  1. You are so lucky!! I haven't seen Burberry jackets or trench coats at any of the Nordstrom Racks by me. I love Burberry scarves and jackets. Not too crazy with their handbags, but love love love their accessories.

    I haven't tried Orly polishes. How are they compared to OPI?

    What a great daughter you are! Your parents must be so proud :)

  2. Beautiful trench coats! How much were they? I remember going to a Burberry outlet when I was in Las Vegas and thought their prices were expensive, too. The Nordstrom Rack in my state is 20-30 min. away but today's my day off so I'm thinking about making the dirive out there in the rain. Did you look for any more Tory Burch flats while you were there?

  3. @Amanda they ranged from $369-$699 (regular price $1225)

    They had the same TB flats & wedges, nothing new

  4. I like the one on the display, and the white one. :D You did good picks. I like something warm and comfty, I'm sure those will do you good on the long run especially in Seattle's bi-polar weather. ha ha!

    I like the star spangle your wearing on your nails. I like the sparkles in it.

  5. mmm burberry. it's awesome that you live near its outlet. i've only been to one all the way out near las vegas.

  6. oh burberry coats look so nice

    and i love red nails, and i adore that shade

  7. What a fabulous shopping trip!! Burberry trenches are so classic and chic! <3 Congrats, girl! LOL. and the red nails are perfect for the holidays.

  8. Last time I went to the Nordstrom rack i didn't find anything good.. so you're lucky!

  9. Thoes coats are Amazing!!
    They are are like super sale!!!!
    ugh, jelous!!
    Hah, cite nail polish!

  10. What a nice surprise @ Nordstrom Rack. I love that place! To have nice Burb coats there is ALWAYS ALWAYS exciting. I love browsing through all their designer collections :) Shopping is a nice way to end the weekend! hehe

    Yay for your camera stuff!! :D I wonder if I can buy a remote for my camera too? I might need to upgrade my camera before I think about that. Hehe :)

  11. I think Burberry makes really high quality products. I love their coats! You're so lucky u found TWO with a discount!!

  12. i am in awe that you find these awesome deals. i never go to the rack anymore cuz i never see stuff like this before. LUV IT. great job on the find.
    i want a burberry coat too!

    you inspired me here's the link
    dropped off doggie donations

  13. waaaaaaaat no way! super lucky! nice haul from there!

  14. I wish they had a nordy rack near me but the closest one is almost 3 hours away.. I'm so jealous everytime you pick up some great deals ! Lol.. Also happy for you too ^__^ I still want to pick up some Tory burch revas lol

  15. Oh..great deals!! I love the classic pattern of Burberry!!

    I wish there were places like outlet malls and Nordstorm in Canada...or at least my area. =(

  16. I love the one on the mannequin. I'm so jealous! The nordstrom rack I go to never have anything Burberry except for sunglasses every now and then. I'm sure I won't be able to afford the coats even at a discounted price but it would've been really cool to see and touch them lol.

  17. now if only i could fit in a burberry trench coat.... lol

  18. WOW Im amazed! There is this Nordstrom Rack in my area but never been in there dont know why but with all these things your findng I want to go there now lol

  19. These look so awesome!

    Lovely blog!


  20. Thanks for telling us about the great steal! Definitely hitting my local Nordstrom Rack!

  21. Burberry trench coats are so nice, I really like them.
    Unfortunately they're like twice the normal price in Estonia, even with a discount. If I ever visit Seattle, I'll make sure to check out the Burberry outlet!

    Gorgeous nail polish, very festive. I've never tried Orly, though. They seem to have a great color range! How are they, compared to OPI, for example?


  22. You are so lucky! I feel like my Nordstroms rack never has anything :( I have never owned a piece of clothing or handbag from burberry, I am always amazed at how classic everything looks!

  23. I'v never been to the one in Factoria, but I will now be stalking that area when the cash comes rolling in (after the holidays, as pockets are empty but hearts are full!).VERY impressive finds.

  24. i saw those trenches in nordstrom rack in my area! :) i like the tan one but ohh so expensive! lucky you :)

  25. The trench is perfect and so spectacular that discount is a bargain, it was impossible to leave him there.
    You're lucky to go shopping with your boyfriend. My boyfriend is appalled every time I tell him to accompany me shopping. He gets very nervous, how to describe it. Poor thing does not have the patience we have the girls to be dressing up for a long time
    By the way, I also took the red nails

  26. who doesn't love burberry trenches? they are so perfect for rainy weather. i can't wait to go home to check out the new nordstrom rack. i've been so deprived of shopping living in buffalo.

