March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Did you wear green today? Minh did! He said last year he had a hearing, and he was the only lawyer in the court room wearing green. I'm glad that he isn't too serious, and still takes the time to enjoy the fun little things in life. : )

I wanted to share some random photos from this week. All the photos are taken with my Blackberry Bold. :D
Daisy by Marc Jacobs is my all time favorite, and I picked up a limited edition green daisy bottle a while back. I don't go through perfume fast at all. I always use a different scent each day just for fun. There are a few perfumes I still would like to pick up, but perfume isn't something I enjoy spending money on. lol (Viet superstition, don't give your friends or loved one perfume because if you do..your relationship will "fade away"!) My Grandma told me if you must accept a gift of perfume, give the person giving you $1 (so it's not a gift, but more of a trade). haha

Above is a picture of part of my Deborah Lippmann nail polish collection. : )
As you can see I still have a lot to try! The zippy pouches are her 3 mini polish sets.

Deborah Lippmann "Boom Boom Pow" nail polish.
I was debating between green polish or gold..and I went with gold. It makes me happy looking at my nails!

The following photos are a few I've gathered online : )
I spend a lot of time dreaming about my future home (the one I would like to settle down someday --have babies, kids, the works ya kno what I mean?).
I came across this beautiful closet that belongs to a house in Medina, WA.
Isn't this just pretty?!
It's such a lady's closet. I love it!

This Cellula Chandelier that I've been stalking is finally on sale at DWR (Design Within Reach).
But the price tag is a bit more than what I'd like to pay right now. Click here to see how much!

They have a store here in Downtown Seattle near 1st Ave. I've been in the store to visit this beautiful creation several times now. lol Our office is on 3rd hence why I visit it. haha

I'd love to have this installed in my (future) bathroom or closet!
I think it's such a feminine piece that would make any girl's eyes light up!
I know of a cupcake shop (Hello Cupcake) in WA that has two of these lights fixtures in their shop's window.

The light fixture was really what brought me into the shop! Their cupcakes aren't that fantastic but every time I'm in Tacoma with Minh for a hearing we stop by just so I can enjoy the cute little shop.
All the crystals are my favorite brand of crystals! : )
I love the baroque crystals, but I would like some hearts too!

The follow are two new heart cut crystals, they're pretty big in size. Around 23-28mm.
I was thinking about doing a mini project with them.
(Blackberry Pic)
Crystal Clear Hearts!(Blackberry Pic)
Look at all the facets!

It's triple reward point time at Nordstrom! I did some online shopping even though I live 2 blocks from Nordstrom Flagship. I just like the comfort of be able to walk over and pick up all my stuff pre-paid at customer service. Sometimes if I'm feeling "blue" I just have it sent home..and then get "happy" when packages come for me. ^_^

I usually do my window shopping & browsing in advance when I'm bored, and wait for a promotion time to buy.

I've been wanting to try Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation for a few months now, and I've been waiting for the triple rewards to buy it!

I also ordered MAC Patina Eyeshadow & Shy Girl Lipstick.

The shoes are Vince Camuto's. I saw them in person two weeks ago and I fell in love! They're very pretty, feel great, and a fraction of a pair of CL's.

I've also been looking at Strass (Crystallized) Louboutins on Youtube!
Check out this video,
A pair of Swarovski covered Louboutin can go for around $3k+ (for example: Fifi Strass by Louboutin) but there is a guy named Joseph from San Diego, California on Etsy who specializes in strassing or crystallizing Christian Louboutin's! He's called, ReDoMyShoe

From my online reading research, he's only 21!
From the looks of it, I think he does amazing work and has an artistic eye. : )
True talent is visible!
Keep doing what you do Joseph from CA!

I must own this pair one day! I am in LOVE with the Dark Indigo Strass especially this particular pair. *In Love*
I have 2 pairs of "normal" CL's, which I adore. But I think I would cherish and love a pair of crystallized CL's even more. Think..engagement party, wedding, or Josh Groban Concert! ^_^
Btw..I scored Josh Groban tickets for the Key Arena on August 27th! I can't wait to see him live. I got 10th row floor tickets for me & the bf! I know he's excited.. lol

There are Youtube videos out too! Check out this one, I think I've fallen in love with the blue crystallized/strassed shoes! You must search for "strassed louboutin" on Youtube. You will get blown away at how gorgeous everyone's shoes are!

From what I've noticed, he buys pre-owned (used/worn) Louboutin's and fixes them up, and crystallizes them to perfection! He sells them for hundreds to thousands of dollars based on the number of crystals and/or style of the shoe. It's pretty awesome what he does. What a talent!

I believe he charges around $1,000+ for a custom order (definitely something a future bride might consider if she was into bling). I'm sure you can send in your own pair of shoes, or buy a new pair and have him strass them as well (custom order).
I can totally see it be an amazing past time for an artistic person with a lot of patience.

I found out about him via Youtube since women were posting their Louboutin's done by him.
His work is so awesome!

