December 26, 2010

Day in the life of Minh

Yesterday, my Mom called me literally freaking out because she noticed my LV giveaway lol.
She was like "I looked up your website, how did Susan get a bag!? Sign me up! I want one too!"
(or course, it was in Vietnamese) lol

I was like HELLO MOM, how else is someone going to win a bag off of my blog, ma? Calm down, I'm buying her the bag with my money and giving it to her.
(by the way Susan picked the Neverfull MM Ebene!)
That would have been my pick too! :D
I really want one for myself, but that's $700 + 9.5% sales tax I'm taking away from saving for a house.
I will resist for now!

My Mom had no idea I was giving away a Louis Vuitton handbag to one of my readers/customers. hahaha She said some the equivalent of, "you're fancy!" (sang qua? in Viet? correct me if I'm wrong) hahaha

I go, I know Mom..thanks :P

And then she hung up because they're having a family party (without me in Michigan!)
I'm sure she was pulling up my blog to share with my relatives.
I do miss getting together with my cousins. We always have so much fun playing Rock Band.
*Jealous of you lil sis*

Anyhow! How has everyone's break been going?
Back to work tomorrow?

Ours has been pretty good. We watched 7 movies this weekend! lol

Easy A
Shrek 3
Toy Story 3
The Kids Are All Right
The Other Guys
Step Up 3

And now we're about to start The Extra Man :)

So this morning, (as most mornings) I was watching Lorraine's video (I love Lorraine!)
She's awesome and we've exchanged a few e-mails (starstruck I was :D)
Minh always made fun of me for watching someone go to the grocery store and goes "someone should make a video about me."

So.. I took him on his offer and now I present to you..

The day in the life of Minh w/ a dash of Steph, Timmy and Wally ^_^

Also, to document Minh's life. We went shopping at Nordstrom flagship today :D
We picked up a North Face jacket for Minh and earned double reward points on our MOD card! :D
He'll model it tomorrow in his daily video. lol

I never realized how much stuff you actually do in one day.
This 10 minute clip is well.. just 10 minutes of snippets of our day combined lol.
A few minutes here, a few minutes there.
You really can't cram your whole day into 10 minutes, but reflect on the bits and pieces that were taped is rather fun. We're having a good time : )

We've also started reading on the iPad together in the evening :D It's so much fun!
I don't know why we've never done this before. Now we're planning on buying either a Kindle or a Nook tomorrow. We started The E-Myth Revisted <-- Great book if you want to start a business. Read it!

I just updated my sale blog,

I leave you with my favorite phrase of the day..

Everything in life is optional.


  1. Haha, awe~
    I'm sorry you can't be with your family.
    I read on you sisters blog that you won't even get to see her over her break.
    I'm sorry!

  2. lol aw your mom's cute! i spent my whole break relaxing and watching movies too. 'the other guys' makes me want a prius :x i'm always learning new things from you and minh, like the fact about the roads. can't wait to see the next video :D

  3. I just watched all your puppy cam videos. so cyuute! I wants one now...I hope you continue doing day in the life videos! I love Lorraine's videos too lol I never thought of it as spending my time watching someone else go the the grocery store haha. But I love Lorraine, slightly jealous you emailed her :)
    Hope you can be with your family soon! Happy Holidays :)

  4. @hermione9713 :D I love her lifestyle! It's so laidback, but chic :D Plus, I love Clyde!

  5. oooh! The video was sooo much fun. :) It's strange how we enjoy watching other people's daily lives... yeah? I think it's interesting how everyone is similar, yet different. It's what makes us all unique and special. haha! It's soo rainy in Seattle. One of my closest friends lives there and he told me that it rains often in Seattle. I guess I can see that now! ;)

  6. hehehe thats a cute vid... life of minh... your moms funny. =)

  7. Haha..your mom is so cute!! My mom would have said the same exact thing to me if i were to give away an LV bag. LOL!

    Love the day in the life video! What a cool idea. I love watching Lorraine's videos too. They're so addicting! Anyway, can't wait for the next video :).

    Say hi to Minh! :)

  8. Lol, living with Minh must be really mmm insightful? Since he gives lots of random facts. Lol I learned a couple new things just watching already. Did you guys get any good deals at the After Christmas Sale?

    Your mom sounds like my mom(who's Vietnamese) when she is being sarcastic when I get something expensive. She says the exact same phrase. My dad usually repels it with his witty Chinese proverbs lol.

    Luckily for me my folks never was interested in learning how to use the computer let alone surf the web. So they can't stalk me haha

  9. Cute video! I enjoyed watching it. Those shoes are amazing but I'd probably trip in them!

  10. ahhaha your mom's cute. :P Remind her about the Tivoli you bought her!!! Susan picked a great bag. I would've picked the same one. Great minds think alike! ; )

    I watched all of those movies on your list except Shrek 3, The Kids Are All Right, and Step Up 3. (I actually never heard of The Kids Are All Right.) The Other Guys was hilarious. LOL I teared up for Toy Story 3 (did you? haha) and Salt was tooooooooooo freakin' good.

    I watched a clip of your video earlier today, but for some reason, it's saying "An error occurred" when I tried to finish it just now. :S Great channel idea though! It'd be hilarious for you guys to come back to these videos in the future and revisit those memories. : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  11. AH, that is so funny that your mom called you and was freaking out haha

    Also, it is so funny that Minh wants his own kind of "Lorraine" style videos--haha

    That is super cute.

    Also, those shoes are super cute!!


  12. What did you get your mom for christmas? Even before you had the LV bag giveaway I thought you are sang already with the way you spend on designer clothes, shoes and bags. But hey whatever floats your boat.

    I didn't think I had a chance of winning so I asked for an LV bag (Tivoli GM) from my bf for my birthday. =) So I am a happy camper.

  13. Soooooo jealous of susan's pick! I would've picked the same one. Lol, a day in a life of Minh. nice new series. I'll be stalking you for new updates on that. Lol

  14. @Unmeeh I got her YSL mascara, Chanel 2010 Holiday Eyeshadow Palette, and teh 2010 Dior Holiay Palette :D

  15. Everything in life is optional?? I AM NOT OPTIONAL, THX. I miss you! Come home January 29th, I'm having a party :D

  16. I want to see Lorraine's videos bc I'm nosey and random LANK please :)


  17. @Kendall

    she's really fun to follow :)

  18. Looks like you're rubbing off on Minh on being in front of the camera. Cool to see how other people go about their lives. Keep it up!

    I like how you suggested to Minh to allow the parking attendant to cross but he kept going and you said "Never mind". It happens to me all the time too! At the beginning of the vid, you asked him which calendar he was looking at and he looked to his right while you panned to the left (Maxim, Dreamgirls...). ROFL!

  19. Sounds like a spectacular day!! I LOVE watching movies all day! So relaxing!! It's storming where I am right now, so it's definitely one of those day!!!

  20. i still want to watch toy story 3!!! i heard the ending was :'(

    random but the your lucky koi thing is right at the end of this post, i was feeding the heck out of it hahaha it was fun LOL

  21. OH YOU FANCY HUH.. hahahahhaa :)


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