  27. Oooh! I've been wanting a Burberry trench for the longest time! Now I gotta go back again to see if there's any at my local Nordstrom Rack.

    You are so lucky to find all these great deals in your area!!! Everytime you post about something from NR i rush to mine and have had no luck finding anything. Dang it! How frustrating. Couldn't find Tory Burch Reva's either. :(

    You really are such a sweet and giving person to think about your family members like that. Bet your parents are so proud to have raised a daughter like you.

  28. My boyfriend's parents got him a Burberry polo straight from Europe (Italy, I think?) and the quality is soooo amazing. It feels so soft!!

    Your coats are such great finds! With an amazing deal as well! I'm jealoussss. I've been looking for a nice Burberry trench, but the prices have been iffy for me. Even the outlet ones. I should drop by the Rack next time I'm in the States.

    I love the nail colour, Steph!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  29. I REALLY LOVE BURBERRY trenchcoats so dearly they are just so comfortable and fashionable. MY POst isn't posting from 2 days ago this is really weird does anyone have any ideas why?

  30. aww nordstrom looks so goood!
    too bad they dont have that in the UK

  31. i never heard of nordstrom rack before you mentioned it on your blog. the deals are too good to be true! hahah. the closest one to where i live is so far :( one day shall go and find some goodies

    red nails for christmas :D
    can you believe its this saturday!! too quick

  32. Nice haul! I love to see that white coat on the front rack. Too bad in my place don't have disc like in ur place :(
    Your nail looks so pretty in red, reminds me of my CG ruby pumps. I think, I'm going to wear it for christmas ;)

  33. I love Nordstrom rack! but it's always a miss for me every time I go :( maybe I'm not going at the right time or I'm just not looking *shrug*

    I really like the red nails too! very festive haha

  34. Lucky!! my Nearest Nordstrom Rack is about 30 miles away. /: i dont go often, and they never have reall must have stuff when i go. and i agree, the outlets are still very pricey. oh well. and how sweet of you to send your parents gifts!! lucky people!! :) Happy Holidays!!

  35. Wow there really stylist coats! Not bad with the groupon and the mark down price, saved you some money that's always great!
    Loving the color of your nails!

  36. So jealous of all your great finds! Now that I'm home I'm itching to go to Nordstrom Rack...I'm sure you get this all the time, but you are such an ENABLER :)

  37. AH!! Burberry trench coats! With Winter coming, of course stores are starting to sell off the winter clothes and coats and getting in Spring clothing and swim suits! haha
    I saw the Burberry trench coats at the Rack in Lynnwood, however at a few hundred dollars a pop, although a FANTASTIC deal, I do not have the money nor will power to buy a trench-- I am so stuck on moving somewhere sunny for law school that I don't want to invest in such nice coats, only to not get my wear out of them! haha

    I am so glad you found some cute ones though! You should do an outfit of the day or something when you are wearing one or both! So, so cute!

  38. SO jealous of your trench coat purchases!!!!! I hope you appreciate your Nordstrom Rack. its pretty freaking amazing that your area gets Burberry Trench coats and Tory Burch flats!! Ever since your Tory Burch hauls, I've made more of an effort to go to the Rack in my area. they never had anything. 2 weeks ago, my bf had to go to LA so I tagged along. i made him go to every Nordstrom Rack from SD to LA (5-6) lol and we never found Tory Burch anything!! haha the one in Irvine right by South Coast Plaza (THE mall of malls) had a Tory Burch shoe box, which made me really excited haha but that was it!

    grr! :)

  39. Wow, that is such a great find = )

    I wish my Nordstrom Rack had such great products = (
    I will have to scout out a little longer and see if I can catch a good offer like you

  40. wish i didn't spend all my money on presents! that burberry jacket is sooo nice!

  41. seems to me Nordstrom is the place to go for very great deals and brand names! (: there is no stores near me at all! jealous you got two burberry jackets! wish i still saved enough money to at least get one LOL

    hope you were having a fantastic Tuesday! =]


  42. Wow... The coats are really nice though I'm not to crazy about their bags... I love Burberry Prorsum!.. They have awesome shoes..

  43. WOW I cant believe they have burberry trench coats at nordstroms rack! That is incredible!!

  44. Yes, you're so lucky! Every time I find something nice at the Costa Mesa NR, they are always out of my size or the color I want. If I decide to spring the extra $10 for the charge send, guess which store they have me order it from cause it has the most items in stock? Bellevue!

  45. wow, your nail beds are SO long, haha. love the coats!! i want to see an OOTD (:


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