If you think about can get a classic plain pair of CL for $500-$800..get them strassed or crystallized starting at $1,000+. You're still saving money (if you're crazy enough to buy crystallized Louboutin's)!

As a crystal enthusiast with wholesale buying power, I think his prices are fair (where else are you going to find personalized one of a kind strassed Louboutin's!?).
He uses around 7,000 rhinestones (in all different sizes) per pair from what I've read.
Anyone can make this a DIY project, but the skill & talent is something you cannot buy at a discount.

Would you want to spend $500-$800 on crystals, mess up and ruin your Louboutin's? Probably not. lol I'll leave it to the pro's!

I'm still super hesitant about investing in new crystals as it is, whether it's for my business or for my future DIY light chandelier projects lol. It might just be worth it to buy it at the price currently at DWR..but I don't like a few of the crystals on it. I want hearts crystals!

I used to crystallize my digital camera, cell phone, friend's cell phones when I was a Freshman and Sophomore in college. I soon "quit" that hobby because I didn't have enough time and patience to work on the projects. (This was before DSK Jewelry). I've been into crystals since 2004/2005. My first gem/crystal obsession started when I saw Aladdin (the cave of wonders scene!). I knew that day in my heart that I wanted to work with pretty shiny things when I grew up. : ) I can't believe it came true! I also wanted to be an art teacher because my art teacher in Elementary & Middle School was so freaking cool!

Anyhow..they had $1 sushi at the new Genki Sushi at Factoria Mall (Washington).
Look at the line!
We didn't stay for sushi, we're the type to not wait in lines.
We both hate wasting time unless we have e-mails or work that can be done on our phones.
It's pretty mutual whether we wait or not at any particular place together. : )
How could I not get a Shamrock Shake on St. Patrick's Day?
It only comes around once a year! Sadly, it was super gross so we threw it out after a few slurps. lol As you get older, overly sweet things are kind of Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops cereals.

I also picked up 3 new orchids for the office (on sale for $9.99 at QFC grocery store!). I also like to get orchids from Home Depot. Sometimes they have super nice ones for $19.99 (with a pretty pot and all!).

I slowly find myself morphing into an older version of myself. I enjoy house hunting, home decor...and daytime TV. lol

I don't care much for colorful eyeshadows anymore. : ( It's so weird! I never thought I'd fall out of love with colorful makeup.

I guess high school and college was the time for vibrant, highly pigmented shadows. I turn 24 in a few weeks. Crazy. I entered the beauty blog realm November it's March 2011!

Ok ladies..which would you pick.. The crystal chandelier, or a pair of crystallized Christian Louboutin?

Blog on!


  1. steph you're so cute i love your posts!!

    i use to swarovski out my cell phones and stuff too.. but it really kills your eyes and back being hunched over for so long. i tried to strass out a pair of pumps i had (i didn't want to do it on a pair of loubies because i was afraid i would f them up) anyways it was SO bleepin expensive.. i eventually abandoned the project hahaha.

    i love your crystal chandelier.. they have something similar on the Z galleria website that i always drool over.. i think it would be super cute for you to add some hearts to it!! :)

  2. I love the random pictures! so fun and informative, hehe.

  3. @Lisa lol I abandoned my projects too! haha My 3.0MP Nikon still til this day is half crystallized. haha Next time I visit my parents I'll take a picture of it. ^_^

    I must check out this Z galleria you speak of! Thanks for visiting me at my blog Lisa! :) I look forward to your next post! I love you!

    @Sylvia randomness FTW! I hope you're doing well love <3 :D

  4. Hands down, crystallized loubs!!! hehehe =D

  5. My boyfriend's mom said the same thing when he was thinking about getting me perfume for my birthday.

  6. Lucky Charms are soooo good!
    Sadly, Harvard doesn't buy brand name cereals, so we have Marshmallow Mateys...

  7. @Julia haha Marshmallow Mateys ROFL

  8. I love crystals because I love how they sparkle haha
    and you just can't say no to the crystallized Christian Louboutins!!

  9. ooooh Steph! The reason why I love your blog posts is because your blog is filled with sooo much fun stuff to read! I love how long and thorough your posts are. lol
    First of all, Marc Jacobs Daisy is definitely a scent that I love as well.
    Can't wait to hear your opinion about Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation! I want to try out a Chanel foundation since I'm such a foundation junkie! xD
    and tough choice! hmmmm I would probably go for crystal CL and never wear them. haha. It reminds me of a Korean drama I watched called "Prosecutor Princess." I totally recommend it if you are into Korean dramas. lol

  10. i have not tried these yet! i should give the blue one a chance!

  11. so cute!!
    i absolutely in love with you blog!

  12. The blue sparkliness is drool-inducing. If I could afford it, I would totally go for a custom job, since then mine would be special :D I loveeee the blue t-strap louboutins. GORGEOUS

  13. definitely a pair of crystallized Christian Louboutins, if i'm ever sad or upset i can whip out "my" beautiful Louboutins and feel fabulous immediately... my name is steph and i'm a shoeaholic =D lol


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