February 5, 2011

OPI Katy Perry's Teenage Dream

Hey girls : )
I've had Katy Perry's Teenage Dream glitter nail polish on for the past 6 days and it's really held up well. Remember I use my hands a lot and the nail polish hasn't really chipped!

I applied Orly's Bonder (I like to use this as the base coat), and I applied 4 thin coats of the Teenage Dream polish. I could have gone with 3, but I got a bit too glittery happy. The nail polish wasn't thick at all as most glitter polishes apply very thin and sheer. I actually would have preferred the shade of pink with 3 coats.

I usually let my nails all dry about a minute or so between each new coat. I used a thin coat of Seche Vite as top coat.

I'm very happy with this polish! I picked up the OPI Mini Katy Perry Collection set, so I didn't get any full sizes apart from the Black Shatter (which is not included in the OPI Mini set). I plan on painting Black Shatter over Teenage Dream sometime tomorrow. We'll see how that goes!

However, I've grown very attached to this sparkly pink! I love it a lot. It just makes me happy to look at my fingers sparkling as I type this blog post : )

I do have a new blog sale post up at www.dskblogsale.blogspot.com
I've been so bored lately especially since Minh's gone. He's been in Vietnam for exactly 1 week now. One more week to go! I can't wait until he gets home. I feel like I'm in college..but this time no friends or dorm friends to hang out with! lol

I was wondering my why legs & arms were so sore when I woke up this morning...
Well, here's why!

Yesterday something funny (but not really funny) happened. Can you guess? There was a small "fire" in my building..ON MY FLOOR lol. There are 32 floors to our building and everyone who was home was instructed over the intercom to take the stairs down. The puppies kept barking so it was hard for me to hear exactly what was said, I had to grab the two boys and close their mouths to listen to the instructions.

(this hallway but smoky!! scary!)
This is what the hallway looks like, there's an opposite side that is just as long. We have two staircases so it that was nice. lol I have the end unit and I was 2 doors from one of the staircases :D That was comforting, funny the weird things you think when you're in "panic mode."

I was pretty scared lol, not gonna lie! I quickly grabbed Wally & Timmy (who both were freaking out over the intercom) and had to carry both of them down many many flights lol. I ran into my neighbor (so happy!) and he told me that it's not that bad (even though smoke filled our big long hallway). His roommate had blown up their microwave heating something up. (Probably foil or metal on accident). Anyhow.. 2 firetrucks came, about 6 firefighters (I was watching from outside with the two dogs).
We literally live 2 blocks from both the Seattle police department & fire department (pretty annoying actually to hear sirens ALL the time and deal with the dogs howling with the sirens).

But it was amazing how fast they got here. They were already inside by the time I made it outside.

Then it was over, everyone went back up to their homes. It was around 6pm so many people were coming home from work..they really had no idea what was going on. I don't think anyone got the memo apart from a few people who my neighbor calmed down.
Anyhow..building life! LOL

I was just thinking in a crazy situation how badly it would suck to live on the penthouse floor.

I was quite shaken up. I kept cursing Minh in my mind! hahaha. He would be gone when something like this happens! I couldn't believe it was on my floor too. Not fun seeing and smelling smoke. I called my Mom and she goes..it's a good thing you don't have Nickel up there too! lol

Then I would have had 3 dogs to worry about! Anyhow, I got my exercise carrying my dogs down a many flights of stairs. They were so scared they refused to move (they kind of froze). They're both be 10 months old in 3 days (Feb 8th).

I am prepared for the next emergency!
Now that I think about it..if it was something super bad the sprinklers would have gone off. I will be more calm next situation : )
At least we have security & 24 hour concierge in the building at night..even though my neighbor said they didn't pick up when he called to tell them that it was a minor emergency. lol
They probs fled the building first! jk jk

I've been wanting a circle scarf, and came across this one at Nordstrom online. I'm always shopping there! I buy gifts for my parents, sister, Minh and of course myself (sometimes Minh and I like to shop for selected friends and family on their special days lol) :)

I'm going to wait until March 16th when Nordy's has triple rewards points. Woo hoo!
I love my Nordstrom Mod card! It really brightens my day to get Nordstrom Notes in the mail.
I'm a proud Level 2, and I don't think I'll make it much higher than that lol
You can use your Mod card and gain the rewards points even when you buy at designer boutiques inside Nordstrom! Bonus, I know I'm going to be using my Mod card for sure when I buy my Mom a Chanel bag..in Portland! haha, no sales tax there! My Mom has always wanted a small Chanel flap. She told me she would like to have the bag to wear to her daughter's weddings. lol lol. My Mom has a great sense of humor, seriously.

I actually wanted to buy her a bag last Thanksgiving when she came to visit the Pacific Northwest. We went into Chanel (Portland, OR) and she told me she wanted wait...well b/c she waited..the price went up! lol I told her that over the phone and she was like whattt.

:D I love my Mommy, and thinking about her makes me happy.
I love Dad too! I miss them both very much and I know my lil sister does as well! Except she's probably having too much fun chillin' with her new bff's in Cambridge.


  1. AH I am loving that color!! I really want to pick it up! I feel like sparkly polishes last longer (or at least look like it) and so I especially like that too!

  2. I love the glittery pink! You've actually inspired me to try out sparkly nail polishes, hence the "Purple with a Purpose" swatch I have in one of my last posts. LOL

    Glad you and your puppies are safe!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  3. ahh that's soo pretty! they still haven't released that collection where i live.. D:

  4. @Pearls&Politics you should get it! I love the small shimmer pink glitters they're really pretty when they're layered :)

    @The Little Dust Princess I never used to love glitter (well..maybe I did secretly, but just too lazy to apply and remove) I just love how sparkly nails make me feel happy :)

    @kieunga24 Look out for it when it does :) I love the Teenage Dream one a lot so far. I can't wait to try the others ones too! Especially the blue glitter!

    @Saimese I love it!

  5. I was going to pick up those mini polishes too but for some reason I didn't - looks so pretty though!
    Super scary about the situation in your building - glad it wasn't too serious!

  6. I love teenage dream on you! I really want to get this one over the rest in the collection. Can't wait to see the shatter over it!

    Glad you made it out safe with your babies, how scary it was on your floor even.

  7. I love the new OPI collection too! I can totally see a gradation in the pink where it's the darkest at the tip of the nail.

    I told Hubby to start saving up for my Chanel. Gotta feel loved when you get anything Chanel. You're such a good daughter! Which one is your Mom eyeing?

  8. Haha, I can totally appreciate your comment about living on the penthouse floor. Especially in a really high rise building. I mean, really? Do you want to be running down 50-some flights of stairs in luxury heels? I think not. Glad it wasn't a big fire tho, and all your goodies in the closet were safe :)

  9. omg Steph! I'm so relieved that you and your puppies are safe! It must have been sooo scary! >.<
    The nails are so glittery and fun! Something I would totally try to rock.. lol. That Burberry circle scarf is toooo dreamy. I love Burberry scarves since they're so luxurious and warm.. ^o^

  10. I bought Teenage Dream and Black Shattered last Sat, but haven't tried them on yet. Saw my good friend the same day and she showed me her nails, and they're sooooo pretty! She had Teenage Dream on as a base, then Black Shattered over it. It was so cute!! Can't wait to try them on this weekend.


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